English Love Affair

English Love Affair


4. The Drive.

It was about five minutes in before Claudia started playing with my hair. She knows I hate when she does that. I turn my head and glare at her. I swear if looks could kill she'd be a dead person by now.

"So Maddie, what are you doing???" She asked playfully

"I hope you're joking." I said sarcastically.

She looked at me and put her hand over her heart and made it look like she was hurt by that. I couldn't help but laugh. She started laughing with me and soon we were all laughing. Even the guys in the front. When we finally stopped laughing Claudia got up from Luke's lap,

"Switch with me," she said.

What why?"

"I feel like being a nice person," she whispered in my ear.

I nodded and got up out of my seat. Claudia sat down and put her seat belt on. I headed to the back until this happened.

"MADDIE!!!" Yelled Claudia.

Luke's p.o.v.

She could've made it but she didn't. The car slammed on the breaks and hit the car in front of us. I reached out in front of me and tried to catch her but it was too late. She flew the the window and landed hard on the road in front of the van. I watched her fall in horror. I took my belt off and jumped out of the van. I ran over to her and picked her up. I carried her all the way to the side of the road and laid her down on my jacket. Her eyes were closed and her body looked lifeless. Claudia came running over to us and dropped down beside Maddie. Ashton was on the phone, probably calling 911. Claudia checked her pulse and looked straight ahead, a tear slipped from her face. "Ashton are they coming soon?!"

"They're gonna be here in about ten minutes!" He said.

Claudia's p.o.v.

If Maddie dies that's it. She's my best friend. No, she is my sister. I can't live without her. I feel like screaming. I should never of switched spots with her, I should never have sat on Luke's lap in the first place! We heard sirens and I sighed in relief. I looked up and there was an ambulance pulled over and three guys running over here. One in black and two in blue carrying a stretcher. They lift her up and we follow them over to the ambulance. Luke and I hopped into the back with Madison, and the rest of the guys had to get into the police cars. They put an air mask on her face and we drove. They turned the sirens on and we were off back to the hospital.

~~~~~~~~~~~~twenty minutes later~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Luke's p.o.v.

They rushed her into the emergency room. As far as I'm concerned she's more important than my concert. Sure I've known her for maybe an hour and a half, but still. I'm sure our fans would understand. Besides we wouldn't have made it anyway.

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