English Love Affair

English Love Affair


2. Car Trouble


My alarm clock was yelling at me. That's thing about alarm clocks. They yell at you and they get jealous easily. My alarm clock is jealous of my bed. It doesn't want me and my bed together forever. I got out of bed and shut the thing up so that I wouldn't have the worlds biggest headache. I walked over to my bathroom and turned on the water for my shower. I hopped in and tried to be quick, yet it never works. I ended up taking a 30 minute shower. I got dressed and walked out of the bathroom, when I got to my bed, I grabbed my phone and started texting Claudia.

Me: Hey Claudia! What time are we leaving for the concert?

Claudia: Haii!!! We are leaving for 6 p.m.

Me: Okay!! Thx.

I threw my phone onto the bed . It was currently 2:45 p.m. I went straight to the kitchen. I really don't eat breakfast but I wanted some Oreos and my mom used to say that any food counts as breakfast. I took four out of the pack and ran to the couch. I sat down on the couch and munched on the oreo cookies while watching reruns of gossip girl. After a while I got bored and decided to go to Claudia's apartment early. I grabbed my purse, and my cellphone and ran out the door.

When I got in my car I realized that I barely had any gas, so I decided to walk to Claudia's apartment instead.

It took me 45 minutes to get to my best friend's place, and when I finally got there, my feet were killing me and I was shivering from the cold, even with my jacket on, it was terribly windy.

I went up to the doors and typed in the buzzer number for Claudia's apartment room.

She picked up the phone immediately and I could hear her laughing.

"I knew you wouldn't be able to resist coming early, my apartment is just that fabulous."

"Whatever, just let me in already, my feet are aching."

"First you have to say please" she said in a mischievous tone

"Please can I come in." I was starting to get annoyed

"I want you to beg."

"Are you serious?"

All I heard was Claudia giggling quietly.

"Fine, I'll be generous, but only this one time." I heard the entrance doors unlock.

When I got to her door, I knocked three times, then stepped in. As usual, Claudia had her earphones in listening to one of her favorite bands, Good Charlotte while lying on her couch watching SpongeBob with the subtitles on.

"Are we going to get ready yet?" I asked loudly

"I don't know about you, but I already look flawless, so I'm ready." Claudia was dressed in this.

"This is a 5SOS concert, not a trip to the grocery store, you have to dress up a little!"

"I did dress up a little!" I looked at her plaid shirt and skinny jeans and rolled my eyes.

"Well as long as you are fine with it I guess." I grabbed her arm and we both walked to her bathroom to do our makeup.

When we had both finished we realized that it was already 5:00 pm and we were supposed to be at the concert by 5;40 so that we could get good spots. I grabbed my purse, put my coat on and yelled for Claudia to hurry up.

We ran to her car and piled in. The ride would be half an hour long if there wasn't any traffic, we were doubting the odds of that.

Claudia drove right below the speed limit, trying to stay calm while honking at all the slow drivers.

We were halfway there when Claudia banged the steering wheel in frustration.

"Are you kidding me?!" she groaned and pointed at the gas meter - it was pretty much empty.

"I have no idea where the nearest gas station is and there is no way we can make it back to the one we passed by a while ago."

I knew that we couldn't just leave the car here and walk, but there wasn't any other way.

"Why don't we walk? I can get one of my friends to tow the car back to your place if you want." I suggested.

Claudia shrugged her shoulders, "eh, why not."

After I called my friend, Claudia parked the car on the side of the road and locked the doors shut.

"My friend will be here in 20 minutes to pick the car up." I told her

"Well at least I have insurance on it." She patted her black Chevrolet Camaro gently.

"Let's get going so that we can get there before it ends."

We walk quickly, without saying a word to each other, not knowing if we will even get there before the concert is over.

"So much for backstage passes" Claudia mumbles to herself, thinking that I didn't hear her, but I did, and I know exactly how she feels.


All chapters are in Madison's point of view :-)

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