Narrating Bad Fanfics: Vanoss Gaming Edition

Contains mild language, and terrible storytelling. May cause your sides to hurt with laughter.


1. Note From WinterSoldier

Before I start this, I'll need to mention a few things. 

The story that I'm commentating is not mine. The original was posted on WattPad by the user 'DirtyMindsAreCoolLol' under the title 'why are u so mean vanoss?' I DO NOT take credit for writing the original story. I am also in no way affiliated with the original author nor Evan 'Vanoss' Fong and his friends. I'm just a fan who came across the story and thought it would be amusing to share my thoughts. I have no intention of offending anyone - and if I do, it was an accident and I'm sorry.

For those of you who do not know, Vanoss (VanossGaming) is a popular gaming YouTuber who has over 10 million subscribers. His videos are usually of Grant Theft Auto V and G-Mod, in which he plays the games with his friends and edits them into 'funny moments'. If you do enjoy gaming videos and are in need of a laugh, then I recommend watching them. Out of his group of friends, the only one mentioned in this story is H2O Delirious - a fellow gaming YouTuber who doesn't make much of an appearance in the story. 

Bolded italics is my commentary. The original story will be in normal text. Note that the original story has no full stops (or periods as you Americans call them). 

I hope I made you laugh, I hope you enjoy this and I hope you'll think twice about your writing. 



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