Narrating Bad Fanfics: Vanoss Gaming Edition

Contains mild language, and terrible storytelling. May cause your sides to hurt with laughter.


3. chapter 2 -paintball

A/N: This probably isn't as funny because I was too annoyed at Liz to make stupid jokes. I also gave up on commenting about halfway through because it's just so goddamn stupid that I couldn't think of anything witty.

"go go go " I was gonna make a fart joke but apparently I'm the only one who finds those funny. I told everyone to passed to the next car someone got shot and I didn't count in the game No fair! so I went up to him and help him up because getting shot does hurt when ur a noob Wait, so if you're not a noob, getting shot at doesn't hurt? Who decides whether someone's a noob or not? The bullet?  "Jonathan take that guy out" I yelled as he aimed but he got shot NOOB! it was only Evan but he knew that I was a girl and he acted liked he didn't knew how to shoot someone Okay, what does you being a girl have to do with Evan not being able to shoot someone? Do you have a immobiliser or something that prevents guys from knowing how to use guns? I put my arms around him and I told him how to hold a gun and shoot but I didn't knew it was Evan until he was shot My head hurts from trying to figure out what that meant. I helped him up and he grip seemed like vanoss Whoa, you can identify people by their grip? Teach me, teach me! and he talked and I knew it was him but I didn't believed it he pulled me to the floor and got on top of me and he took of his helmet and I lifted my mask a little and he kissed as I pushed him off me I got up I saw his face "VANOSS" I yelled "omg you are Liz and we kissed " I yelled "no u kissed me cuz u leand in to me " I yelled he slapped me "Evan wtf " " u tell anyone we kissed I kill u " vanoss yelled YOU YELLED IT YOU GODDAMN TWAT! and walk away 


-the next day at school- 
oh shit it's vanoss I tried to hide but there was no one in the hall way after the bell rang he pushed me to the floor and I heard something crack oh shit my PS I got up and ran to vanoss Why did you need to run to him? Didn't he just push you over? So shouldn't he still be next to you? I shocked him in the back "wtf did I do "I told him "u kissed me and since when do u fight back" vanoss said with a mad face "since u broke my PS dum ass " I told him as he threw a book at me and hit my. ...boobs (lol) "u fucker " I told him as I touch my chest cuz it really hurted "haha I hit u in the lol " vanoss said as he as put his hand on top of mine "don't touch me" "hey i didnt touch ur " vanoss said as he walk away laughing , I walked to my last class before lunch, after class I walked to locker and looked at my PS it didn't work anymore so I decided to watch syndicate's minecraft live stream  On what? I thought your PS wasn't working anymore. 

vanoss POV 

I saw Liz so I pushed her to the floor and stepped on her phone and dropped my water on it Dropped my water on it. Haha, I just imagined- I can't- I can't do this anymore. I'm laughing so much right now. I give up.

she got up "wtf Evan I am tried of this shit just tell me what I did" she yelled loudly causing everyone to look "u know what u did " I yelled back "NO I DONT JUST TELL ME VANOSS" I pined her to the floor "U KISSED ME" 

"NO I FUCKIN DIDN'T U KISS ME"Liz yelled as she got on top on me pinning me on the floor causing her to sit on my dick I was started to get Bonner so I got her off me before it got bigger "U KISSED ME" I yelled back "U Leend In FOR A KISS" "WELL U PUT UR ARMS AROUND ME" I yelled everyone was still looking "U SAID U DIDNT KNEW HOW TO SHOOT" "CUZ I THOUGHT U WHERE ANOTHER GIRL" 

"I PROBABLY WAS NEVER RASIED AS A CHILD "I yelled I saw Liz's eyes get watery "FUCK YOU" "TELL YOUR PERENTS TO RAISE U BETTER " "I CANNT " "WHY CUZ UR A PUSSY LIZ" "NO CUZ THEY ARE BOTH DEAD"she yelled at me with tears going down her cheeks as she ran away "YO Liz I'm sorry "

I ran after her 

Liz POV 

ran outside the school Sat down to cry I heard vanoss coming "YO Liz I am sorry didn't knew" vanoss said as he sat done with

me "it's okay......Evan " I said as I sniffed I was scared to say vanoss real name "I am so sorry" vanoss said as he stand up "

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