Heartbreak Girl || C.H.||

"He was never the right for you.. I am, why haven't you realised that? I love you"

I don't know if this is going to be a short story or a book, haven't fingered it out yet. Hope you'll read it!


5. Chapter 5


“Can I trust you Ash? That you won’t say anything to Calum?” my eyes were looking at Ashton with seriousness. He nodded quietly, patching up the last wounds on my arm.

“Okay.. so one day when I went home from school Jayden and his friends ambushed me, and he suddenly decided he owned me. And he’s been coming to my house, Ash, if I don’t do what he says he’ll beat me up.. and I guess it’s already started. I’m so scared Ash” my body started shaking at the thought of what Jayden might do next.

Ashton’s face filled with worry. He gave me a hug “It’s okay Alex.. but seriously, the only way we can protect you is if we all know, I mean Calum is your best friend in the whole world, you should be able to tell him this! He will help you”

I shook my head madly “No you don’t understand, I can’t tell Calum! And if you do I can’t trust you again!” I stood up ready top leave but my body was sore and I quickly slouched back down on the chair. “Fine I won’t tell him, but at least let me help you!” Ashton looked at me sternly.

I nodded after a while in agreement. If he tells Calum I am dead, or most likely he will try to pick a fight with Jayden and be the one ending up dead. Either way it was going to hurt someone in the end. Better me than my best friend I loved more than anything in the world.

“Okay Alex, I'm done now. Why don't you go lie down on the sofa for a while?” Ashton smiled kindly packing everything away. I struggled to get up from the chair but barely managed it. When Ashton came back he was quick to stand next to me helping to the sofa.

“Thanks Ashton”. Ashton simply nodded in return letting go of me as I slowly plopped down on the sofa. My eyelids closed heavily and I felt myself relax. How did I end up with this monster, who used to be so sweet and he's just doing all he can to hurt me. Did I ever do anything to him? If I did I have no idea what.

After a while I woke up by someone shaking my body. "Alex! Calum's here, what do we do?" Ashton's face appeared in front of me as I opened my eyes. His eyes were wide and the panic spread across his face. Shit, what should I do?

"I'll go out through the back door" I said sitting up slowly. Ashton nodded helping me up from the sofa. "Just be careful" he said before letting me go.

I limped out of the living room and out to the back of the house and went through the back door. I peeked around from the back yard and saw Calum's red car. 

"Alex, wait!" I heard a hissed whisper behind me. "What is it Ash?" I turned around and looked at Ashton. "I don't trust you to go on your own, please stay here. You can hide in the guest room, no one ever goes in there" Ashton said taking my hand and quickly leading me inside and up the stairs to the door down the hall to the left. 

"Just... stay here, okay?" he spoke softly concern filling his high pitched voice. I nodded silently and opened the white door. "Thanks Ash..." I put forth as I looked at him with gratitude. "No prob." he smiled before turning around and walking away down the hall. 

I walked in and closed the door sittind down on the soft, bouncy bed. Calum's delightful voice followed me upstairs. It was always so good to hear his voice. "Ash, I don't know what to do man... Alex won't answer me and I am afraid Jayden might actually hurt her for real." Calum sounded really sad. Too bad he was right, Jayden had already hurt me twice. 


 Just a short update :) hope you like it x

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