Heartbreak Girl || C.H.||

"He was never the right for you.. I am, why haven't you realised that? I love you"

I don't know if this is going to be a short story or a book, haven't fingered it out yet. Hope you'll read it!


2. Chapter 2


I didn't really want to go to school, since I hated it there. The only reason it was tolerable was because of Calum and his little gang of friends he always hung around. Jayden would be there, and that's what made it even worse. How was I supposed to look him in the eye?

I got myself ready and headed outside waiting for Calum to pick me up.

"Hey boo" Calum said as he arrived opening the door for me. "Hi Cal" I hugged him and looked at him with sad eyes. "It's okay Alex, just stick with me.. I won't let him hurt you" he gently patted my back. He leaned back and started the car. My depressed mode was making me sick. I just wanted to stay home ditch school and watch freaking cartoon movies all day.

"Can't we just go home again? I don't want to go!" I protested as Calum parked the car. He looked at me shaking his head "Nope Alex, you can't just run away.. And I'll be right here beside you".

"Fine.." I sighed heavily getting out of the car. I froze as I noticed Jayden watching me. It was a cold mocking glare. I'd never seen him like this before, he didn't seem like the Jayden I knew. He would've never look at me like that. "Come on" Calum whispered and dragged me along. "Hey Jayden isn't that your loser ex-girlfriend?" One of Jayden's friends noted as we walked past them.

Calum gave them a death stare and I just followed him without looking at them. I could hear the gang laughing mockingly behind us, it didn't feel good at all. What had happened? Had I done something to make them hate me? To make Jayden act this way? It was hard seeing him like that, as I still loved him. I held on tight to Calum as we entered the school hallway.

We were greeted by three happy dudes running towards us. "Heeeey!" They shouted in unison, I had to keep myself not from laughing. I high fived them; they could always make you in a better mood. Calum, Ashton, Luke and Michael was the best group to hang out with. Of course Calum was always the very best to hang out with, he was my best friend and we knew everything about each other. I was close with the other boys, but never as close as with Calum.

"How are you Alex?" Michael snook an arm around me as we walked to class. "I'm okay Mikey, thanks for caring. I'm just bummed that Jayden's such an ass" I replied taking my arm around his waist. "I know Alex, just know we're all here for you" Michael hugged me. It was so nice to have people around me who actually cared and treated me nicely.

"Thanks Mikey" I smiled hugging him back.

The whole day went by slowly, I dazed out most of the classes and I don't remember most of the things that were said in class.

"Hey boo, are you alright? You seem a little distant" Calum grabbed my waist as we met in the hall after class. "I'm fine Cal Pal" I chuckled lightly wrapping my tiny arms around him engulfing him in a side hug.

"Is it okay if you walk home today? The boys and I have band practice early, so we're skipping the last class" Calum said still hugging me, I turned my head to look at him "It's fine Cal, I could use the air anyways.. Just be careful not to get caught by Mr. Everton" a slight giggle escaped my mouth. Calum cachinnated evilly "Yeah, well let's just say we're experts in that area! He'll never see us!"

"Okay well, see you later. I'll come over when I'm done with school" I simpered lightly walking to my last class after hugging Calum goodbye.

When school was done I gathered my things and headed outside, walking across the parking lot to get to the main road. "Well well, if it isn't loser Alex!" I heard a male voice behind me sniggering. I turned around to see Jayden and his gang of annoying jerk friends.

"What do you want? Go away!" I bawled at them, my eyes practically shooting fire. "I want you.." Jayden grabbed my arm tightly, staring at me with those evil and empty eyes. "What happened?"

"You happened! You are a loser Alex, I don't know why I didn't see it before, but now you're going to be my slave! God knows what I'll do to you if you don't obey me!" Jayden raged never even once taking his evil eyes away from me.

What happened to him? Was this who he really was? Did he just now show me his true ugly colours? I was frightened, why was Calum not here when I needed him the most? I was scared of what he would do to me, I had to obey him even if that was the last thing I wanted to do. I suddenly realised that I no longer loved Jayden the way I used to do. His hatred expression and empty eyes were someone else. I had loved a different Jayden, and this guys was not it. He was so completely opposite, now he was just being rude, a totally different person I'd never seen before.

"Leave me alone Jayden.." My eyes were locked with his, I tried to give him the best death glare I had. "No.. I will never leave you alone.. That's the thing, you see.. I'm going to make your life a living hell for as long as you live.. Starting now!" Jayden's voice sent shivers down my spine and it sure wasn't the good ones. I yanked my arm out of his grip and pursued walking. I didn't get very far as Jayden ripped me back by the hair, he had a good grip. It was painful, I could feel tiny hairs popping out of my scalp, tears started streaming down my face. "Look Jayden you made her cry.. How sweet" one of his friends cackled, wiping his eyes sarcastically with his hands.

"Let go of me asshole!" I furiously screamed trying to kick him. "We're getting violent are we!" Jayden pulled harder, making me fall into his chest. He placed a hand under my chin and pushed my head up to look at him. His hand roughly squeezed the sides of my cheeks as he kissed me roughly before letting go of me. "Well loser, this is just a taste of what I'll do if you ignore my commands! Now go home and wear something sexy, I will come over to your house later!" Jayden smacked my butt harshly and pushed me away from him like I was trash.

I silently walked home, tears streaming down my face. How could he be so cruel? I didn't know this guy at all, what did I do to him since he suddenly wanted to make my life a living hell?

I texted Calum saying that I had too much school work and couldn't make it to his house this afternoon. He answered that it was fine and that they still weren't done with band practise anyway.

My head was hurting from Jayden pulling my hair. I lay down in my bed burying my head under the pillow letting out endless cries.

I was so scared, I couldn't even be safe at home.. Calum promised me he wasn't going to let Jayden hurt me, and yet Jayden still managed to do so..


Okay guys, I hope you like this chapter :) I tried to make this a bit different xx

- Julie

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