He was there when you weren't

Jenny was alone. She was hated by everyone. Until Liam Payne came into her life, but he found better friends so Jenny left to find a friend but found four. What happens when an unexpected visitor arrives. Will friendships survive and will love bloom?


4. new start

*first day of school*

Today was my fresh start. I walked in to the school with the hot uniform. Butterflies filled my stomach. The form I would be joining would be waiting for me when I walked in. Nerves filled me as I entered the hall where a class stood. Some look fed up some looked happy to be there and some in my opinion were well hot. A friendly looking teacher took me up to the front of the hall.

"This is jenny. Would you like to say some thing about yourself" said the teacher, whose name was Mr Murphy.

"W-w-well" I stammered

"LOL LAME!!!!!!" Yelled a boy. Tears filled my eyes there goes my second chance.

"Hey leave her alone" yelled a second voice. I looked down and there was a boy stood there with amazing blonde hair. He gave me a thumbs up and an encouraging smile.

"I lived in London for most of my life. It was summer when I left here it's winter and yet I'm sure it's still hotter here. In the summer I'm gonna die." I said

"I won't let you" said three voices at once. I looked down there was three boys. The first was the blond boy from earlier. The second was a very tall with nice blonde hair. The third boy had olive skin and dark hair.

"Well if you three like her so much you can look after her for the day. You're excused from lessons to talk to her." Said mr Murphy. Slowly the hall emptied, soon it was just me and the boys.

"Hi I'm Calum hood. Nice to meet you Jenny" said the boy with the dark brown hair. I smiled at him.

"Thank you Calum nice hair" I replied. He blushed.

"Hello my name is Luke Hemmings" said the very tall boy biting his bottom lip.

" nice to meet you, hemmings" I smirked. Finally it was the boy who stood up for me.

"Hey I'm Michael clifford listen I'm sorry about Jason he's a dick" he said referring to the boy who yelled at me.

"Don't worry I'm used to it" I replied sadly.

"What do you mean?" Asked Luke. The tears rose in my eyes that's when I told them about the bullying, Liam and the X factor.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry" said Michael

"Did you tell your parents?" Asked Calum.

"No. When I was 8 my mum and dad left me locked in my bed room. They went to travel with out me. I was a waste of space. They thought I would die within the week but I'm smarter then that. I've been living alone ever since. Faking stuff for school, photoshopping pictures the whole works. You are the only people who know." I answered.

I looked Down unsure what to do then felt Calum hug me then suddenly I felt me shirt get wet and realised Calum was crying.

"Aww cal don't be sad I'm not." I said hugging him.

"Well" he said looking up. "Me, Mikey and Lucas here will be your family." He said

"I'd like that" I laughed. We spent the rest of the day talking. I gave them my number and address

"Feel free to come by anytime just call first." Suddenly my phone went off.

"Hello?" I said to the mysterious number.

"Can we come around?" Said Calum.

"Yes. But I think we just missed the bus. Walking it is" I laughed at their groans.

"So this is the address you live at?" Asked Michael referring to the address.

"Nah really?" I replied

"Sarcasm I like it. Any way it's because my face book friend Ashton Irwin lives there."said Michael a tad flirty. After walking for another half hour stopping only to take awesome pictures, we arrived at my house. I tossed Luke the keys.

"What?" He said confused

"Hemmings I trust you so open up I wanna say hi to this Ashton fella" I said.

"I'm guessing that nick name is gonna stick" he chuckled

"Till the day you die!" I yelled. Slowly I went to the door who Michael said Ashton lived at. I was nervous about meeting him but oh well. I rang his door bell. A little boy about 9/10 years old opened the door. Is this him or am I just nuts?

"Hello I'm new to the neighbourhood and just wanted to say hi!" I said to him. He smiled.

"Hi I'm harry. I think my brother Ashton would like to talk to you!" He said. Oh my gosh. He is the nicest little boy I've ever met.

" thank you Harry. I'm Jenny by the way." I told him after that he ran off presumably to get his brother. A minute later a boy about my height showed up. He had curly hair with a bandana in it, thick glasses and muscled arms. It's hard to admit I was scared when I first saw him. He reminded me of a boy who hit me in England. Suddenly I didn't know where I was. Ashton raised his hand and out of pure fear put my hands in front of my face to soften any blow to hit me.

"Oh my gosh are you okay?" He said in a sweet voice.

"Oh sorry. It's just you look like a boy who hit me at school" I said a little embarrassed.

"Who us he I will hurt him very badly with a fork?!?" He said trying to brake the ice.

"Don't worry he's in England and a fork?" I giggled.

"Yes" he said seriously "any way I'm guessing you're Jenny. Harry made quite a fuss about you. I think he has a crush" he laughed. His laugh oh my gosh so cute.

"Yes the one and only. Any way I just moved in to next door and a boy named Michael Clifford said you lived here so he's at mine now and I thought maybe I should stop in and say hi. So hi." I beamed.

"Michael's next door?" He asked

"Yeah you can come round if you like. I'm not gonna hurt you or any thing I mean I'm about as scary as a baby penguin. I just don't want to be alone." I said.

"One sec. Mum?" He yelled up.

"Yes dear" called down a voice that I could just tell was nice.

"Mind If I go round to a friends for a bit" he smiled at me.

" no dear that's fine. Just text me when your coming home" she returned. Slowly we walked to my house.

"So where are you from Jenny because I can tell from your voice you sure as hell ain't Aussie?" He questioned.

"I'm a Londoner" I answered. I rang the door bell. Calum answered.

"Bloody hell Jenny you work fast." He said indicating to Ash.

"Ah lay off Calum I've know him 5 seconds!" I shoved him.

"Hey!" He moaned. I just laughed. Me and ashton went in to my empty living room.

"So who do you live with?" Inquired ash. I sighed and began to tell ashton what I told the others.

" I'm so sorry. My dad pissed off on us but you got it worse." He apologised.

"Don't worry I'm happy now" I told him. We spent the whole night talking.

"So Jenny do you play any instruments?" Asked Lukas.

"Well apart from drums, acoustic, bass and electric guitar as well as piano no." I laughed.

"I bow to your superior instruments skills" chuckled Mikey.

"I know!" I laughed.

"So I'm guessing we are gonna be friends?" Asked Ashton.

"Yes" we yelled in unison

"Jenny, if you were to go punk what would you do?" Asked Calum

"Well I would dye my hair pinky purple, get rid of my thin glasses for thicker ones, pierce my lip ring not stud, straighten my hair and get the word tattoo tattooed on my ankle." I told them.

" wow that's planned" said Calum.

"Well I would love to do that one day" I said embarrassed.

"I hope this isn't to forward but your hot either way" smirked Michael. I blushed so hard I looked like a tomato holding its breath. 9 I'cloak came and the boys were ready to leave.

"Goodbye Luke" I hugged him tightly.

"Hey don't worry I'm not leaving. Seriously I need to stay here it's dark my mum won't let me go home alone" he laughed.

"There's a spare bed in my room" I sighed thinking about a mother who cares.

"Good bye Calum" I hugged him like I did Luke.

"I can't leave either." He said scratching his neck.

"Why?" I giggled

"Same as Luke" he blushed

"Are any of you going home?" I asked. I was answered by silence.

"Well I've known you what a day maybe less and your staying at my house? Cool" I laughed.

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