Carrot Babies - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction

*no description available*


1. Prologue

“Mollie, how are you coping without Louis around to help and support you?”
    “Ms Lancaster, any news about you and Louis? Are you at all annoyed how he's in America when he should be here with you?”
    “Do you know what the...”
    I shut the door quickly and fell to the floor. How could Louis be so careless? Very is the answer! One slip up after another. One mistake leads to another, and another, and another, and another. Why doesn't he think before he speaks?
    I'm Mollie Lancaster, in case you haven't already gathered. I'm Louis Tomlinson's supposed girlfriend, but I don't know what's going on in his head any more, he's acting... weird. He's been in the news a lot recently. “One Direction on tour!” “1D get nomnated at the VMA's”, “Louis Tomlinson leaves his pregnant girlfriend in favour of going on another tour without her”.
    I used to be a backing dancer, that's how I met Lou-he was my boss. We'd been together for a while so it's not like it was with some randomer. They used to follow us on dinner dates, so we started having them at home, they'd see me and him share loving glances or occasional pecks on the cheek, I used to be with him at signings. I was already established as 'The One' by the press, to them it looked like engagement was on the cards.
    I take my work very seriously. Dance is the first love of my life (just how music is to Louis), so I didn't want to get too involved with the boys. I'm great mates with them now, they're like my second family. Louis was different though
    I could start the whole story like this, explaining everything as I go along, the 'in jokes' the silly games we'd play and how we got into this mess, but it's easier if I told you my side of the story like it was a book. From the beginning. Where this whole thing started. The day I met the boys.

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