Carrot Babies - A Louis Tomlinson Fanfiction

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2. Chapter 1

    I'd just got through my audition as a backing dancer to go on tour with One Direction, today was the day I was to have my first rehearsal with the boys being there. So far, me and the girls had only practised in a dance studio, that was no where near the size of the stage we were going to be performing on, with some mannequins in the middle pretending to be the boys. We were going to have to deal with the boys moving around the stage unexpectedly, and remember that the direction in which they move varies from show to show so we had to be aware of the boys at all times as well as remembering the moves we'd learned.

    “Hello ladies!” Said Harry as we all walked in. I'd got the train with 3 other girls and arranged to meet the others in a near by Starbucks so we could all go in together. Elaine, our dance instructor, had already given us a character profile on all the boys and told us to be careful of Harry. To be honest, Harry wasn't really my type, he seemed too full of himself.

    “Girls, you're here. Get into your positions! We're going to run 'Best Song Ever'. Remember, high energy everyone!”

    Walking onto the stage, I was talking to Dani. She was Liam's girlfriend and another dancer. She's been on two tours, this'll be her third.

    “More like 'Worst Song Ever'. “ I whispered to Dani. She giggled. We always joked about how much we hated this song.

    “I'd be careful what you say Miss.” I heard someone whisper in my ear. “It doesn't matter how attractive you are but if you say that I could make you lose your job.” His hot breath on my neck made me shiver. I turned around. I knew I could recognise him a mile off. Louis Tomlinson. “We're paying you to dance and make us look good, not to state opinions.”

    “How charming!” I said. “Not only Harry is big headed, but you are too! No wonder you two are best friends! #LarryStyleson!”

    “I'll talk to you later, twinkle toes!” He said, walking away.

    “The name's Molly Lancaster, Tomlinson!”

    “Bad move girl, he's pissed as hell and you're being a gobby shit... I feel sorry for you later.” Said Dani, walking towards Liam, leaving me all alone.

    I ignored Louis for the rest of the rehearsal. I wasn't going to stay behind to talk, I'd much be at home watching netflicks than stay behind and see his face.

    “Alright everyone, you can go!” Said Elaine, that was music to my ears. I jumped off the stage and grabbed my bag.

    “Bye Dani, see you later!” I shouted, making my way towards the door but Louis stopped me meters away from the cold December wind.

    “Where do you think you're going. I was serious when I said I'd talk to you later.” He said through clenched teeth. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to his dressing room, already kitted out for tomorrow nights show.

    “What on earth do you think you're doing! You have no right to take me here against my own will Tomlinson.”

    “Don't call me Tomlinson, twinkle toes!”

    “Don't call me Twinkle toes, Tomlinson!” I said in reply, with a smirk on my face. Two can play at that game.

    “I can call you what I like Mollie!” He said, raising his voice.

    “How comes you called me by my name that time?” I asked. Now I was curious. At the start of the day he hated me for no apparent reason, now he's still acting tough while still being kind. Men confuse me.

    “It's because I'm sorry about earlier. I was kinda offended by what you said about our song. I over reacted. Let me take you out for dinner tonight.”

    “Okay Louis, whatever. The only reason I said what I did is because we've spent the past month listening to your albums on repeat. I bet after a tour you get sick of singing the same songs all the time. If you really want, take me out for dinner, but I honestly don't mind.”

    “I'll pick you up at eight. You'd better be ready. Wear a nice dress.” He said, opening the door out of his dressing room. Everyone else had left.

    The journey home was filled with thoughts of today's events. Louis bad attitude and then him asking me out for dinner. He obviously doesn't like me in that way, he needs to act professional... but then again, that never stopped Liam and he's seemed the most sensible out of all of the boys.

    At eight o'clock on the dot I heard my doorbell ring. He was there standing with a bunch of roses and greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

    “You look stunning Mollie” He said

    “Why thank you Louis. Why you acting like this?” I said, replacing my vase of tulips with the roses.

    “Tonight, I'm going to act like a true gentleman. I'm your 'boyfriend' for tonight.” He said smiling.

    “Just for tonight, then we're work colleges again.”

    “If that's what you want, yes. One night only. You're my first and only lady tonight.”

    “Why acting so cheesy Lou? What are you up to?”

    “Nothing, honest. I'm just treating you like any guy should, not like that absolute douche bag you met earlier today.”

    “Okay Lou, take me to my mystery date.”

    Louis took me to an Italian restaurant, you know the type that has candles on the table and people singing in Italian, checked table cloths and pizza's so big you have to share it with the person you're with. I've always been a sucker for Italian food, and this is the most perfect location for a 'date', it was dead romantic.

    “Lou, you didn't have to take me here!” I said “This is too nice. I was expecting Nando's or a Wheterspoons”

    “I'm not going cheap on you. You're worth all the money in the world.”

    “Give me the real reason Tomlinson.” Using his last name as I know that it's cause Louis to act more natural and not all Disney on me.

    “Well, Lancaster, I thought that it'd be a nice 'first date' for us.” Oh, so two can play at that game Louis.

    “Fine, I guess you're not that bad after all.”

    It turns out Louis is an alright guy, he's still grounded even though he's a massive super star now and can afford everything in the world. When on tour, we ended up hanging out most days as well working together. We got to know each other really well, as well as me getting really close with the other boys. The press saw us out a lot and liked to think that we were secretly a couple when we weren't at the time. Louis was always bombarded with questions during interviews about me and whether we were together or not. My favourite was when he went on the Jonathan Ross Show after a month or two of speculation.

    “A question for you Louis. Who is that rather fine young lady you are often seen out with when you're not on stage?” Jonathan said, leaning closer to the boys.

    “She's called Mollie and she's a backing dancer on our tour.” He said, this was probably the millionth time he'd had to say this. Everyone wanted the truth but no one would accept it. He knew the fan's shipped us even though we weren't together but as soon as we were together we got blasted with hate, there's no pleasing some people.

    “We know that. We've seen her pleanty of times when you've been photographed on stage. This photo is my favourite though. It's one of you looking at her when singing your solo in 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Were you secretly serenading your girlfriend. That's a really cute but public way to do it.”

    “She's just a friend. We enjoy each others company. As for the photo, I can't deny I was looking at her because she is beautiful, but as I've said we're just friends and I wasn't serenading her.”

    During the interview I was backstage, Lou had invited me along because we were going out after for a meal.

    “Are you sure about that Louis? She's backstage at the moment. Someone give her a microphone and get her here!” A microphone was thrusted in my face and I felt someone push me towards the camera's, next to Louis. “Hi Mollie, we've just been talking about...”

    “Yeah, I know what you've been talking about. You've been talking about how me and Lou are 'together' but we're not. He's my best mate. I love all the boys as brothers but me and Lou just get along a bit better than some of the others.”

    “So you're not dating?”

    “No.” I said to Jonathan. “Boys, can you just tell them we aren't together so this can be the end of it. Me and Lou are both sick and tired of the same questions being asked in interviews and written in the tabloids.”

    “Harry, you're Louis closest friend in the band. Would you care to tell us the truth.”

    “The truth is they aren't together but Louis really needs to tell her something as it's been doing my head in for weeks. Swear down, if you mention it another time I will kill you.”

    “There's nothing else to add...” Louis said looking uncomfortable.

    “Yes there bloody is!” Niall piped up “Louis over here is wondering if you'd be his girlfriend. You're all he ever talks about and it's driving us all mad!”

    “Is that true Louis?”

    “Yeah, it is. Will you? I mean, be my girlfriend and all.” He said.

    “Yes Lou, I will. It's about time as well!”

    “You heard it here first. Louis Tomlinson has finally asked Mollie Lancaster, backing dancer of One Direction, to be his girlfriend. If you've missed it, what's wrong with you? These two are the couple of the moment.”

    “I'll talk to you later.” I whispered to Lou, kissing him on the cheek. I guess you end up being with the person you lease expect it to be. Even if he is your boss.

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