For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


14. The house

Harry took me to the house. It was bigger against his old, or against what he now lived in. He lit the hall and I went through a large hall.
"Will you be here alone?" I exclaimed. The house was huge and I was sure that he had put out a lot of money to get it in order.
"I don't know!" he replied hesitantly. "It would have been fun to have company."
I went before him into a large kitchen. He had a family room with a big TV. There was a library, a gym in the basement and even me a room that was intended for parties. He had five large bedrooms and in the attic, he had a cinema. It was as if I had come to something that was too large. Harry just followed suit and he didn't say many things to me. In the end we went down to the couch and sat down. I was impressed.
"You mean you bought this house just because you are going to live here alone?"
He blushed.
"I have money and why not?"
I realized that I didn't said nice things to him.
"Sorry." I got up. "I'm just surprised that you want to live so large?"
He laughed a little bit.
"When the family comes to visit, I must have room." He smiled at me. "And I wont stay alone in my entire life."
I understood. Harry sat closer to me and took my hand. He had something he wanted to tell me? I looked at him and he looked at me.
"If you want..." he hesitated. "I mean if everything will be fine and you will come away from Louis, will you stay here?"
I didn't know what to say.
"Harry, I told you that I want to be independent. Louis forced me into something I hardly going to take me away from him so easy?"
Harry sighed.
"But I don't mean for you to be dependent on me." he sighed and he rolled his eyes. "You get to work and you can do what you want, but it would be nice if you wanted to be with me."
I frowned.
"How do you mean?"
He swallowed and he looked down at my hands.
"Well I mean I..." he frowned and he showed with the entire body that he didn't know what to say. "I have no girlfriend, and maybe we can try and see if maybe we can..." he swallowed. "... you know .... a couple?"
Honestly, yes, but at the same time I wanted to know that I was free from Louis first.
"We take one step at a time?"
He nodded quickly.
"I mean in the future." He looked at me. "You don't need to say yes now."
We were disturbed by that his cell phone rang. Harry picked it up and quickly he gave me a warning glance. I understood that it was Louis and I pursed my lips to show that I would be quiet.
"Yes, hello?"
Harry gulped and I heard Louis voice on the other end. I didn't hear what he said, but he sounded upset.
"When?" Harry asked and he smiled at me. "No I haven't seen her."
I understood that they were talking about me. Harry gulped and I saw at him that he was glad that he could lie.
"No, I saw her last time in the house and she..." Louis was talking to Harry didn't get a chance to talk. "Yes?" He gulped and he looked down at the floor. "But Louis, I don't know where she is."


Harry stood up and he put down the cell phone in his pocket.
"I have to go!" he said, a little hesitantly. "I promised to help Louis to look after you."
"I'll just be here then?"
He nodded and he smiled a little bit.
"I take with me food when I come back." he said kindly. "You can sleep in any bed anywhere."
I nodded a little bit and I smiled gratefully to him.
"Hope you find me?"
He laughed and he shook his head.
"I think you're far away and I don't think that Louis will find you."
He chose to just leave me. He went to the door and he walked out. I heard he locked it. I was thankful because I felt safe.


It felt strange to be in the big house. I went around a few laps and looked at everything. Harry wanted me to stay in his house? I smiled at the thought, but at the same time I realized that I would walk between the two relationships directly. It felt wrong and I actually wanted to get my life back. But still, I couldn't help but play with the idea. I went into the kitchen. I saw that there was no food and I realized that Harry hadn't had any plans to stay there, not now. I stood at the stove and I smiled a little bit. I had liked to stand there and cook for Harry. I pulled his finger over the edge of the bench. Everything was so new.


I went through the bedrooms. Every room was big and every room had everything you needed. I landed on a bed with a window to the front of the house. I sat first down on the bed and then I stood by the window. I knew that Louis would be awake all night and look for me. Harry wouldn't come back this night. I peered out to the road and I felt how tired I was. I went back to bed and I lay down on the bedspread. There was a small blanket and quickly, I put it on me. The bed was soft and I liked it. Slowly but surely, I fell asleep.




I woke up. What else could I do in a strange house? I chose to go to the bathroom and then I went down. I heard that I was still alone. I sneaked into the kitchen and on the bench I found a note. Of course I just had to see what it said, because the patch hadn't been there the night before.
"I'm sorry that I'm not here when you wake up." it said. I knew it was from Harry. "I'll coming back. I bought me food, so look in the fridge and maybe it's something you like in there?"
At the bottom it said: "Louis still looking. I play theater and I'm looking for you. He suspects nothing, but he's angry. Hug your Harry!"
I walked over to the fridge. I opened and fast, I saw that he had filled the fridge with food. There was everything. I smiled a little bit. I took a banana and some other things that were there. I quickly ate it up, because I was hungry. There were also tea and coffee. I chose to make tea and I actually felt that the body slowly became normal. I sat at the table and I peeked out the window. Actually it was the first time since it all began, I felt a little calm. I realized I wasn't going to go back to Louis. He could seek for me, but he couldn't find me. I decided that I would stay with Harry and maybe it was the best solution? I didn't just want to leave him, because it was he who had saved me.


Harry came home. I saw right away that he was tired, but he did give me a smile.
"It was hard to look for you." he said jokingly. I smiled at him. He took off his jacket and he looked at me closely. "So is everything okay?"
I nodded.
"It's okay!" I whispered in reply. Harry seemed satisfied. He hesitated, but finally he came up to me and he gave me a wonderful hug.
"I know this might not be the best solution." he whispered. "But I'm not going to let Louis find you."
I swallowed.
"And if he finds me?"
Harry raised his head and he looked into my eyes. He released me and he smiled a little mischievous.
"I promise he wont!" he said, and it sounded as if he meant every word. He backed a few steps. "I told the others that I had helped you. I'm gonna say hello from them and tell you, from them, that they understand."
"Did you tell them that I was here?"
Harry nodded and he blushed a little bit.
"They promised not to tell Louis." he whispered. "And they don't know were you are. No more than you and I know you are here, in my new house."
I hoped he was right.
"And if Louis call the police?"
He laughed.
"What should they do about it?" he laughed. "You're not a child, and you are an adult."
I agreed.
"But if Louis..."
Harry interrupted me.
"Believe me, they wont look for a grown up girl." He raised his eyebrows, and his whole face showed that he was sure about that.

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