For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


12. sex maniac

Contains sex scene that not everyone likes.




First day at the hotel and Louis rang a lot of calls. I sat in bed and I changed the channel on the television. I didn't come to the rest and I wanted to do something. It felt wrong to just sit on the bed and stare.
"I want to know everything." I heard Louis shouting into the phone. "She'll have to pay for this."
I looked at him. He was angry and I had seen him angry for an hour. It was as if he hated that he had no control over Eleanor. Perhaps it would have been better if I had said no to him?
"I'll sue her for everything that she doesn't own." he told the person on the other end. "She's nothing without me and she doesn't own a single pound."
I couldn't help but think about how Eleanor's life had been. Perhaps she had been just bored? Maybe she had tried desperately to get her life together and create a sense, then I came and destroyed it all?
"Call me this afternoon and say that I have the right to sue her."
He threw the phone down on the floor and he ran his hand through his hair. I saw at him that he didn't handle his anger. It was as if he had lost his mind, and he was angry at everything and everyone.


Eventually Louis come over to the bed. I saw how he lay down beside me and he seemed almost forgotten that I was there. I swallowed and I looked at his profile. He was good looking. Louis was such a guy who was charming and actually liked him more and more, all about his appearance. Maybe I really was about to fall in love with him? But still, there was something that held me back. It was as if I didn't dared to trust him. Maybe because I didn't trust myself?


"It's not nice to stare!"
I was startled and I woke up from my own thoughts. Louis smiled and he looked straight at me. He noted that I had thought about it all and he quickly shook his head.
"You wont regret this about us." whispered he hoarse. "I need you!"
I swallowed.
"Why are you so angry?" I asked. "Eleanor might just be hurt?"
He leaned toward me. He gave me a quick kiss.
"You shouldn't bother you about her." he said. "I'll take care of her and you don't need to do a single thing."
I swallowed again and I chose to nod. Louis smiled wryly and he looked down at my body. I blushed when his eyes slid over my dress. I wasn't used to that a guy gazed at me and certainly not a guy who had seen everything.
"You're staring!" I said quickly. Louis smiled. He had a hand pull up my dress over my thighs and he pulled the palm over my legs.
"I love to stare." he whispered hoarsely. He parted my legs and he leaned forward. His lips kissed my thigh and I could do nothing but smile. He moved so that he was sitting below me, but his lips were still against my legs. I spread on them and I followed his movements. Louis grabbed my legs and he pulled me down so that I was lying on my back. I groaned. He kissed the inside of my leg all the way up to my panties. I gasped when he let his lips slide between my legs. He bit me through the fabric and immediately I whimpered loudly. He smiled and he looked up at me.
"Do you trust me?"
I swallowed.
He sat up and quickly he pulled off his belt from his pants. He leaned over me and I was surprised when he tied my wrists to the bed. He sat down under me and he smiled big.
"Promise not to question anything."
I swallowed.
He smiled.
"And you are quiet. You can only moan and sound when you enjoy what I do with you."
I nodded uncertainly. Yet it tingling in my stomach. Louis went to his bag and I was surprised when he picked two dildos.Jag looked at him with wide eyes, but he seemed to know where he did. He spread more on my legs and he sat down between them again. He also brought a tube and I wondered if it was lube?
"Spread your legs more!" he whispered. I obeyed and he smiled. He bent down again and he bit me through the fabric. I groaned and I closed my eyes. He then pulled aside my panties and I felt something cold as landed down there. I gasped when he put on the vibrator and I realized it was a dildo. I felt he brought it perfectly over my clit. I lifted slightly at my hips and I gasped. He liked it. I felt his finger landed on my rear hole. He massaged slightly above the hole, with something that felt cold and I was sure that it was the lubricant. I started to moan and when the dildo penetrated, I bit my lip. He let his finger find it's way into my rear hole and immediately I shouted. Slowly slid his finger into me. I felt he opened up my hole and he let his finger slide around in circles. I gasped and I felt the dildo slid in and out of my usual hole. Louis kissed my clit and I felt his tongue played with the area over the dildo. His finger slipped in and out of my rear hole. I was surprised that I reacted in that way. I was excited and I hadn't felt anything like that. I moaned and I groaned loudly. Louis did that for a while before he removed his finger. I looked down at him and I saw that he took out the second dildo. I saw that he took the lube on it and then he smiled at me.
"Relax, Darling!" he whispered hoarsely. I nodded and I closed my eyes again. He brought it to my rear hole and he let it penetrate. I moaned and I felt how I became totally filled. He brought it in as far as it went, and then he started vibrator in that too. I screamed. I screamed with pleasure. Louis licked me again and I could no longer be still. I tried to move me up to his lips, but quickly he removed them. He sat up and I heard that he pulled down his fly. I moaned that both dildos were in me and I moaned with pleasure. It was as if all my hole areas down there came to life. Louis laughed a little bit and then he forced me to turn around and lie on my stomach. I spread quickly on my feet but he made sure I got up on my knees. He pressed quickly in harder the dildo in my pussy but he took away the other one. I quickly realized why. He penetrated. I felt his boner filled my rear hole. I took both hands around the pole on the bed and I hid my head in the pillow. I pushed up my ass against him. Louis liked it. He moaned and he slid in all the way. I felt how he tore my panties off and he threw them away. I moaned loudly. I was filled and I liked it. He increased the vibrator on the dildo and then he grabbed my waist. Quickly, he began bringing his hip backward and forward. He pounded into my rear hole and I loved it.
"Damn I'm going to fuck you hard." he whimpered. I pressed my face against the pillow. It was as if the whole I was vibrating and I felt the dildo did its job. Louis groaned loudly and he was moving faster in and out. I could do nothing but remain in the same position. It was as if I got stuck and he had control over me. I tried not to scream, but it came out all sorts of sounds from my mouth. I pushed myself back and forth in his pace. I felt the dildo finally got all of me to start vibrating. I felt the shake expectations slipped out in my legs, in my belly and eventually exploded all my body. I screamed and I lost control completely. It was as if I disappeared into the fog. I just felt that my body was dissolved and it was like I just didn't exist.


Louis pulled out the dildo and then he released my hands free. He sat down with my back against him. Still, he was inside my rear hole. He made sure I put my knees on either side of his leg and he grabbed my waist. He got me to start riding him. I felt how he repeatedly penetrated and I was almost gone. The orgasm had paralysed me, but I managed to do what he wanted. Louis moaned and he laid himself down quickly on his back. I leaned back and I put my hands behind me on each side of his body. I just brought my hips up and down and I looked up at the ceiling. This was something new.
"Caress yourself!"
I gasped.
He groaned.
"Do it between your legs."
I did as he said. I placed my feet on either side of his hips. A hand remained at his side, behind me and with the other I began to stroke myself. I realized that I would get there again. I closed my eyes and I groaned again. Louis held tight around my waist. He slapped me upside down and eventually I parted as much as I could on the legs., I came back to the fog and this time he came at the same time.


Louis smiled at me and he kissed me. I just breathed and I stared at him.
"How, why?"
He laughed.
"I'm a guy who loves to test. I love to use everything available in the market and I noted that you loved it?"
I wrinkled on the forehead and I lay down on my back.
"We're not in a porn video." I mumbled dry. "It was good, but what the hell I'm ashamed."
He laughed.
"It's the first time we do it in that way?"
I looked at him.
"Was it that you did? You and Eleanor?"
He shook his head. I saw that he was lying.
"You did?" I said firmly. Louis sighed and he nodded this time.
"We have tried many things but not everything." he whispered. "Eleanor had tedens for not wanting."
I understood her.
"Are you surprised?"
He laughed.
"Darling, you get used to it. I like to use our bodies and you actually got two orgasms?"
I nodded a little bit.
"But that wasn't normal?"
He smiled broadly.
"What's normal?"
I had many answers to that question.
"You don't do it in the rear hole?"
Louis was grinning.
"Everybody does it!"
I sat up.
"No, Louis, not everyone's so horny, like you."
He sighed and quickly he pulled me down again. I landed in his lap.
"Please, don't call me horny." he whispered, "I just like to do it."

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