For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


1. prologue


This time I do a fanfic about Louis.


And Harry







I was about to start crying. I saw how the bills ended up on high and I didn't know how I would solve my finances. I looked down at the papers and I was about to just give up. My parents were dead and I had no one to help me. Why did I always had to be on the wrong path in life? I tried to come up with a solution. I needed one more job. I needed to get money and I needed help. Have you ever wondered how fate takes its own path, even if you don't see it? I let my eyes fall on that notice in the newspaper and by chance I happened to read something extra.
"Help a couple to have a child and they pay your bills and give you financial freedom."
I couldn't believe my eyes. It was like a revelation from heaven. I read quickly through the ad. This couldn't be true? Here I sat and had problems with my economy and I found an answer to the problem. Okay, I had no thought of getting my own child, but in the newspaper, it said that they used the mother's egg and the father's sperm. Logically, it wasn't my child, if I chose this path. I would only carry a child who didn't belong to me and as thanks they paid all that was needed to pay for me. It felt as if this was a simple solution. Okay that my body wouldn't be the same again, but for the moment I saw only one thing: Money! Why not help a couple and at the same time they help me?


I called the phone number in the ad and my whole body was shaking. This felt strange, but if I needed money, it was a good solution.
"The clinic Embryos, Anna!"
I swallowed.
"Hi my name is Cathy and I saw your ad regarding surrogate." damn, how do I tell her that I was interested? "I wonder what to do if I'm interested in becoming one, you know, get paid for bringing child to some one?"
Direct she talked in a different tone and she almost became overjoyed.
"Oh you're interested?"
I smiled.
"Yes, I thought it might be something for me."
Would I be honest and tell her that everything was about getting paid? No. I would talk as if I wanted to help another couple.
"The first step's to come here and let us examine you, if your body could work." she said. "We do it to all and it's just about see how your uterus looks like."
I sat down and I swallowed.
She seemed to go through all with me.
"There after, you answer questions about yourself. Those who are looking for help always want to know a little about the person they choose. Therefore, we always have information about the girls, so that the parents can choose who'll suits them."


There remains much work. I went to the hospital and was checked by a doctor throughout the body. They took blood samples, they checked me between the legs and they quoted down when I had my period. It was as if my body didn't belong to me and many times did I almost quit to go home. Nevertheless, I remained and eventually I would answer questions about who I was. It was Anna who was sitting across the desk and I saw that there were many questions. She asked if I had any illness that existed in the family. She asked me about my parents and she asked a lot of questions about who I was. I tried to be honest and I was trying not to say anything that wasn't true.


In the end she put together the papers and she smiled big at me.
"Okay that was all."
I felt small. She had turned upside down on me and I didn't even know what to expect.
"And now?"
She laughed a little bit.
"The good news is that we approve you. We will take you into the registry and then we just wait."
I frowned. Wait? I needed money now!
"How long?"
She laughed again and it was as if she knew I wasn't sure about this.
"Until a couple finds you interesting and choosing you."


Okay! It was the wrong solution to my problems. When I got home, I called around to find extra job. I did get the salary from the factory and I really wanted to cope with life. I got an extra job at a bar and I got a second job as a cleaner in a house. I calculated that I would be able to pay my debts and I saw an end to the misery. I quickly figured out what I would spend on food each day and in the end I concluded that I had managed to contain the problem for a while.

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