For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


3. New life

All the papers were signed, all contracts were completed and everyone was happy. Anna took me into a room and it was time to prepare myself to get Eleanor's eggs. I had to take pills and I got syringes. All so that my body wouldn't reject Eleanor's eggs. It felt like a dream, and then came the day when it would all happen. I had to be admitted to the hospital and early one morning I lay me under a doctor's violence. He worked on my abdomen and I must admit that it was uncomfortable, but in the end he still had placed the eggs in me and I understood that it was only to wait. I got a private room at the hospital and I had to lie still, with the legs elevated, in a few days.


I was surprised when Eleanor appeared. She came in to me and she brought with her a few books, so I had something to do.
"How does it feel?" she asked, and she sat down beside the bed. I smiled at her and it actually felt okay.
"Right now it feels weird." I answered. "I know I have the beginning of your child in me, but it's like in a dream."
She laughed a little bit.
"Then you feel like me? It's like a dream and I'm so hopeful that it will go well."
I nodded and I saw at her that she was more nervous than I was.
"It will go well!" I whispered soothing. She nodded and she looked down at my stomach. It was as if she saw in front of her how the child would grow and she seemed to be happy.
"We have been trying for many years." she said, as if she wanted to talk about their problems. "We didn't succeed and the day I found out that it's me who's wrong, I cried."
Eleanor looked at me again and she smiled uncertainly. I chose to be silent and I chose to just listening.
"We went for a whole year and we thought everything was over, but it was Louis who took out the information about getting a surrogate." She smiled weakly. "He came home to me with all the papers and he was enthused. It was as if he had found a solution. We went through examinations and we were looking for a girl that suited us." She paused and then she looked down at her hands. "We found you and Louis said directly that you are the only one that suits us."
I smiled at her and I took her hand in mine, everything that she wouldn't feel stupid about the fact.
"And now I here?"
She nodded and she squeezed my hand. I saw that she had tears in her eyes.
"Thank you for this." she whispered. "Louis is pleased with you and he's ready to do everything to make you comfortable."
I smiled.
"He has already done everything so that it's enough."
She quickly shook her head and she looked at me again.
"Louis has more plans for you." she sounded secretive. "He has contacted your work and resigned you, because we will give you money."
I gasped.
"He did what?" I exclaimed. "But when this is over, I need to have a job?"
Eleanor raised both hands and squeezed my hand. She laughed a little bit.
"Listen to me and be quiet!"
I frowned.
"I listen?"
She laughed again.
"Louis will ensure that you get a better job and he'll make sure you can take care of yourself when nine months are over."
Okay, he wanted to give me another job?
"I have no education?"
She didn't care.
"He always keeps his promise and I promise you that he's doing you a favour. Louis has already said he will change your life and he'll give you what you didn't have before. He wants to do it with gratitude."
I was against it and I frowned. He wanted to change my life? What was it that was wrong with my work and my life? Still, I was ready to receive it all. It felt wrong, but at the same time it tingled in my stomach.
"So he can give me a job with a good salary?"
Eleanor nodded.
"He'll also see if he can get you a new apartment, in a better area."
Now I was annoyed.
"but I like my apartment?" he whispered hoarsely. "He can't just come and take over my life?"
Eleanor seemed to understand me. She sighed a little bit and she swallowed.
"Please don't say no to him." she whispered quickly. "He's such a guy who wants to do everything much better for others. He complains anyway that we have too much money and he sees it as a chance to show that he can help."
I didn't understand.
"He paid my debts?" I whispered "Isn't that enough?"
She shook her head.
"No, not to Louis because he wants to give you more."




The doctor looked at my stomach and he did an investigation.
"It looks good."
I smiled.
"When do you know if it's really okay?"
He smiled at me and he sat down beside the bed.
"You can miscarry in the first three months." he explained. "It happens many of those who are surrogate. I don't want to worry you, but there are statistics behind the truth. Approximately sixty percent of all surrogate miscarries."
I didn't like the word.
"and if I miscarry?"
He swallowed.
"Then we do it again, if you want that?"
I realized that I couldn't say no. I had already got Louis to do many things for me and this was the only thing they demanded of me.




Louis met me when I would leave the hospital to go home. I had been there for almost a month and I was happy to not having to sit in the room. Louis met me at the doors and I was surprised that he was there.
"I have a surprise." he said cheerfully, and he hugged me. I was surprised.
"Sure?" I whispered. "Or, okay?"
He took my bags and quickly he took me to his car. I was grateful that I didn't have to take the bus home, but it still felt strange at being with him.
"What's the surprise?"
He smiled big and he made sure I got the belt around me. Then he left the hospital quickly with the car.
"You will see." he said cheerfully. "I promise you will like it."


We stopped outside a house. It was in a better area of town and I saw immediately that it was apartments. I guessed what he would show me. Louis took me to the first floor and he had a key with him. He opened the door and he let me go in first. It was an apartment. It was empty of furniture but it was big and I saw that everything was renovated. In the kitchen there was a stove and everything that I needed. There were two bathrooms, a large bedroom, a living room and a smaller room where you could have an office or anything else.
"An apartment?" I got up. Louis laughed and he nodded with satisfaction.
"You want it?"
I gasped. I spun around and I just stared at him. Louis came up to me and took me to the windows, facing the street. He pointed to another house, which contained no apartments.
"I live there and I thought that it might be a good solution if you lived near us?"
I just stared at his house. I didn't see in through his window but I saw his yard.
"Do you live there?"
He nodded and he smiled at me.
"Eleanor will be moving in there in the fall and we thought that maybe it's good that we live near each other?"
I didn't like the idea, but I liked the apartment.
"Don't you trust me?" I asked. Quickly, he seemed to understand me and he gasped.
"Well we trust you, but I thought..." he swallowed. "I'm sorry, but I meant it only as a good solution. I want to be close to you and the baby."
I looked at him. Louis looked almost like a child. He wanted me to say yes. I looked around the room.
"I can't live here after nine months." I said quickly. "I have no wage that can pay the rent."
He quickly took out a paper. It was proof of ownership and I saw his name on it.
"I own the apartment and I decide that you shouldn't pay a single penny in here."
I frowned.
"I have no job anymore. Eleanor told me that you have called to my employer?"
He sighed.
"Come on, love. I'll pay everything that you need and I'll also make sure that you get a job. I promise that you can afford everything you want." he showed with his hands around in the air. "This is a good home and I promise you'll like it here."
He really wanted to make me happy, but I wasn't that kind of girl who liked expensive gifts. I sighed. I looked around the room. It was a fine home. The windows were large and it was high to the ceiling. Everything smelled so clean and I saw that he had made sure that it was renovated before I saw the apartment. It smelled of fresh paint.
"You should know one thing." I looked at Louis again. "The doctor said I could have a miscarriage during the first three months. He said that many of those who are surrogate miscarries." I swallowed. "And it feels wrong to say yes to something when I don't know if I'm pregnant or not."
Louis came up to me. He took his hands against my shoulders and he looked straight into my eyes.
"The doctor said the same thing to us. We are fully aware that it might not work the first time, but this is about a contract." he smiled. "We're trying until we succeed and then it's good if you live near us."
I had to swallow my pride.
"And you mean you also pay for my food, my clothes and everything else?"
He nodded.
"I deposit money into your account every month. You buy what you want and you stay here. I promise it says in the contract that you are the owner until you decide to leave this house."
I saw at him that he wouldn't take no for an answer.
"I have just some furniture. I can't even cover the bedroom with my bed."
Louis dropped my shoulders and he smiled big.
"I buy furniture for you." He raised his eyebrows. "I promise that you will be satisfied and Eleanor are good at decorating."
I saw at the room again, I looked toward the window and in a way I didn't want to say no. It was wrong to say yes, but at the same time maybe he was right? It was quite logical that I should stay close to them.
"When do I move in?"
Louis was cheering.
"When you wish, today?"
I laughed.
"And my old apartment?"
He sneezed.
"I talk to your landlord and I promise that he will approve a quick move."
I nodded.
"Okay, then I say yes?"
He hugged me tightly.
"Thank you!"




My first month with Louis and Eleanor was dizzying. I got a new life, a new home and somehow I got used to say yes. Eleanor made sure that my home looked good and Louis bought everything that a girl needed. I even got a laptop, a new television and a large double bed. It got money in my account and it was more than I had expected. I realized that I went away from living a poor life, to live a life that was filled with money. Okay, I had to take it easy, because doctors advised me not to move around too much. The eggs had to get stuck and it had to form a child before we could take a breather. I was also afraid of the miscarriage. The three months, in total, I had to take it easy. Therefore, I couldn't do many things when I moved into my new home, but Eleanor made sure I helped her with the little things.


My first night in my new home was strange. I didn't realize the fact that I lived there, because everything was new. Still, I was happy. I felt like a princess.


In the morning I went out in my new kitchen and ate breakfast. Louis had filled my fridge with food and I noted that he had been thinking that I wouldn't get fat. There were very nutritious food and he had also left a cookbook. "Healthy food for pregnant women!" it was called. I laughed a little bit and I leafed through the book quickly. In there was all. Food when I felt sick and food when I was hungry.

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