For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


16. Me a mom...

A letter came. Harry sat down in the kitchen and I chose to leave him alone. Okay that uncertainty was perhaps not the best, but for the moment I didn't dared to even get out who the father was. Harry opened the envelope and I heard the sound of paper. He opened it and read. I sat on the sofa and I swallowed. Damn I was so cowardly. I looked down at my stomach and I pulled my hand over it. So far I didn't feel that it was a life in there. I just looked like I had eaten a little more food. I knew I would be larger and one day I would then give birth to my child. I smiled at the thought. My child? The whole time I had been worried about who the father was, but if the truth was coming out, it was I who was the mom. I pulled up the shirt and I let my fingers to feel how big I was. I was a little swollen and I saw that I was no longer that thin girl. I didn't hear that Harry came into the room. Not until he cleared his throat easily. He stood by the door and he was leaning lightly against the wall. I looked up at him. He showed no signs of what the letter had talked about.
"Well?" I asked uncertainly. He came up to me and he sat down on television room table in front of me. He looked at me with his eyes.
"Cathy?" he whispered. "Before you get out the answer, I want to know what you want."
I frowned.
"You know what I want to do, but it doesn't look like I can get my life back?"
He agreed.
"But you are pregnant and no matter who the father is, you must have some thoughts about the future?"
I sighed. I pulled down the shirt and I understood that he wanted an answer.
"I guess I have to think about the baby in the first place." I said. He smiled and he laughed a little bit.
"You say what you think I want to hear?" He took my hands and he continued to look straight into my eyes. "Come on! You want to stay with me or would you move, if you could do so?"
I frowned.
"You mean I get to decide?"
He nodded.
"I can get an apartment for you and I know you will find a job eventually. I might still be here for you and I still fix for you and the baby."
Talk about that he was the man that a woman wanted. He had all the qualities and he was thoughtful. I knew that Harry would be a wonderful dad, if he got the chance and I knew he was ready to fight for my sake.
"If I stay, then?" I whispered. "How's it then when you meet Louis, or when he comes here?"
Harry seemed to have no problem with that man.
"He'll just learn that he doesn't get what he wants." he replied quickly. "I'm not afraid of Louis and I'm not afraid to tell the truth, not now."
I was startled. Not now?
"You mean..." I swallowed. "Is it you who's...?"
He laughed and he let go of my hands. He gave the paper to me.
"I'm the father and Louis can't come and say that it's his child. I have proof."
I almost fainted. This was the best news ever. I looked at the paper and I saw Harry's name. I then looked at him and it was like I could finely relax. I threw myself into his arms and I hugged him tightly. I slid up into his lap and landed on him, with one leg on each side. He laughed and I felt his arms around my body.
"It is my child." he whispered hoarsely. I nodded and I pressed myself against him. I felt the tears came, but it was because I was so relieved and happy.
"I'm staying!" I whispered hoarsely. "I'll stay with you, okay?"
He kissed me. It was such a kiss that said it all. I felt my entire stomach tingled and for once I was sure. Okay I wasn't sure at all times, but I realized that I belonged with Harry.




Harry chose to go to Louis and tell him about the child and about our choices. I was unsure if I did the right thing, who stayed at home. Still, it felt wrong to meet that man again. I chose to take it easy, because the doctor had said so. I saw a movie on the TV and I almost fell asleep in the couch.


Harry sneaked into the TV room. I opened my eyes and I saw him standing there. He watched me closely and it was as if he enjoyed that I was there. I smiled weakly and directly he smiled back.
"What happened?" I whispered. Harry came to the couch and he sat down at my feet.
"He's pissed and he will certainly call the lawyers." he whispered. "I've already contacted a lawyer and according to him can't Louis do anything about it."
I swallowed.
"Why should he call a lawyer?"
Harry shrugged.
"He believes that the child is his, because you were his surrogate mother. He says that those papers are still valid."
I frowned.
"Are you sure we don't need to give him the child?"
Harry nodded happily.
"I didn't sign the papers and it's not his semen as has has created a life. Neither he nor Eleanor has been involved in this." he put up my feet in his lap and he laughed a little bit. He gazed at me and it was as if he no longer cared about Louis. "Let us say that the future's bright."
I chose to smile and I nodded at him.
"So I'm free from Louis?"
Harry nodded.
"Total freedom!" he whispered quickly. "And I have called my mom and told her about the baby."
I was startled.
He grinning.
"She was shocked at how fast it went for us, but she's happy. I said as it was, this kind of thing can happen."
I swallowed.
"So now I have to see her?"
Harry nodded quickly.
"And she was looking forward to it."




My life may not turned out as I had planned it, but it was a good life. I chose to stay with Harry. I only met Louis few times after that day. He stayed away from us and I think it depends on jealousy. He found out that it was also wrong with his sperm. He couldn't have children on his own and I was actually relieved. This meant that no other girl would be deceived to stand up for him.


Late one night I gave birth to a son, a copy of Harry. He was in a normal size and the birth was simple. I myself was surprised how quickly the little baby came out.
"His name's William." Harry said quickly. He kept our son in his arms, and he smiled at me. "I like that name."
I laughed.
"Okay, we have received a William?"
Harry nodded with satisfaction and he looked down at the little creature. I couldn't help but smile. I knew I had made the right choice and I knew we would certainly give William siblings. It was as if I slowly realized that this was my life, my destiny and I couldn't prevent it.







THE END.... :)

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