For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


10. Life around us

Louis put the computer in front of me and he took up his agenda beside it. He placed himself beside me with his arm around my back and he showed me different programs on the computer.
"Here's everything connected with the tour to do." he said, and he changed the windows. "Here's my private plans."
He smiled at me.
"Do you understand?"
I nodded weak.
"And you mean that I should do all this?"
He laughed.
"You are quick to learn new things and I'm sure that you and I can work together."
I frowned.
"Do you mean that I shouldn't do it all on my own?"
He kissed my cheek.
"Not in the beginning!" he replied honestly. "You need to learn it all and then I completely handing over the responsibility on you."
I met his gaze. Okay, this was more against what I had imagined. I looked at the computer again, and I was startled.
"You and Eleanor's going on a charity event?"
He sighed and quickly he changed that.
"I'll call and tell them that there's a change of plans." he sighed quietly. "That's a lot off things to go through?"
I looked at him again. I saw that he didn't like the truth. The truth that he and Eleanor had a long life planned. I realized that much would change. I didn't want to replace her and I didn't want to take over her place. I just wanted to be myself and no one else.
"When will you come out to the public that it's over between you two?"
Louis gulped and he looked at me. I realized that he hadn't planned that yet, which hurt me a bit.
"So we wont tell them that it's over?" I asked. He smiled and he seemed unsure of what to say.
"The management wants to release the news and until then we must be silent." he whispered. "If it's any consolation, I told the group. They know that Eleanor's not with me."
I swallowed.
"And what about me?"
He shrugged.
"I promise I'll tell them about you."




I was surprised when Niall right as it was appeared in the door. I opened and I didn't know what to say. Niall didn't look surprised, but he seemed curious.
"Is Louis here?"
I nodded and I let him in. Okay, what would I say? Louis appeared and quickly he pulled Niall into the TV room. I followed and I stood in the door.
"Are you a couple?" Niall asked. Louis hesitated, but when he saw me, he realized that he couldn't lie.
Niall laughed a little bit and he seemed impressed.
"Yes, you've always had it easy to get girls?"
I realized that I learned something new. Louis stopped him down and they immediately began to talk about something else. Yet stayed Nialls words in my head. Louis had always had it easy to get girls? It meant that he was just playing with me or did he wanted a relationship with me?


I sat in the kitchen with a book. I tried to listen to what they talked about, but after a while I got tired. They talked about music, songs, and about the fans. I read the book and I wondered almost when Niall would go?


"So you're with her now?"
I was startled over Nialls question. Louis seemed to show him that they wouldn't talk about me.
"Let us say that it is that way?"
"But come on! You got her?"
Louis snorted.
"We're not talking about private things. You know we shouldn't?"




When we were alone again, I went out to Louis and I was annoyed.
"What was that Niall was referring to?" I asked cold. Louis hesitated. He put together some paper and he then looked at me.
I snorted.
"So you've got it easy to get girls?"
He sighed and he came towards me.
"Come on darling, you know that..."
I interrupted him.
"No I don't know anything!" I said quickly. "I only know what others say and what Niall said, referring to that you attract girls?"
He didn't seem to like to talk about that and he took his arms around my neck. He looked straight into my eyes and he swallowed.
"They think I have been easy to attract girls, but that's not true."
I tried to get away from him, but he held me tight.
"Darling!" he whispered. "Trust me."
I frowned.
"You didn't dare to say straight out that we're together?"
He sighed.
"You know we're not going to say anything until the management gives the go-ahead?"
I didn't like his answer. I felt cheated and it was as if he hadn't told the whole truth.
"Please trust me!" he whispered again and he kissed me on the cheek. "I promise to say it, but I must have the green light first."




I had never had a twitter account before. One day when I was home alone, I chose to create one for myself. I sat in the TV room with the laptop and I answered everything that had to be answered. I smiled when I realized that I was now the owner of an account. I searched quickly up Louis and I went through what he had written. It wasn't much, neither about Eleanor or about something private. I went through what fans had written. They wrote about Larry, they wrote about One Direction and the guys. It looked as if the fans had no idea about anything. I went into Eleanor's side and I noticed that not even she had been out on the web. Talk about that life was like in a bubble.


Louis came home and he found me at the computer.
"What are you doing?"
I smiled at him.
"I got a twitter account."
He was startled.
I laughed and I showed him the screen of the computer.
He sat down next to me and he didn't seem as happy as I was.
"And you need to have twitter?" he asked uncertainly. I snorted at that he didn't even smiled.
"Yes, I also want to see what fans write?"
He didn't seem to like it, but he chose to smile and he took his arm around my shoulders.
"You can't write about me or about something private."
I sighed.
"I know!" I smiled at him. "I promise I wont even mention your name."
Louis was silent for a few seconds. It was as if he was thinking and he then looked at me.
"Promise to listen?"
I nodded.
He took a deep breath.
"The fans can be unpleasant when they want to be so." he said. "When this comes out, about us, they will do everything to destroy between us."
I was serious.
"And why is that?"
He was unsure if he would say more.
"Let's just say that they think they own us." he swallowed. "When Liam met Sophia, it was as if everyone hated her. It's not like that now, but in the beginning she was almost about to break up with him."
I understood why he was against that I had an account.
"So you mean that I shouldn't be there?"
He smiled weakly. He took the computer away from me and he went into the settings on my account. He made my account private and then he looked at me again.
"They can't write to you now. You must be friends with those who can contact you."
I giggled as I realized that he allowed me to be there.
"Can't you follow me and I can follow you?"
He smiled.
"Yeah!" He did a few clicks. "I'll follow you when I get into my account." he said quickly. Then he picked up the phone and I laughed when he began to follow me through that one.
"So I'm your little fan now?"
He laughed.
"No, your my girlfriend?"
Okay, I reacted. I looked at him and he realized what he had just said. It was the first time he had said girlfriend about me. I came up with a faint smile, and I leaned against him.
"But not in public?"
He shook his head.
"Not yet?"
I sighed.
"Okay, but I'm your girlfriend here at home?"
He laughed and he kissed me quickly.
"I'll tell about you to my family and I promise that we'll soon be able to be public."
I raised my eyebrows.
"and your mom will say?"
He grinned and he put the computer on the table. Then he pulled me into his lap and he took his arms around me.
"She will love you."
I took my arms around his neck and I smiled big.
"So your mom like all your girlfriends?"
He shook his head and he raised his eyebrows.
"But she has no choice." he whispered sweet. "I'm with you and then she'll approve it anyway."
I kissed him. Okay, at some moments it felt as we chose the wrong path, but sometimes it felt okay to be with Louis. He responded to the kiss and he laughed a little bit. I finished it and I looked at him.
"Why are you laughing?"
He grinning.
"I laugh because I'm so happy."
My heart pounded for him.
"I'm actually a bit happy."
Louis played surprised.
"Can you be happy?"
I snorted and I punched him lightly.
"Yes, I can be very happy."
He laughed.
"That sounds good!" he said cheerfully. "Then we are happy together?"

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