For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


11. It wont go as planned

Louis took me to their headquarters and I would meet the management for the first time. I was nervous and I held his hand tightly. We came into a large office and a woman sat there. She looked up at us, but she neither smiled or showed that she was glad that we were there.
"So there's that Cathy?"
I swallowed. Louis didn't seem to care that she sounded cold.
"Yes?" he said quickly. "And you wanted to meet us?"
She pointed to us to put ourselves on the chairs in front of her. We obeyed her and she was quick to look at me from the bottom up.
"Well, we have to go through how to solve this little problem."
I felt uneasy. Louis was still holding my hand and he didn't seemed to care that she was cold towards me.
"Get to the point!" he said. She looked at him and she nodded weakly.
"On Monday we will release the news about you and Eleanor." she said. It sounded as if she was talking about a trifle. Her tone was cold and she seemed to lack emotion. "Then you must at least wait a month before your going out public." She looked at me and she didn't seem to like me. "And we don't stand behind you girls. You have chosen your boyfriends and we can't help you if fans happen to be nasty."
I was about to say something, but Louis was faster.
"She already knows how it works." he said quickly. "I've talked to Cathy about that with the fans and she understands."
She looked at Louis and she seemed surprised.
"Okay, then we wont have to talk about that part?" She looked down at her paper. "And you want her as an assistant?"
Louis nodded.
"I've taught her the basics and I'm about to show her how it works deeper."
She looked at him and then she looked at me.
"You get a simple salary at the beginning!" she said directly to me. "When you have completed it for a month, we give you more and every month increasing your income."
She took out some papers she gave them over to us.
"I want you to sign them." she said quickly. "You have the privacy to the fans and you can't talk to the press about One Direction."
I nodded as I understood. She looked at me again and she smiled a little bit.
"And about your relationship I don't care what you do, but as long as it's about One Direction, you have to be quiet."




"She didn't like me?"
Louis laughed and he hugged me.
"She hates everyone."
I sighed and I answered his hug.
"But she was so..." I looked at him. "She was so cold?"
He agreed.
"Molly isn't directly Social and she barks at everyone."
I still didn't liked her. We came down to the car and quickly I slid into the passenger seat. Louis sat behind the wheel and he smiled at me.
"Now you know that I mean this for real, between us?" He said that as if I hadn't understood that. "On Monday all know that it's over between me and Eleanor."
I nodded and I chose to smile.
"and then we'll wait a month?"
He nodded and he started the car.
"And we can finally breathe out?"




I was standing in the kitchen peeling potatoes. I was listening to the radio and I smiled every time one of One Direction songs were played. Right as it was, I heard the news and I gasped.
"Louis Tomlinson from One Direction have broken up with Eleanor."
I just stared at the radio. It wasn't Monday yet and I swallowed. What or who? Louis appeared in the kitchen and he looked just as surprised as me.
"According to a spokesperson, it was Louis who was faithful and Eleanor informs the press that he, according to her, isn't really that cute guy that fans think he is."
Louis quickly shut off the radio and he looked almost scared. I realized that it was she who had spoken to the press. He quickly took up the phone and I realized he made a call to the management.
"Who the hell is in charge over her then?" I heard Louis scream and he disappeared out from the kitchen. "Someone must have given her the green light?" he said, almost irritably. "And I'm not leaving until you tell me who!" He sighed. I left the kitchen and I peered out at him. Louis didn't look happy and he pressed the handset to his ear.
"But come on!" he growled. "I'm going to contact my lawyer and tell that she broke the contract as we had."


Louis hugged me after the call, to show that it wasn't me he was angry at.
"She broke the rules." he whispered. "She has gone over the limit."
I hugged him back and I tried to calm him down.
"The fans will understand?"
He sighed and he kissed me lightly.
"I know, but I'm still mad at her." he said a little cold. "I know that she's only doing that to harm me."
I looked at him and I noted that he wasn't in the best mood. It didn't help to kiss him and he didn't directly urge to smile. He released me and quickly he walked over to the computer. I understood that he would check what the fans had written online.


Okay, I began to understand what he had warned me for. Since we lived near his old house, we noticed quickly that the reporters gathered outside his house. They didn't know that Louis was now living with me and I wondered silently how long time that would be secret. We couldn't leave the house, because they had the chance to see us.
"It will calm down!" whispered Louis and he came over to me. He took his arms around my body and he peered out against his old house. I nodded a little bit and I tried not to show that I wasn't sure about that.
"And when they finding put that you live here?"
He smiled.
"Who will tell them?"
I quickly looked at him.
"Let us say that Eleanor tell them that?"
He shook his head quickly.
"No, she wont..." he paused and he realized that I was right. "Okay, I'm not sure what she will do."
I went quickly from his arms and I looked at him. I felt the unease grew.
"Maybe we should stay in a hotel?" I asked quickly. "I mean, so they don't find us?"
Once again made Louis a few calls. He seemed to call around both to get a solution, but also to see if there was somewhere else to stay. It was as if he was calling around to everyone he knew.


In the end he kissed me and he smiled weakly.
"Okay, we live in a hotel for a few days. We can then stay either at Harrys place, or then can Niall help us."
I frowned.
"I certainly don't want to stay with them?"
Louis sighed and he frowned.
"We have no other way?" he got up. "I don't want you to end up on the front page and I don't want people out there to throw shit at you."
Okay, I agreed.
"But your mom, then?"
He sighed.
"She has enough with my siblings and all that." he said it like I would know about it. "We start with the hotel and then we take each day as it comes?"


I packed my bag with clothes. It felt as if I was a girl who ran away from something dangerous. It felt wrong to back down, but at the same time, I wasn't used to the newspapers. I had no idea how they worked, and I realized that this was something big for them. I brought with me my make up and I brought with me shoes. Everything that I've had benefited to have, but I knew I certainly forgotten half off my things.


It was dark outside and the clock was late. We saw that it was almost non of the reporters at his house. They realized that Louis wasn't home. In the end, we sneak out to his car and we were able to leave my apartment. It was exciting to leave the house, but at the same time I wanted to stay there. What if Eleanor hadn't told them anything more? Maybe she just wanted to harm Louis and that she wanted to be more kind to me. Okay, I doubted that idea, but I lived on hope.


Louis chose the hotel and when we checked in, he chose to write us under a different name. He who worked seemed to understand and he smiled at Louis.
"And at this hotel, we are silent about our guests."
Louis just snorted and he gave him a quick glance.
"Well, you must prove that!"
He nodded and he smiled even against me. He gave us a key.
"And if you need anything, just call for us." he said quickly. "We have staff who work to make you happy."


Louis pulled me toward the elevator and I saw that he was tired.
"Why were you so cold towards him?" I asked quickly. Louis looked at me and he smiled weakly.
"I have been to many hotels and I know that everyone doesn't deliver what they promise."
He pressed the elevator button. I swallowed. I had no experience in hotel and I had no experience with reporters.
"But he said..."
Louis gave me a cold stare.
"Let's just sleeping and I promise to take care about this tomorrow."
I nodded a little bit. He seemed so angry and he seemed to be easy to lose his temper when it didn't go as he had planned.
"And what exactly will you do?"
He sighed and he looked at me again.
"Please, darling. Stop asking a lot of questions and stop questioning me. I have no answers to your questions, and I have no idea what to do. I want to sleep and I want to be refreshed."

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