For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


6. It just happened.

It happened again! I stood in the kitchen and I tried to make that disgusting tomato soup. I felt it struck in the stomach and then how it was as if the whole abdomen was opened up. I collapsed in a heap on the floor and I screamed. It did really hurt and it felt like I was stabbed with knives. I panicked and my whole body ended up in shock. I have no idea how long I lay there on the floor. I was only aware of the blood puddle under me and the pain in the body. I screamed, I cried and I saw everything in a fog. I heard Louis and Eleanor's voices. I heard the sound of an ambulance and I realized I was on my way to the hospital. I was sweating and I was shaking all over. The pain was too much for me to handle and I was almost unable to breathe.


I woke to the sound of a device. I quickly felt that I had a needle in my arm and I saw above me a bag of blood. Okay, this was bad, really bad? I had miscarried again and this time my body wasn't ready for that? I was alone in the room, so no one saw me when I started to cry. I panicked. Why the hell couldn't my body just to keep the egg? That was easy. The body just needed to say yes and then everything was resolved?


"You mustn't cry!"
I woke up and I saw Eleanor standing by the bed. She took my hand and I saw that she had been crying too.
"Sorry!" I whispered quickly. She shook her head and she tried to smile.
"No, it's not your fault. I'm sorry that you feel so bad. It was fortunate that we came over to you. Otherwise, you would have been dead."
I was startled.
She swallowed.
"Yes, the doctor said it's a miracle you managed this, this time. You got a miscarriage and it was as if your whole body were an ulcer. You had blood everywhere and you were close to bleed to death."
I swallowed. Louis showed up at my other side and I saw that he too had been crying.
"Take it easy!" he whispered to me. "It happened and we can't do anything about it."
I thought about his secrets and I nodded a little bit. Maybe it still wasn't me that was the problem, although I for the moment accused myself.
"You need to rest." he whispered on. "The doctor said you will be here awhile."
I frowned. I didn't like that I ended up in the hospital, at least not all the time. Again, I would be forced to be still. I began to doubt, that I was the right girl. Maybe they should choose another person and not me?
"We may undergo some more tests." I heard Eleanor say. I was startled and I looked at her.
"What do you mean?"
She smiled wryly and she let go of my hand.
"They'll go through you, me and Louis and see if there are any other things to look up."
I panicked and I looked at Louis. He looked at me with a warning glance. I couldn't say a single word about anything. I looked at Eleanor again and I chose to nod. Although I knew whose fault it was.


Louis remained by my side when Eleanor went to eat food. He held my hand and he looked at me seriously.
"Cathy, they will find an egg donor now." he swallowed. "Eleanor has no idea about anything and she wont know the truth."
I nodded weakly. He smiled over that I was with him on his plans.
"It will be okay, love." he whispered sweet. "They said we have to wait a little longer this time and that you shouldn't have to worry."
I nodded. What else could I do or say?
"You can take my eggs?"
The words just slipped out of me and he seemed to flinch. Louis looked at me with big eyes and it was as if he didn't think that I told him the truth from my heart.
"You mean you give us your eggs?"
I swallowed and I smiled weakly.
"It's I who will be pregnant?" I whispered sweet. "Maybe my body will let my own eggs remain?"
He was silent and he just stared at me. Then it was as if he knew what I was talking about.
"You can't." he whispered. "A surrogate may not use her own eggs under the contract."
Okay, I couldn't even give him my eggs? I was slightly annoyed.
He smiled a little bit.
"When the baby's born, you'll leave the child over to me and Eleanor. If you then know that it's a part of you, chances are that you refuse. You then have the right to take back your own children under the law."
I was still annoyed.
"But I don't want a child or be a mom, not yet?"
He smiled wryly and he let slip a hand through my hair.
"You are kind and I'm grateful that you are prepared to help us in that way, but I want to do everything legally."
I sighed.
"But what then if this happening again?" I felt angry that I couldn't say anything or make suggestions. "I can't keep on like this."
He understood me.
"I promise it will be healthy eggs." he whispered sweet. "I will make so that everything happens as it should and you shouldn't have to undergo this kind of thing again."
I dropped his hand and I growled over that he didn't take me seriously.
"I might say no?"
He laughed,
"No, you will be there for me. I know you wont give up."
He knew me too well. I was grateful for the apartment, the money and everything. I knew I would say yes, although it wasn't my eggs.
"You will get to see the child afterwards." he continued. "You will always be a part of my family."
I sighed.
"As if that would help?"
He raised his eyebrows and he seemed amused.
"Yes it will help." he replied cheerfully. "I wont let you go away just because the baby's born."
I snorted.
"Well?" I looked at him coldly. "I might find my own boyfriend and I might give birth to my own children."
He agreed.
"Yes, and I hope you do."




This time, it took time to become myself again. I felt that I had a sore in places I didn't know existed. It was as if my body was living a life of its own and as if my body wanted to say no. "You wont have more children with them!"


Eleanor began to get restless and I noticed that she lost her temper frequently.
"Can't you just stop saying that you hurt." said she cold to me one day. "Don't you understand that you are costing us money and we want to have a baby?"
I swallowed and I looked at her. Okay that she had changed but her words hurt me.
"Sorry if I..."
She snorted and she wasn't listening to what I wanted to say.
"It's for the hell just a child!" she exclaimed cold. "You will give birth to my child and now you complain over a lot of things that aren't there. I'm sure you just want your money and that you are here because you want to be rich."
I felt the tears almost came. She saw that I was about to start crying and before I even had time to defend myself, she left the apartment. I felt empty. She had been right. I was there because of the money, but not because of them that I now got every month. I was there to pay back by giving birth to a child.


Louis had understood that we had fought. He came over to me as soon as she got home and he pulled me into his arms. He held me tight against him and I cried against his neck. I felt small and again it felt like everything was my fault.
"It's okay!" he whispered in my ear. "She's just worried and maybe she thought you'd back away?"
I sob.
"But she's so mean?"
He nodded and he looked into my eyes. He smiled faintly and he looked at me with warmth.
"I know the truth and you know the truth." he whispered sweet. "As long as we know where we stand, we don't need to bother about her?"
I nodded. I understood that he meant well. Eleanor was perhaps slightly dejected and she saw things that didn't exist? Louis caught up my face with both hands and he smiled big at me.
"You're a strong girl. Don't let her push you down."
I sobbed. He looked straight into my eyes and somewhere inside me tingle. Louis stopped and it was as if we both hesitated. Something happened between us. I stopped crying, but I couldn't stop looking into his eyes. He swallowed and I saw that his eyes searched down to my lips. Damn, he wanted to kiss me? I didn't have to think more. Louis lips met mine and it was as if he wanted to test me. I could do nothing but answer the kiss. I gasped by the pressure from his lips. I wanted more, but it was so forbidden. When he ended the kiss, he was red in his face and he looked anxiously at me.
"Sorry!" he whispered hoarsely. I swallowed and for some reason I smiled.
"That was nothing to forgive?"
He smiled faintly and he looked at me. It felt as if time stood still. At the same time, I felt embarrassed. Here I stood and kissed Louis, the man who wanted me to have his baby.
"Maybe we shouldn't...?" He frowned and again he looked down at my lips. I groaned. He stood close to me and it was like he influenced me.
"No, we shouldn't..."
He kissed me again. This time he took his arms around my back and he pressed me against him. I don't know why I took my arms around his neck, but I wanted to. I pressed myself against him and the kiss became something more. I hadn't in my hole life felt so attracted to a man as in just that moment. It was a new feeling and I loved to kiss him. His lips were like made for mine and I moaned in just the pressure from him.


I don't know how I landed under Louis on the floor, but somehow he lay down on top of me and I felt one of his hands pulled up my shirt and he let his hand caress my breasts. I moaned and I spread my legs. I moved up towards him and it tingled all over. I had nothing against that he was there or that he seduced me. Maybe it was me who seduced him?


Louis pulled off my shirt and just as quickly he got off my bra. I was surprised when he started kissing my breasts. He sucked on my nipples and I let my fingers slide through his hair. I was excited and I loved what he did with me. I felt how he took care of me and I wanted him to take care of me. Right as it was, he sat up between my legs. He tore off his shirt and then he pulled off my pants. Before I could say no, I lay naked under him and he looked down at my body. He quickly pulled his pants off and I had time to see the large thing between his legs. He lad down on top of me again. I had nothing against it. He kissed me again and I took my arms tightly around his body. Louis had a hand slide down and when he started to caress me between my legs, I stopped to think. I whimpered and I lifted my hips against his hand. Shit was nice that was! I moaned and I tried to continue to kiss him, but I couldn't. Louis smiled and he looked into my eyes. He let two fingers penetrate. I whimpered and I closed my eyes. I felt how he brought something inside me to life as I hadn't felt before. I gasped and I was shaking with excitement. Louis looked at me all the time and when he brought his boner against me, it was as if this was meant to happen. I felt how he penetrated and he filled me with his meat. When he was totally inside me, he kissed me again. I felt he took his elbows on either side of my head and he began to slowly bumping into me. I spread my legs as much as I could. My hands caressed his back hard and I whimpered by every movement he made. His lips were hot and I felt we were burning with desire.


Louis spun around so that I landed on top of him. I hesitated and I blushed. I hadn't exactly been on top of a guy before. Louis grabbed my waist and he made me begin to move up and down. I took one hand on each side of his head. I looked straight into his eyes. Louis's mouth was wide open and he showed with his read face that he loved it. I felt myself again and again landed on him and I groaned. It tingled down there and it was like I had new feelings in my body. I increased the pace and I closed my eyes. It started as a small thing inside. Something that slowly woke up. It grew and eventually it was as if my whole body fell into ecstasy. I screamed and I no longer knew what I was doing. That feeling took over everything and it was like I lost my head.


When I came back, Louis sat up and he took his arms around my body. He forced me to continue to ride him. I took my arms around his neck and our lips were close to each other. We looked into each other's eyes and I knew he wanted to come. He took his hands under my butt and he closed his eyes. I rode him faster and faster. I felt his breath on my face changed and eventually he took his arms around me and pressed me down over his hard part. He filled me with cum and he was shaking.


We sat there on the floor. He had his arms around my body and I had my arms still around his neck. He kissed me and he caressed me over my bare back. We said nothing. This was just something that happened and we had just lost control. I was unsure of who seduced whom. Maybe it was a mutual decision?

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