For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


15. And now?

The days passed and Harry tried to be normal to Louis, so he didn't suspect anything. I chose to be in the house. Sometimes I sat out on the back, just to get air. I even borrowed Harrys Gym, not to be totally seedy. It was as if I ended up in a vacuum. Life wasn't what I had in mind and the fear that Louis could find me, was still there. Harry seemed to think I would stay and that there would be something between us. Okay, I admit that maybe I should say yes. What's said against that was that I wanted a life of my own. After Louis I felt just like a prisoner in something that was unreal. Harry chose to slowly get me used to that he slept in the same bed. First, he crawled down to me when I was asleep, but slowly I began to get used to his habits and eventually it was as if we were an old couple.


"I love you." Harry murmured one evening. I felt his arms around me and kissed my neck. I groaned and I tried to put him away from me.
"You know it's not going to work?"
He sighed.
"We haven't even tried?"
I lay down on my back and I looked at him.
"Harry, I'll live locked up in your house..."
He frowned.
"Louis will give up. In a year, he has a new girl, and then he forgot..."
I gasped.
"In a year?"
He smiled weak and he laughed a little bit.
"Maybe not in a year, but I see that he's about to let go of you."
Harry pulled up my nightgown and his hand slid down between my legs. He lay down near me and he groaned lightly against my cheek.
"I want you..." he whispered, and he kissed me under my ear. "All of you!"
I spread lightly on the legs. His hand slipped inside my panties and slowly he got my abdomen to give up. I moaned lightly and I answered the kiss. He pressed his lips against mine and he lay half on top of me. I took my arms around his neck. His lips were hot, they looked for more and I felt how he took control of me. His hand moved faster and I felt a finger penetrated.
"You're so wet." he groaned against my lips. He lifted his head and he looked straight into my eyes. He took his finger as deep as he could and I groaned loudly. I felt his thumb continued to touch my clit and slowly woke my whole body up to life. I spread my legs even more and I brought my hips up and down against his hand. Harry smiled and he liked seeing me excited. He kissed me again. I whimpered and I accepted that he knew exactly what I wanted.


We tore off our clothes. It was as if I lost my mind and I forgot that I should stay away. Harry forced me to stand on all fours and he penetrated hard from behind me. My head was pounding straight into the wall, but at the last second, I managed prevent that. I felt how he took hos hands tightly around my waist and he moved quickly on the body. I moaned and I chose to stoop down and put my head against the pillow. Harry groaned louder and I felt he unbuckled the entire body. He slid in and out easily, fast and hard. Entire he made me love that as we did. He let a hand slide down over my back. He caressed my spine all the way down to my hair. Then he took both hands around my shoulders and forced me up. I put my hands under me and I managed to maintain my body like a dog.
"Damn I love you." he groaned. I realized that he really meant what he said. He loved me? Maybe I should give him the chance to get me?


Harry dropped me on the side. He held up one leg and he put himself right over me. I realized it was because he wanted to kiss me. His lips were desperate. He was like a madman and he kept calling out for more. He let his hand slide down over my legs, down between my legs. He caressed me and it was the only thing I needed. I came and I was shaking. I screamed when my whole body lost control and I reached the top of everything. Harry came right after me and I felt how he pumped cum in me.




Yes, it happened!


It started as nausea and eventually I began to vomit every morning. It required no book or a test to make me realize why. I had been pregnant before and I had vomited before. I realized that I also couldn't be sure it was Harry's child. It could be Louis who was the father. Just the thought made me nose to do an abortion behind Harry's back, but the thought of losing another baby made me choose the easy way out.


"I'm pregnant!"
Harry stopped. He stood in the gym with just underwear on. I was accustomed to that he often walked naked around the house, so for me it was no big deal.
I leaned against the wall and I looked down at the floor.
"I'm pregnant!" I said again. He gasped and it was as if he didn't believe me.
"How do you know?"
I snorted and I looked at him again.
"I've been pregnant before, you know, and I know that I am now."
He swallowed and his eyes were fixed on me.
"Is that my child?"
No, why did he had to ask that question?
"Well, I don't know." I whispered just to be honest. "It could be Louis.."
Harry growled.
"Damn that you were with him before me." 
The words hurt, but at the same time I felt the same thing. He came up to me and he caught up my face with his hands.
"Okay sweetheart." he whispered. "I stand behind whatever you choose to do. I can be a good father and I promise to take care of you."
I hesitated.
"Even if you aren't the dad?"
He smiled.
"It's not the child's fault."
I agreed. Yet, I didn't chose to say yes to his proposal. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my future.
"We have to call the hospital."
He nodded.
"I will arrange everything. Okay?"
I smiled.




The doctor looked at us and he understood. I had confessed everything and he seemed to think about that.
"I can do a test and see who's the father." He looked down at the papers. "And I would suggest that you take it easy the first few months." He looked at me. "You have miscarried before and none of us know about your body can handle this."
I knew I would listen, but I hated the thought of losing a child. Harry held my hand and he nodded.
"So how do we find out if I am the father?"
The doctor smiled.
"You have to give us some of your blood and we take a sample from the baby. It's easy and it takes a week before we get the answer."


Harry kissed me when we got back to the car.
"I promise to take care of you and I promise to take care of the child."
I was still scared.
"In about one week, we know the answer?"
He nodded.
"And you heard what the doctor said? You should take it easy."
I smiled and I nodded at him.
"And you'll be home then?"
He laughed and he opened the car door.
"For you, I'll do everything."
I sat in the car and I smiled at him. Now I just had my choice left. Would I say yes to Harry and stay? What if the child was Louis? I would then say that to Louis?

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