For financial reasons I chose to become a surrogate mom. I had no idea that it would change my life. I thought it was an easy way to earn money, but slowly, I was into something that resembled a dream. A nightmare!


13. A rescue?

I realized that I wasn't the right one for Louis. He was a six-madman who thought he owned me. I realized it more and more, but I was hooked. I hadn't my own apartment and I hadn't my own work. My money came from Louis and the only thing I owned was my clothes. That craving for money, as I once had, was gone and I longed almost back to my old life. I didn't dared to talk about it with Louis. He was totally inside that I was his assistant and I was his girlfriend.


Harry had a party and of course wanted to Louis show off his new girlfriend. I felt like an idiot and I almost didn't want to come along, but Louis persuaded me. He bought a new tight-fitting dress to me and he made sure I looked like a perfect girl.
"You know that many will look up to you." he said, as if that were obvious. I just snorted. He said lots of things but I didn't trust him. I don't know if he noticed my desire to not go. In the end, a car came and picked us up at the hotel and I went nicely with him. I felt like a paid whore. Maybe it was the way he looked at me? He paid me for me to stick around?


All greeted me. I had already met Niall and Harry. Even Liam and Zayn seemed curious about me. Their girlfriends Sophia and Perrie seemed to keep the distance and I understood them. I looked more like something else and they were perfect.
"Louis lucky!" Harry whispered to me. I frowned and I gave him a cold stare.
"Are you serious?"
He nodded and he didn't want to let me go.
"I tried to flirt with you, but you were like a wall."
I was startled and I looked at him again.
"And when did you flirt with me?"
He laughed and he made sure no one heard us.
"When I forced you for a cup of coffee." He looked into my eyes. "You didn't realize that I had already planned that?"
I understood nothing.
"But you hadn't met me before that day?"
I was surprised when Harry blushed. He avoided me and he looked down at the floor. His cheeks changed color and he blushed.
"I may have accidentally went past your apartment." he said almost apologetically. "I was curious and I saw you many times."
I was startled and I just stared at him.
"And Louis know about this?"
He quickly shook his head and he looked at me. He had a smile that went from ear to ear. His eyes sparkled and I saw at him that he was glad that I was there. I realized that I could have changed much, that day. If I just had stayed with Harry hadn't everything happened. Louis had perhaps still been with Eleanor and I had given birth to their child and then I had been able to be with Harry. Yes, I know that my imagination surged, but it was something like that I saw before me.
"It's wrong of me to flirt with you." he whispered hoarsely. "I know you are with Louis now, but at the same time, I just wanted to say that to you."
I smiled and I blushed.
"Thank you for being honest." I said kindly. "There aren't many like you anymore."
He agreed.
"I know!"


Later in the evening came Louis up to me and he pulled me into a corner.
"I know you are against it, but Harry let us borrow a guest room so we don't have to sleep in a hotel."
Okay, I wanted to stay with Harry, but I chose to lie. I knew that Louis had already decided and he smiled at my fake anger.
"Stop being so childish." he said a little cold. "Harry's my friend and I want to stay here. We will still find time for each other."
I smiled inside me.
"Okay then!"
Louis smiled wryly and he kissed me quickly on the cheek.
"I'm sending away a few guys to get our things."


I saw a gleam in the middle of everything. Maybe I could somehow end up with Harry and somehow get away from Louis? I stood in the corner and I saw how Harry was talking to all his friends. He was such a guy who seemed quiet and he seemed even more social against Louis. Harry was certainly not a crazy man who would own and he would certainly let his girlfriend to work. Harry looked right as it was at me and it was as if he wasn't ready that I would look at him. He stopped and he got a smile. He ran his hand through his hair and then he saw that Louis wasn't around. I was surprised when he slid across the floor. When he came to me he backed me against the wall, as if he wanted to prevent me from going away from him.
"Admit you're not in love with him."
I was startled.
Harry smiled and he leaned slightly toward me. He took his hands behind his back and he looked into my eyes.
"You and Louis don't match." he whispered. "It might sound selfish, but you would surely find me more interesting."
I blushed. He had read my thoughts?
"But I can't just leave him?" I whispered. Harry agreed. He looked quickly out against all others, and then he looked at me again.
"Should we be crazy?"
I swallowed.
He smiled. He quickly took my hand and he quickly opened a door behind me. We entered another room, as was his office. He opened the window and then he looked at me again.
"Jump out!"
I hesitated. I peered down on the ground and I noted that we only had maybe two feet down. I looked at him again. Harry smiled big and his green eyes almost shone.
"Come on!" he whispered. "No one has seen us going if we go through the window."


We ran through the yard. Harry held my hand and we came through a hedge. It was as if he knew that I wanted to get away. Harry didn't seemed the least bit worried and when we came out on the street, we laughed. There was a tingling in my stomach and finally I had done something different. It was as if I was a teenager again and I ran away with the most wonderful guy.


I had no idea where we were going, but eventually we came down to a boathouse. Harry took out a key and he opened the door. I slipped in because I knew he wanted it. I didn't get more than in until he quickly closed the door and then he threw himself over me. I'll be honest and admit that his kisses were more intense against Louis. Harry had more muscle and his body was more males. I groaned by the pressure, and when he landed on top of me on the floor, I made no resistance. It was as if Harry was desperate. He quickly pulled up my tight dress. He pulled away my panties and without a word he buttoned up his fly. When he penetrated, I had to groan. He had a big thing down there and he filled me to the brim. He smiled and he took one arm under my head. The other hand slid down and ended up under my butt. He looked straight into my eyes and he came all the way.
"Damn sorry." he whispered hoarsely and foggy. "But I wanted to......"
Instead of saying anything more he kissed me. I felt how he began to work with the body. Quickly I snapped up his shirt and I tore it off him. I wanted to see and I wanted to feel his body. Harry didn't seem to care. I caressed his bare skin and I took my legs around his waist. He pounded hard and straight into me. He came deep inside and I groaned every time care was all the way inside. I don't know how we managed, but all the clothes went off. We lay naked on the cold wooden floor and it was like we forgot about time and space. Harry made me forget Louis and I almost forgot who I was. Right as it was, he laid his hands on either side of my head. He lifted up his upper body and he looked down at me. I saw that he was red all over. He showed with every part of him that this was what he wanted. He pulled his legs up against my thighs and he was moving faster. I took my hands around his arms and I felt how he constantly pounded harder and harder into me. I moaned, I was shaking and I closed my eyes. It was as if he filled the whole me. My hole was completely filled with him.


Harry bent down over me. He buckled down and he started to kiss my breasts. He managed to do it without stopping to penetrate me. I felt his lips over my nipples. I gasped and quickly I took my hands in his hair. He bit me, he sucked and he seemed like he wanted to have a taste of me. He lifted his head and he looked at me again. I looked straight into his eyes. There was no doubt in his eyes and he didn't seem afraid that this happened. I smiled weakly and I pulled my fingers through his hair. Harry smiled too, although he was concentrated over everything that happened.
"Can I come inside you." I heard him whisper hoarsely, his question was almost obvious. I nodded. He smiled and immediately increased his pace. He pounded harder and harder against me. I closed my eyes and I almost pulled him in the hair. He came and he was shaking. I felt he was pressured in everything he had.


As soon as Harry was finished, he let a hand slide down. He started to caress me. He never let his fingers penetrate or anything more. He just rubbed me over my clit. I moaned and I felt myself directly approached the top of the mountain. I swallowed and I bit my lip. I let his hair go from my fingers and took my arms around his neck. I forced him down on me. I wanted to feel him against me. It didn't take long until his fingers got my body to fall. I almost dropped the spirit and I pressed myself against him. I was shaking and I felt how everything just flowed out of me.


Harry lay down on me. I felt how he pushed me down and I liked it. He was heavier against Louis and he had a wonderful body. He hid his face against my neck, and he was breathing rapidly. I took my arms around his body and I didn't want to leave that place, never ever.


"Louis is crazy." I whispered hoarsely. "I don't want to be with him, he takes everything I have."
I chose to be honest. Harry listened to me and he raised his head. He looked straight into my eyes. I took up my hands and pulled back his hair from his face.
"I know!" he whispered. "Louis has planned everything."
I was startled but I wasn't surprised. Harry gulped and he smiled.
"He said right from day one that he would replace Eleanor with you." he continued hoarsely. "He said you were a good fuck and you will be perfect as his slave."
I frowned.
"Why didn't you tell me that when we drank coffee?"
He blushed a little bit.
"I didn't dare to tell you the truth. I was so afraid you wouldn't believe me and you would still go to him."
I wasn't angry and I didn't blamed Harry.
"And now?" whispered me and frowned. "I don't want to go back."
Harry kissed me lightly and then he smiled big.
"I can take with you to a good hiding place?"
I swallowed.
"Louis knows about all of your places?"
Harry shook his head.
"I have many secrets as he doesn't know about."
I chose to trust him.
"Where to?"
He kissed me and he laughed a little bit.
"I have bought another house." he whispered. "No one knows about it yet."
"Do you mean an empty house?"
He grinning.
"No, it's all there and I will let you stay there. We need to solve this somehow."
I smiled and I pulled away his bangs.
"You have long hair to be the guy?"
He laughed and he raised his eyebrows.
"I like my hair." he said teasingly. "I've actually been trying to get this kind of hair in over a year."
I laughed.
He looked at me with warm eyes.
"And I'm not going to cut my hair."
I nodded. I chose to smile and then I shook my head.
"No, you look great." I whispered. "You can't change anything."
Harry kissed me again. I took my arms around his body and I didn't care about that his hair fell down. He seemed to care about me, and for the first time in a long time, everything seemed okay. When he had finished the kiss he smiled down at my naked body.
"OK, Cathy!" he murmured. "I don't want to say this but we have to take on clothes."
I laughed.
"Is that bad?"
He nodded and he smiled at me.
"I prefer nudity." He blushed. "I'm such a guy who likes to get naked at home."
I really liked it. His body was nice to look at and actually I had nothing against it.

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