Dear Father. Dear Son.


Draco is feeling pathetic. He has feelings for his father. Feelings he can not confess.


1. Misery Manor

Warnings: This story is about love between two males, a father and a son. (See the title :) ). If you have a problem with that, dont read. It is really that simple. :)

I dont own any of the Harry Potter caracters. (Even though i really wish i did -.-)



Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy were nothing. Their parents, simply because of the pure bloodline, arranged their marriage. Actually they could be proud to say that they were the purest wizarding family in Britain, if not the entire world. Their only child, Draco, was only brought to the world because the family needed an heir, since Lucius didn’t have any siblings to do the job for him.


To say that they didn’t love their son would be a lie. When Draco was little, Narcissa would often stay out late to have dinner with friends. Lucius, who thought dinner-parties was a waste of time, spend his afternoons telling bedtime stories to his son.

Sometimes, though, Lucius was working late into the night, and Narcissa would be the one to stay home, and read stories. Nobody either read or told stories anymore. Draco was seventeen years old now, a fine, beautiful young man.


Dare I say that Draco missed the stories? He did, especially the ones his father was telling. Nobody would expect that Lucius Malfoy, of all people, would tell the most beautiful fairy-tails to his young son, making all the dark and evil go away, with words alone. Draco loved it, because meanwhile Lucius was speaking, he seemed so kind and loving, that Draco thought his heart would break. Now and then he still thinks back on how it felt to be held close by his father.




Draco sat in his bedroom; he had turned off the lights so the light-green bedroom became dark. He was just not in the mood for light, but also because this way, he could easier watch the stars. He walked out on the balcony attached to his room, hoping to see a shooting star as he herd a sound of somebody crying. He looked down, seeing his parents sitting in the garden, seeing as his mother cried into his fathers shoulder.

I'm pathetic. He thought, feeling his heart twist of jealousy, jealousy towards his mother for being held ever so close in the strong arms of his father. Pathetic..! He thought as he started to cry once again, this time not because his aunt died, but because he knew that the feelings he held inside would never be returned, Feelings for his father.




Lucius looked up at his calk-white manor, seeing something that made him catch his breath. The sight he saw was indeed breathtaking.

Draco, his son, was standing on one of the balconies, on the second floor with his shirt slightly open, his alabaster skin seemed almost white in the moonlight. His white-blond hair shined almost silver. Lucius felt his cock harden at the sight. He is so… Merlin! This is so wrong! Looking down, he kicked himself mentally, hoping his wife wouldn’t notice his erection and misunderstand. Or understand He thought, preparing yet another kick for his mind.


As Lucius, once again, looked up at his son, the whole manor and garden was surrounded by a sharp, white light.

The light blinded the two people in the garden, but the pained scream that followed less than a second later, made it able for Lucius to forget about everything else. His vision came back as his mind went blank, shutting out all thoughts, except one: Draco!


Lucius ran up the stairs to the second floor.

As he reached his destination, Draco lay on the cold balcony floor, unconscious. Kneeling down to his son, Lucius tried, and failed, to get him to breathe.

“We are going to the hospital!” Lucius yelled to his wife, his voice shaking with panic.

Lifting up his son, he apparated out of the manor and to the wizards hospital, St. Mungos.



What happened to Draco? O.o


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