Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


42. You make me feel (Cobra Starship)

Katy’s pov
It’s Friday night and Harry and I just arrived in his friend’s house where the party is.
“We are playing in 20 minutes” says Nick as soon as he meest us
The stage is in the backyard and the house is crowded. Full of people I’ve never seen.
“I have to go” Harry says pointing to the stage “Are you ok?”
“Yes sure” I lie. “Good luck” I say kissing him
I watch he leaves.
“Bu” someone says behind me scaring me
I turn around to see Alex behind me
“Hey. I wonder why a beautiful lady like you is alone”
“Harry is going to play so…”
“Oh yeah. He is rock star”
I laugh
“So c’mom let me introduce to some people”
Before I can agree he is already taking me to another spot of the backyard
“Guys this is Katy, Harry’s girlfriend” he says to a group of ten people
“Hey” everybody says
“They are from our school” Alex explain to me
“I’ve finally met Style’s girl. You must be special because I’ve never thought I would see Styles dating. I’m Doug. “ he shakes my hand ”The guy Harry is jealous of” he jokes
“Jealous. Why?”
“Well first my perfect body, than because I’m the football team captain and most of all because I’m the most probable king of the ball”
“Oh yeah. Harry must be so worried because he is not going to be the king.” I joke too
“She has sense of humor” someone says
“And she is hot” a guy says. I blush
“Now we see why Styles is so into her” another guy says
“And she can cook”
“You can cook?” Doug asks
“She works in a bakery dump ass” a guy says “ He is always that retard” he explains me “I’m Tyler”
“Nice to meet you Tyler”
We keep talking and Tyler and the others tell me about all the crazy stupid things Harry had done
“ Hello everyone. I’m Harry Styles and we are White Eskimo” Harry’s voice echoes in the backyard “ Tonight we are playing for you. Hope you all enjoy “
He starts singing Animals from Marron 5. People join in the front of stage forming an audience. They are singing along with Harry
“You want go there?” Tyler asks
Tyler, Doug , the others and I  go to the middle of the audience
We dance with the song playing. After some minutes Tyler says
“I’m thirsty. You want something too?”
“Yeah. I’m coming with you”
We enter the kitchen and Tyler hand me a plastic cup
“What is this?”
I look at the cup. Why not? I take a swing. It taste stronger than the Sweet Kiss from lest party. But I like it.
“Let’s go back there”
We go back to the backyard and keep dancing and singing.

“Hey” someone hugs me from behind. I see a blonde lock of hair. Judy
“Poor you! Alex let you alone with Doug  and Tyler. How did you survive?” she jokes
“To make it clear, she is actually enjoying our company” Doug says
Judy shows her tongue to him. Doug shows his to her. Tyler rolls his eyes. I laugh
“So unfortunately our show is in the end” Harry says. The crow complain ”It was an amazing night. Thank you everyone. The last song is Happy”
People scream . Judy starts jumping and dancing.
“C’mom Katy!”
I star dancing too.
“Hey” Harry says
“Nice show” I say and kiss him
“Yeah it was okay Styles” Doug says
“With so many people in this party Alex introduced you to mister dumb ass??” Harry jokes
“Love you too Styles”
“I’m thirsty” I say
“Let’s go to the kitchen” he says
We get in the kitchen and I drink another cup of beer
“How many of this have drink?” Harry asks
“I don’t know…3 maybe. Why?”
“This is not Sweet kiss. It’s beer, there is more alcohol so just go slow”
“Okay Daddy” I joke
He bites his lower lip. I must have a thing for his lower lips because when he did this made me go crazy
“What?” he asks
“You shouldn’t do this”
“Bite your lip”
“Why?” he asks coming closer and taking my cup and putting in the table. Something tells me he already know the answer  “Tell me”
“Because it makes me go crazy”
“Interesting” he says close to my ear
“You know I was watching you from the stage. While you were dancing. You have no idea how sexy you are. I wanted to get out and kiss you.”
I look around. It’s just so weird. It’s full of people
“We can go somewhere more private” he says and I nod



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