Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


22. Womanizer(Britney Spears)

~~Katy's pov
"You don't seem fine" Mandy says when she pass through me in the school’s corridor "What happened?"
"I'm just tired. I haven't sleep at all lately. Last weekend I had competition, on Saturday I'm going to London, and I have to train, and school...I'm just tired"
"You know you are human, right? And human have limits. You need to rest, Katy. You can't do everything"
"I have to do everything. Give up is not an option"
"Okay...just try to breath maybe stop for a minute"
"I'll try"
"I'm serious Katy. I'm worried. You should try to go out one day, just to relax, to forget about everything. I have to go now but promise me you won't freak out"
"I won't freak out"
"Good. See you"
I come in the bakery and Harry is there smiling at me as he is always. Doesn't he understand that I'm mad at him?! Mandy is right! Harry is an idiot and I was almost believing he wasn't. How could I be so stupid?!
"I guess you still in PMS, right baby?" he says when he sees my not so friendly expression
"I'm not in PMS, I just don't want to talk to you!"
"Whatever you say baby. But I don't see why you are so mad at me"
"Why?" I ask laughing "There are so many reasons! know what? I've got work to do. I'm not wasting my time with you" I say and get in the kitchen
Breath Katy. I say to myself.
After some minutes I came back to the counter a blonde comes in the bakery
"Hello Harry" she says blinking her eyes trying to be charming. Do real people do this? I thought it only happened in cartoons. And how does she blinks with so much mask on?
"Hello..." Harry says
"It's been so long the last time"
Doesn't she realize it? It's so obvious he doesn't have a clue of who she is
"We had a great time that night. We can go out again" she says
Yeah. She thinks he likes her
"Sure, we can go out any time. Give me your phone and I call you" he says
She writes down her phone in a napkin and give to him.
I give him a disapproval look
"Whay are you looking at me like this?" He asks after the girl left
"Nothing. This is typical of you!"
The girl comes back.
"I forgot to buy bread" she says laughing
She is a typical Harry's girl. I really don't understand why someone would  want Harry to call them. He is a jerk and everybody knows that. Yet, there are still many girls throwing themselves to Harry. It's so pathetic...

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