Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


38. Who’s that chick (Rihanna)

Harry’s pov
It’s been almost an hour since I got to Brenda’s but Katy hasn’t got here yet. Girls always take too much time to get ready.
“Hey man!” some friends of mine  say coming closer
“Hey guys”
 “I was at The Door the night White Eskimo played there. It’s really good” Tyler says
“So you guys have more shows to do?”
“Yes actually we are going to play in a party and a in a bar….”
“Woa who is that chick next to Caren?”  Tyler interrupts me and all the guys turn their had
I see her. It’s Katy. She is so different. She is with a golden dress that show her beautiful  legs. Her hair is curled and is she using make up? She looks so hot.

Katy’s pov
“Hey” I say to Harry and he kiss me
I look around . There is a group of guys nest to Harry. I’ve never seen one of them but Caren seems to know them because she is hugging each of them. What should I do? Just stand here? Should I introduce myself?
“Guys this Katy, my girlfriend” Harry introduces me, saving me ” Katy this are my friends”
Each of them introduces there self and I greet them. We talk for while and Harry’s arm is around me the whole time. It’s nice feeling being here with Harry.
I look around. We are in the front yard.  I haven’t get in the house but I can see from outside how big it is. It’s also crowded. The music playing. It’s nice here. I look at Tyler’s hand. He has a drink in his hand It’s purple and there is little umbrella on the top. I don’t know what it is but I think I want to try
“Where did you get this?” I ask him
“In the bar in the back yard’
There is a backyard??
“You want one?” Harry asks
“Let’s go than” he says grabbing my hand and guiding me through the crown
The backyard is huge. There is a pool and a deck full of table. There is also a corner with sofa and puffs.  On the other side there is a bar and a table full of food
We walk to the bar and I look the menu
“I want the sweet kiss” I say to the barman
“You there is alcohol in this drink right?”
He raises his eyebrow
“What? I want to try. Just one”
“What about you?”
“Well since I’m the one driving, I will also have only one”
We take your drinks and it taste really good. It’s not really strong because there are strawberries but it’s great.
Harry spot another group of his friends in the backyard and we walk towards them
“Hey” Harry says
“Harold” a blonde girl says
“Hey Judy” Harry hugs her
“So you must be the famous girlfriend, Katy “
“Yes” I answer surprised she knows my name
“I’m Judy. Harry won’t stop talking about you . Since he meet you all he says in school is about you”
I blush
“Awwwww” the others says
I laugh
“She is right. I was getting curious. Now I’ve finally meet you” a guy comes closer” I’m Alex” he says and kiss the top my hand. I smile
“And I’m Zach” a guy exactly like Alex says. Are they twins? “And yes he is my twin” he says making it clear “But I’m hotter than him” he winks
Alex rolls his eyes
“And I’m Chad “the last one introduce his self
We sat in the table with them and Judy starts asking things about me and suddenly we are having a nice conversation. This group seems so nice. They seem to be really close to each other. In the middle of this I take other two drinks. This tastes so good.
We were talking when Judy interrupt us
“Are you listening??This is our song!!!”
I can hear The Club can’t Handle Me playing
“We have to go to the dance floor right now! Get up!” she says getting up
The boys get up and Harry takes my hand. I don’t know how to dance exactly,  I drink the rest of my fourth drink to relax me.
We got in the house and the dance floor is full of people. Harry is taking me to the middle of it. We stop and everyone is dancing, expect me. What I am going  to do ???
“Just let the music take you. Don’t think” Judy says in my ear. She must have notice I have no idea of what to do
So I just relax and stop overthinking. And then, I start dancing. It’s so nice.
Another song start but I keep dancing. And another song, and other.  I feel much more comfortable now. I feel much better right now. While I’m dancing I can feel Harry’s eyes on me. His eyes travel my body while I dance and he bits his lower lips. I’ve never feel so wanted. As to tease him a little I decide to dance close to him. He wraps his arms around me while our body move with the song’s beat. I look at his, there is something so sexy about them that makes my heart beats  fast.  He grabs my hand and led me out of the dance floor. We stop when my back hits a wall in the end of a corridor.
“You make me go crazy Katy” he says nest to my ear. His voice is so sexy “ You play the good girl and then you come to this party with this sexy dress and you star dancing, your body dangerously close to mine…what should I do with you?”
I can’t say a word. It’s  always like this. I am always speechless when Harry’s body is close to mine. This boys makes me feel so…
Harry kisses me interrupting my thoughts. His lips are crashing on mine, it’s like he is desperate for the kiss, like he needs this kiss. I kiss him back while his arms are still in the wall behind me. I open my mouth and his tongue gets in my mouth. It’s play with mine and makes me feel something  in my stomach. I bite his lower lips and moan. Oh! His arms wrap me and his lips go my chin, then it goes down to my neck kissing every part of it. I try to breath although it seems like the oxygen of the air is gone. I take his face with my hands and kiss him. We keep kissing while my body is still pressed on the wall. I feel his hand go to my arm and he star to pull off the handle of my dress. I froze and stop kissing him immediately. He looks confused at me but then he realize
“I’m so sorry. I’ve gone too far” he says “ Really sorry “
“It’s okay Harry but I think we should stop”
“Yeah” he says “ you want dance or…”
“Well what time is it?”
“It almost 2 am “
“I promise my parents I’d be home at 2 am so we better go”
“Okay” he says and give me a soft kiss. He hold my hand as we walk to the car




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