Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


3. Wake me up (Avicii)


~~Katy’s pov
As soon as I got in the bakery the next day the curly boy smiles to me. He was again behind the counter
"Hey" he says smiling.
I notice his dimples when he smiles and I have to admit it is cute.
"Hello, is Mr. Wakefield here?"
"Yes, I'll call him"
He enters to the kitchen and Mr. Wakefield come out with him.
"Glad you came Katherine. Unfortunately I can't stay, I have an appointment now but Harry will show you the place and help you. You two will work together so any question you can ask him. I really need to go. Bye"
"Bye"we say
"So Katy I am Harry" the curly one said
"And we are going to work together everyday. I am so exciting" he says and winks to me
I roll my eyes
"I have to admit working with you will be much better than working with Mr. Wakefield. He is not type..."he says laughing
Gosh this boy is so annoying.
"So you are going to show me  the place, right?" I ask hoping he would stop flirting with me
"Right so come in" He says opening a door in the counter.
I pass the door and Harry gave to me an apron
"This is your uniform. You have always to wear this."
The apron is red with white strips. I put it on
"You still look hot on it" Harry says
Why is this guy saying this things? I hate those kind of guys!
"So it's not very complicated. We just stay were and serves the clients. Brads are there" he says pointing to a stand that had all the types of brad.” We just need to put on a bag and price it.”
 He explains me how to use the weighing-machine and the cash registrer.
We also are responsible for make a coffee, a juice or a tea, give any snack or a slide of pie or cake for a client.
It's not much to do, and it isn't complicated at all. Harry tells me that in the end of the afternoon more crowded but the most part of mine expedent the bakery is kind of empty.
"Now let's go to the kitchen" he says opening a door behind us
 The kitchen is bigger then thought. It is all white. It has a kitchen island in the middle of it where a mid-aged woman works. There is a rack in the corner where a blonde woman works and there is a table in the opposite side where another blonde decorate is  some cupcake.
The other part of the kitchen there is a stove, oven ... 
In the other corner there is a sink and lots of vessels. In the end there was a corridor but I can't see what is there.
"Girls" Harry says "this is Katy, the new employee, she will work in counter the with me. This is Molly, our baker "he points to the woman in the table "That is Abby " he says referring to the one in the rack.
"And that" he continues
"Wait you two are twins!" I say
"Yes" Molly says smiling "But I am prettier than Abby..."
Abby rolls her eyes. Harry and I laugh.
"In fact we three are sisters "the other woman said "But I am the oldest one. I am Erica and I am the bakery"
"Nice to meet you all" I say smiling
These 3 look really nice
"There is more. Come here" Harry says walking in the corridor direction
"Here we have the fridge ,there is the area of staff," he points to a door, there is a bathroom there and lock so you can put your bag there. And here is the storeroom." he says "Hey Steve!"
"Hey" a guy inside the storeroom says. "Oh you are the new girl"
The guy is nice looking. He is tall and strong. He looks older than Harry...he must be around nineteen...he have some tattoos and a piercing on the  nose
"Yes" I say
"Nice to meet you I am Steve. I am the one who helps everyone. Usually I stay here in the kitchen, washing plates or helping in other way. I can also beat Harry if he annoys you a lot"
"Ok" I say laughing "I'll remember that"
He winks for me and I smile. Harry rise his eyebrow but I ignore him and walk away.

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