Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


52. Tremor (Demitri Vegas)

Katy’s pov
“Wow!” Harry says “You look amazing”
He kisses me. He just picked me up in my house. We are in the way to Judy’s house. Her birthday is on Monday but she decided to celebrate it on Saturday. I look at myself in the rearview.  I put a lot of make up this time. My eye shadow is black and my lipstick is red. I’m wearing a silver skits and a navy blue shirt.
I knew it would be a big party. She is turning 18 but as soon as Harry gets to her house I get surprise. The yard is already full of teenagers.
We get in the house and as I pass lots of people saying ‘hi’ to me. Since when I know so many people??
Harry goes to the kitchen and gets drinks for us.
We finally find Alex, Zach and Chad. They are in the balcony.
“Hey love birds” Alex says
“Where is Judy? Her present is in the car” Harry says
“That is a good question. I only seen her once since I got here and last time she was going to the kitchen” Zach says
“Well I see her after that. She said she was going to do a tattoo” Chad says
“ A tattoo?? “ I ask
“Yeah a friend of ours, Paco, is a tattoo artistic and Judy asks him to come to the party and make tattoo in the guests, it’s of course a temporary tattoo”
“Oh. Nice. Different but cool” I say
“So it’s too boring here outside I’ll find a girl inside there.” Alex says  ”You’re coming?”
We go  inside and I find a dance floor in the backyard. Cool!!
“Let’s dance!!!!!” I say to Harry
He looks at me like ‘no’
“Okay I’m going without you” I say and walk to the danced floor. It’s playing Moves like Jagger.
I love dancing. In the beginning I’d felt a little shy but then I don’t know if I’m alredy used to it or is the alcohol effect but now I don’t feel shy anymore.
Minutes later Harry is right by my side.
“I thought you didn’t want to dance”
“ I change my mind”
We keep dancing. His body really close to mine. But I don’t care.
Some minutes later I’m tired and thirsty. We get out of the dance floor to drink something
Harry is serving beer for me when I ask if there isn’t anything stronger.
“You don’t want beer?”
“Well there is Vodka but I wouldn’t…”
“I want”
“Okay…” he says not so sure.
I like the fact that Harry is concern about me but he doesn’t need to act like he is my father.
“Hellooooooo” Judy comes looking a little drunk
“Hey. Happy birthday” we both says together
“Your present is in the car” Harry says
“Don’t worry you can give me later” she says “So are you enjoying the party?”
“Have you seen the tattoo I did??” she asks
“Look” she says and shows her wrist. There is a crown.
“Nice” I say
“Judy!!!!” someone calls her
“Got go” she says and leaves
“I really liked that tattoo” I say
“Yeah Paco is the best tattoo artist I know.”
“Is he the one who did your tattoos?”
“I want to do one”
“I want to do a tattoo”
“You can’t!”
“Why not? It’s not real I just want to see how it is”
“It hurts”
“So my leg because I practice too much”
“It’s not like that pain”
“I’m not 1o years old Harry. I think I can handle”
“I don’t think you are sober enough to do one”
“I’m not going to do a stupid tattoo in my butt”
He laughs
“C’mom. Where is Paco anyway??”
“In a room upstairs”
We walk upstairs. Harry is kind of nervous. I don’t know why. It’s a fake tattoo.
“Hey look who is here” a tattoo guy says as soon as we walk in the room
“Hello Paco” Harry says hugging him “ Long time”
“Well it’s been 5 months since the last tattoo right?”
“So you came here to do another? “
“No. Actually my girlfriend wants to do”
“Your girlfriend? This beautiful young lady is your girlfriend?” Paco asks
“Yes” Harry says smiling
“Nice to meet you..”Paco says to me
“It’s Katy” I introduce myself
“So tell me Katy what you to do?”
“I want three black ravens in my collarbone”
“This girl knows exactly what she wants. I like that. Okay so you can sit down while I wash my hands” Paco says
“ Three ravenns? In the collarbone? Why?” Harry asks as he sits in a bed in the opposite side of the chair
“Well there is a book series called Divergent. This is my favorite book. The main character, Tris, do this tattoo in the first book”
“Oh nice” He says
“So ready?” Paco asks coming back
“ Yes”
“Okay so I need you to take of your shirt.” Paco says putting his gloves on
Suddenly I feel nervous. Harry has never seen me shirtless. I shouldn’t be nervous. I mean he is my boyfriend. This should not be a big deal. I’m wearing my bra. Paco seems to notice my nervous
“Is everything okay?”
“Yeah…I just… Harry can you please turn around?” I say before really thinking before. I would not be able to do this while Harry staring at my body
“Oh. So you are a good girl. I like you more and more every second that pass” Paco says laughing “Harry turn around” he says
Harry turns around but I can see he was thrilled to see me shirtless. I have to hide my smile
“I think you are totally right, Katy.” Paco says “Girls should be more like you. Likes things slowly”
“Why rush things right?” I say
“Yeah why rush?” Harry says ironically. Paco and I laugh
“This might hurt a little” Paco says
As soon as the ink touchs my sink I feel the pain. It does hurt but I can do this. I bite my lips and keep my eyes close.,
“You are really quite” Paco says “People usually screams especially in this area where there is a bone…. You are strong one”
“Thanks” I say
I look at Harry. He is looking at me. I give him a “stop looking at me” look and he smiles, winks at me and turns around.
After some minutes the tattoo is ready. I look at the mirror and it’s perfect. I thank Paco, put my shirt on and Harry and I leaves the room.
“So can I see it?” Harry asks
“Well it’s here” I say pointing to my collarbone. There is a part of the tattoo that is not covered by the shirt.
He stops me. We are in the middle of the empty corridor. He is right front of me
“Are you teasing me or what?”
“Me?? Teasing you?” I ask innocently
“Yeah you. First you were dancing really close to me, than you don’t want me to see you shirtless…. Katy you are sooo hot. But you have this innocent look sometimes and it is such a turn on. You have no idea of what I’ve imagine when I looked at you in that room. Your eyes were close. You were beating your lips and that black bra you are wearing….”
I blush and try to gasp for air. He is so close to me.
“You want to see my tattoo?”
“But I’m not like the others girls you used to go out with. My body is not like their bodies”
“No, it is much better”
I look at him and kiss him. Hard. I don’t know what he does to me. But his words arouse a feeling on me… a fire…
We are walking and kissing. His hands are up and down my back. It makes me shiver. I love this feeling. He opens the door of a room and we end up in the bed. He is in the top of me.
He stops kissing me and looks at me
“You are so perfect” he says
We kiss more. After some minutes I ask
“How many tattoos you have?”
“Whoa! I never imagine you had that much. I’ve only seen the ones In your arms”
“Most are in my torso”
“Caa-Can I see?”
He smiles and starts taking of his shirt
“Can I take it off?” I ask
His eyes bright and he agrees
I take his shirt. I feel the fabric in my hands, but I feel the Harry’s body getting hotter. As soon as I takes of the shirt I gasp. I never imagine Harry was so strong. So hot. His define abs have many tattoos. I pass my hand through the tattoos. I look to him and his his neck. I kiss all his neck. He moans. I stop
“Keep going” he says
I kiss him until I find his lips. I bite his lower lips.
“Can I see your tattoo?” he asks
I nod and take my shirt off. He looks at me
“You are so hot. You have no idea”
He pulls my hair to my back to see the tattoo. His fingers are passing on my skink.
“It’s gorgeous” he says and kisses the tattoo. His lips kissing my collarbone, then my shoulder, he finds his way to my neck and then comes down kissing the top of my bra. His fingers play with my bra’s strep. Is he going to take it off? He notices my worry
“I told you I’m not going to do anything you don’t want to.”
I smile
“Come here” he says and I sit in his lap “You know I love you, right?”
“Good” he kisses me “now let’s get drunk”
We get up, put our shirts on and get downstairs
“Shhhhhhh” Harry says to me as we walk to my front door” You don’t want to wake up your parents. It’s almost 4 am”
“Okay” I say laughing a little. I think I’m still a little drunk. Harry and I drink a little too much with the boys. We even had to wait some hours so Harry could drive back. It was really fun though. One of the best parties ever.
I kiss Harry and walk home. To my surprise dad and mom are in the living room
“What are you doing here?” I ask
“What were you doing out there?” dad asks
“I told you I was at Judy’s. It was her birthday party”
“Yeah I know that but what were you doing there until 4 am???!! Your curfew is 2 am!”
“Well, first of all: I told you she is my friend and I’d like to stay longer at her party. Second, I’m 16 years old, I’m not a baby! And last but not least, Bryan never had a curfew. Why I have one?”
“Don’t bring your brother into this. We are talking about you”
“So this has nothing to deal with my brother?? Finally!!”
“What?” mom asks
“Well you and dad have been treating me different since my brother starting rebelling his self”
“We never did this” mom says
“Yes. You’ve been doing this. You’ve being pressing me to be the perfect daughter as to make up all the bad stuffs my brother did!”
“That is a lie! You are far from being a perfect daughter. If you were perfect you wouldn’t come back at 4 am drunk!” my father says
“I’m not…” I say
“Oh please Katy I can smell it! You’ve been drinking and I know. I know you were in a pub last weekend! You think you can make a fool of us??”
“So what? At least I don’t use drugs!”
“You do not talk to me like that!” My father says
“What have happen to you? Since when you act like this?” my mother asks
“I’ve always been like that. But I was too busy trying to be the perfect daughter. Trying not to disappoint you!”
“Katherine what is this in your collarbone?” my father asks. Shit! ”Answer me!!”
“It’s really nothing…it’s…”
“It’s a tattoo! She did a tattoo!!! Have you lost your mind???”
“No it’s a not that…”
He push my shirt’s stripe and see the tattoo
“How dare you try to say to me this is not a tattoo?? How dare you did a tattoo without asking permission to us??!!!! This is all Harry’s fault!!”
 “Harry has nothing to do with this!” I defend Harry
“So it’s just a coincidence that you have a tattoo after starting dating a boy full of tattoos??”
“Can at least listen to me?? I’m trying to say t…..”
“NO! You don’t say anything more! I should have said no to this before. “
“You are no longer allow to see Harry. You are not going to date him anymore!” my father says
“You heard me. Now you are grounded”
“You can’t do this. I love Harry, we see each other every day at work and It’s not his fault you are terrible parents you can’t raise children!!!” I scream
Suddenly I feel everything in slow motion. My father’s arms raising. His hand colliding in my cheek. My mom is screaming and crying. The pain. My father’s eyes full of anger. The pain in my heart. I can’t believe. The same hands who played with my dolls. The same hands I used to hold to feel safe have now causing so much pain. With one movement they destroyed a life time relationship.
I run to my room.
All I can think is the pain. The pain. And the tears falling on my bed.
I stay quite. Crying without making a single noise. I don’t  him to know he made me cry. No. I wait. I wait. I heard them climbing the stairs. I wait. They go to their room. Like nothing had happened. I wait more. Until I notice all the lights are off. I wait until I don’t hear mom crying anymore. I wait until I stop crying. I look at myself. I look terrible. I wait to see if I feel better. I don’t. The pain in my chest is growing again. I need a distraction. I need someone who makes me feel better. I need to feel love, that someone cares. So I run. I run to those strong tattoo arms.

AN: Hello readers, so are you liking the story so far? Please comment here. I'd love to read your opinion. I am really excited about this fanfic and I am on vacation this month, so I more time to work on it. I promise I will post every week, so make sure to check it. Xoxo Lola







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