Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


48. Too damn beautiful (Mikey Delesa)

Harry’s pov
Today Katy has a competition on Holmes Chapel and I’m going to see her. I’ve never seen her skating, there was that date but we were skating for fun. It will be nice to be there with her. She is always there in my shows and I’ve done at least once a week since the New Years. So now it’s my time to support her.
I’m sitting in the bleachers and the ring is quite full. Mrs. Collin is sitting by my side.
“So you are in the senior year right Harry?”
“So have you thought what are you going to do after school?”
“I still don’t know for sure…”
“Well we are in the end of January I hope you had already make your mind until July” she laughs
“Yeah, we and the boys are having a lot of works in the band. We’ve done many shows this month and next month we have more so maybe I’ll do something like music in university because that is what I love”
A voice in the speaker announces the beginning of the competition.
After many presentations, it’s Katy’s time. I see her. She looks so amazing! She is wearing a little white dress and the dress just shines. She smiles. The music starts playing and her legs starts moving. She floats in the ice. It’s perfect. Every move. Every spin. The music ends and everybody applause. She desserves so much more.


Katy's pov
After the competition Harry, my mom and I went to a coffee shop to have a snack. I love the fact that my parents like Harry.
Then, I went to my house, got ready and Harry took me to The Door.
Right now I'm in the club in a table with some friends of ours.
"Come with me" Harry says grabbing my hand
I have no idea where we are going. We go to the 3th floor
"I had no idea there was a 3th floor here"
"They are building this new floor. Most people don't know about it either"
That explains why we are the only ones here
"So I wanted a calmer place" he says and kiss me
I kiss him back with urgent. My head playing with his hair and his fingers making circles in my back making me shiver.
"I waited the whole day to tell how amazing you were in the competition" he says
"You are really good Katy. Serious .And that dress you were wearing it was so hot..."he smiles and I kiss him.
After some minutes I decide to stop because I don't want go to far. We come back to the table holding hand.
"Hey Harry" someone calls
"Hey Caroline" Harry says
The girls looks at me and then to Harry
"Uhm...this is Katy my girlfriend"
"I think I know you" she says" Oh! We are from the same school right?"
"Yes but you are a senior and I'm in 2nd grade" I say
"Yeah right. Nice to meet you." she says to me and then turns to Harry "So how is everyone, your friends?"
"They are fine" he says "Tyler and Doug are in a table you want to come?"
She nods and walks with us. She seems to be a friend of everybody in the table and after some minutes we are talking and laughing.
"Let's dance!" Caroline says
I take Harry's hand and led him to the dance floor. It's going to be a good night



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