Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


6. Pompeii (Bastille)

Katy’s pov
“Now the rotation!” Martha screams
I give the impulse to and my body and jump while my arms are crossed around my chest  and I am rounding. The feeling is amazing.I love that.
“That’s it girl!”Martha says when I land without falling 
I continued my choreograph. It’s almost ending but there is one more thing. The axel jump.
“You can do this Katy!”Martha says
My right foot is in the front I give impulse to turn. The double spin in the air is easy put I lost my balance in the end and fall on ice skate again. I had to get up quickly but I’m too tire for that. It’s been a busy week. I had wake up early, practice, go to school and then work. I don’t had energy. I’m frustrated. I can’t do this stupid axel jump once!
“Get up Katy” Martha calls
The music has already ended.
“Katy” Martha calls. I come closes to the grid
“What happened?”
“I don’t know…I must be tired. That’s all. But don’t worry I’ll be fine for Saturday.”
“You have two days” she says
“I know”
“You are one of the best skater I’ve ever trained. You just need to focus and practice more the axle jump. This competition is easy to you. There aren’t may competitors and if you win your name will get know in the area. I have a feeling that you will go this year to an international completion. But you need to practice. You need to be perfect”
“Ok. I’ll do that”
“So you are free to go”
I let the ring feeling stressed. I need to train more. I have not time for that.
I change my clothes. Put my ice skating things in the locker on the dressing room and go to school by myself thinking on Martha’s word. She is right. I had to practice. I could go to London. One month.


“Hey baby I need some help here” Harry calls
I hate when he call me baby, but after almost two weeks working with him, I got used to it. I walked out of the kitchen and Harry was holding a big tray full of cupcakes .He is trying to find a spot to put it but the shelf is full.
“Where can I put this?” he asks
“We can take the cookies off, there is few of them”
I took the cookie’s tray and put them back in the kitchen. When I come back Harry smiles to me. I try to avoid his eyes looking around to see if there is anything to do. The bakery is now empty. It is usually like that in this time. When I get to the bakery there are usually some clients launching. After 5 pm it is usually quiet. Then around 6 pm more clients come.
“Is there anything to do ?” I ask
“No, there isn’t. Why don’t sit and just relax?”Harry suggests
I snort and sit
“So plans for the weekend?”
“I had a competition.”
“Oh that’s nice”
“Yeah” I say not really thinking that. The pressure is on. I have to get once right the axle jump
“Katy cool off. You can do this. You have participate in lots of competition before, right?“
“Yes” I say trying to end the subject
“I have a show this weekend” he says smiling
“You look pretty exciting about it”
“Yes I am. It’s in a new restaurant. It’s going to be full house. I am a little nervous”
“Oh don’t you worry you will do it fine”
A client comes in interrupting the conversation.
“Good evening” I say
“Where are you?”I ask while I take my bag out of the locker in the employees’ room
“Sorry sweetie but I am in the middle of a business dinner” my dad says
“And where is mom? She doesn’t answer my calls” I say. I look at the clock, it was 7:15.Harry is taking his back pack out of his locker
“Today is Thursday. She is teachers meeting”
Oh! I forgot about that! The teachers’ meeting is on Thursday. I have nobody to pick me up
“Well what am I going to do?” I ask
“Well, it’s not raining. So you can walk to the ring. I’ll pick you up there around 8:30”
“I need to go”
I snort. I know I am sixteen and I can walk by myself. And the ring is not that far from the bakery but it is already night I’m a little scared to go alone.
“Problems?” Harry asks
“No. It’s nothing”
He looks at me not believing
“Ok, it’s just my parents can’t pick me up here and now I have to go alone to the ring”
“Ring? Are you going to practice?”
“I thought you practice before school”
“I do, but I have to learn how to do the axle jump without falling. I need to practice more before Saturday.”
“Oh, I can give you a ride”
“Oh no you don’t need to”
“It’s really fine. My apartment is close to the ring”
I look at him. I don’t want to go alone but at the same time I’m to pround to accept his ride. After all I hate him.
“C’mom Katy.” He says getting up and pushing me outside without waiting for my answer


“I am just a teenage dirty bag baby” Harry sang along the song playing in the radio
I look at the window and got lost in my thoughts
“You like that song?”
“Uhm yes”
He laughs
“What?”I ask
“You don’t seem to like a lot this song.”
“Ah it’s not the best in the world, but it’s not bad”
He laughs again.
“So which is the best song in the world?”
“I don’t know. I am not really into songs…”
“I just don’t spent time downloading songs and listening many times the same song.”
“Unbelivable. I think it’s my job make you love music”
“Your job?”
“Yes. And I am going to do it! Katy Collins will be a huge fan of music”
“Okay” I say laughing
I look at the window and we were in the front of the ring
“Here we are” he says
“Thanks Harry”
“You’re welcome”
“See you tomorrow”
“Bye baby. Have a nice practice”



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