Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


64. Piece of me (Britanny Spears)


Katy's pov
I am  on my 3th period and I still haven't been able to pay attention to anything my teachers says. My mind can't focus. I can't stop thinking about what Martha told me this morning.
Was Harry really interfering on my relationship with my family? It could not be his fault. It was my father's fault. Right? He was the one who slapped me and kept yelling at me, like I was the most irresponsible person. I know that all this mess started after I started dating Harry but this does not mean it's his fault.
No it is not his fault.

"Hey Katy" the girl behinds me in the launch's line says
"Hey" I say
It's launch time and I realize that people are being friendly to me. Weird.
"Hey Katy .Nice shirt" another girl says to me while I sit at Caroline's table.
"Who is she?"Carrie asks
"I don't know" I say "I think we have some class together, but she had never talked me before. I don't know why she is being nice to me now"
"It's just because you are popular now" Carrie says
"I'm not popular" I say
"Yes you are. You sit with the cool kids, you date a bad boy who is in a band, you had a big birthday party. Everyone wants to be close to you" Carrie says
I haven't realized that. Since I started dating Harry, I started going out more, going to more parties and having more friends. But I lost my friendship with Mandy
Thomas starts to say something and everyone on the table turns to him, but I keep thinking on Mandy and how I miss her
As soon as Harry and I arrive home from work I lay on the sofa
"Tired, aren't you?" Harry asks
"Yes! I almost slept during work"
"I didn't sleep well last night?"
"Are you nervous? Anxious?"
"Yes. There is an important competition in less than a month" I say not lying but not saying the entire truth
"You are an excellent skater. With you, there is no competition"
"I wish I'd feel less insecure. I feel pressured because there will be lots of potential sponsors there. It's a great opportunity for me. My muscles are so tense"
"Let me massage you" he says
I sit and feel relax when his hands rub my shoulder.
After some time he starts to kiss my neck and his hand trails down my body. I moan.
"You know what else relax?"
I moan when his hands trails my inner thigh. I feel my insides go crazy. Suddenly it's too hot here.
Harry's lips liking my ear lobe.
"Do you feel relax Katy?" He says obviously teasing me
"I...I" I try to say while he sucks a spot on my neck but I end up moaning
"Look like I've found a sweet spot"
"Oh Harry. I...I feel..." I try to say what I am feeling, how he is driving me crazy, how wet I am but I feel ashamed
"You what Katy?" He tries to play the innocent
"I I feel hot"

"Do you want me to open the window?" He asks
"No!" I grab him" stay here. Don't go! I need you"
"I know you need me Katy. I just want you to tell me exactly what you are feeling"
"I feel hot...down there" I admit blushing" I feel wet too. And I need you to do something about it"
As soon as the words leave my mouth I feel Harry's lips on mine, lustfully.
He carries me to the bedroom.
He breaks the kiss to take my jeans off.
" You are sure about that?"
He puts his fingers on my parties' edge and I freak
He takes his hands of me and looks to my eyes
"I...I'm...It's just that...."
"You are nervous?"
"Yes. No guy has ever seen me naked and I'm not super hot and-"
"Katy stop. I get why you are nervous but do not feel insecure. You are beautiful and I am happy to be the first one to finger you"
"So..."he says putting his hand on me again
"Katy if you are not so sure we don't have to do it"
"No I want to, it's just that you are still wearing your clothes. Take of your t-shirt"
He takes it of
"And your pants"
He takes it off and I can see the budge on his underwear. He notices me staring
"You are not the only one turn one here. But don't worry about me. Tonight is all about you"
I smile. He kisses me
"I love you"
"I love you too" I say
"Do you trust me?"

"Yes" I say and he takes my panties off


"Woah!" I say trying to catch my breath "this was...woah!"
Harry smiles.
"I feel amazing" I say
"That's good." His fingers playing with my hair
"This was my first orgasm" I admit
"You've never touched yourself?"
"I am happy that I could give you your first orgasm"
"I am happy to"
He kisses me and gets of the bed
"I will take a cold shower" he says
I close my eyes and smile to myself feeling the luckiest girl in the planet.


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