Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


58. Get some ( Lykke Li)

Katy's pov
We enter the bar. There is lot of people here. It's Friday night and Harry and the boys are going to play here tonight.
As we walk to the backstage Harry's hand squeeze mine.
"Is everything alright?" I ask him
"Yes...I'm just nervous"
"You shouldn't. My coach says that nervous is caused by insecurity. You've trained a lot and you have talent. There is nothing to be afraid of" I say and kiss him
He wraps his arms around me and kiss me gently.
"I love you" he says and my heart melts even though he says these 3 words everyday
"I love you too. Now go ahead kick your ass on that stage"
He laughs "I prefer kick your ass" he says with a smirk
"Maybe...when we get home, after the show" I tease, kiss his lips quickly and leave knowing he is smiling to me.
I walk out of the backstage to get a drink to me.
I go back to the backstage and Harry is talking to a girl, she is too close to his body and wearing a skirt that shows too much of her skin and a top that makes her big boots pop up even though it was necessary. Harry smiles and she laughs. Before I can say something someone calls him and he leaves to the stage after hugged her.
She leaves the backstage talking to a friend and I can hear she says
"I think I got him"
"Really? But doesn't he have a girlfriend?"
"He has. But all the rock stars always have a girlfriend. And that never stopped them to fuck me in their car after a show" she says and laughs.
I am so...furious! I am beyond furious! I know Harry would not cheat on me. He loves me. But I can't believe he was talking to that bitch!!!
I go straight to the bar
"What do you want young lady?" the bartender asks
"Any drink with vodka and strawberry"
Couple minutes later he hands me a drink
I drink it. Too fast. I choke
"Wow, easy there dear" the bartender says
"No. I need one more"
"Is everything alright?"
"Mind to share?"
"A busty bitch was flirting with my boyfriend" I finish my drink 
"Oh" he says handing me another drink
"Yeah. And the thing is that she is much prettier than me"
"Every girl thinks the other one is prettier than her"
"But it's true. She has a long hair, and those big really big breasts" I drink more 
He laughs
"And I..."I look down at my breasts "I just don't have...breasts"
"Well, first of all you have some...breasts, I won't lie and say you have big breasts but they are not small either. And, honestly boys don't look only to those things. I am sure your boyfriend likes more than just your body"
"Yeah maybe you are right.
"But I think you should give him a little surprise, to...spice things you know?" I nod
"So this will be our last song" I heard Harry's voice says
"I should go, thanks for the advice. It was nice to talk to you"
"See you around?" he asks
"Yes sure"
I walk to the backstage feeling a little bit better, maybe because of the drinks
I walk to the backstage and Harry is already there. I jump on his arms to make sure that bitch will not come close to him.
He looks at me, surprised by my attitude
"Hey baby"
"Hey" I smile and kiss him, hard wrapping my legs around his waist
"You've been drinking?" He asks
"Just a little" I say kissing him again, his tongue playing with mine
"You two get a room!" Luke says
"We will" I say and start walking holding Harry's hand "Bye guys"
"Bye love birds" they say
"Where are we going?” he asks
"Relax Style"
We got in the car and I tell him to go home.
As soon as we enter the living room I start kissing him, he presses my body on the wall. We started making out but it was getting more intense so we end up on the sofa, me sitting on his lap. 
As we kiss I rock my hips. He moans
I kiss his neck. His hands go up and now my shirt. They stop on the HEM of it asking for permission. I nod.
As soon as my shirt goes off, his lips start exploring all my torso.
"So pretty" he says
I play with his hair while I kiss his neck, sucking his skin and rocking my hips. He was getting hard, I can feel. He moans more and more
"I want you to remember that in the end of the night I am the one who makes you moan, not that bitch"
He laughs "Katy Collins, are you jealous?"
"No" I lie "Okay, maybe just a little"
"Because you are a gorgeous boy, sings in a boyband and have the attention of many beautiful girls"
"The most beautiful one is sitting on my lap right now. I don't care about the others"
"Don't lie to me. Of course you notice that bitch talking to you before the show"
"She was just a fan"
"That wanted to fuck you"
"But I don't want her to fuck me. The only one who matters is you"
"But I'm not like the others girl.I don't big boops"
"Your breasts are the perfect size"
"No. They are too small. I'm sure you the others girls you had been have more breasts than me"
"Yeah but I'm sure yours taste better, sweatier than theirs"
He look at me and I know what he wants to do, so I take off my bra. He smiles and his lips find their way to my breast. I moan. He moans .I rock my hips harder. He bites my breast making me feel like never I felt before.
After some time we are both breathless
"You are perfect" He says kissing me one more time. And I love you. No other girl makes me feel like that before. Don't be jealous"
I kiss him and he carries me to the bedroom.


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