Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


44. Demons (Imagine Dragons)

Katy’s pov
I wake up with a terrible headache. I don’t want to get up. I look at my the clock. It’s past 1 pm. Oh Gosh!  What did happen last night??
I remember Harry being pissed off, I remember talking to that stupid brunet...what was her name? I remember being angry. I remember drinking...drinking a lot. Then, I don't remember much...I'm trying to think but it's hard.. my head is killing me. Why I have such a bad headache? I'm trying to decide what to do. Maybe I should call Harry and ask me how I end up in my room because the last thing I remember I was at David's with Harry.
"Hello baby" he answers in the second tone
"Are you okay? How bad is the headache?"
"It's bad. My head hurts a lot...wait? How do you know I have a headache?"
"Well considering how many drinks you had last time, how drunk you were when you threw up in the street, I assume you would get a hangover"
"I vomited???!?!"
"Yes. You don't remember?"
"No I don't remember nothing. That's why I called you"
Harry stars explaining all the stuffs that I've done.
"Oh" I say. "I'm so emberassed"
"You don't have to. Yesterday you were pretty angry with Nicole, the brunet bitch as you said, and she talked to you remember that?"
"Yes. She told you guys were together some time ago"
"Yeah. Yesterday you started asking me a lot of things and I didn't answer them because you were drunk. But I need to talk to you. Can we meet today?"
"I pick you at 5"
"See you then"
It's a nice evening. Harry and I are sitting in a table at a cozy coffee shop
"So I know you were upset because of Nicole." He says" And I know you are wondering why I used drugs" he pauses" When I moved to Holmes Chapel I was really sad. And angry. With everyone and everything. My cousin tried to cheer me up. He took me to a party. I met David there. He was my first friend here. He introduced me to his friends, to Doug and to Nicole. We went to many parties. One night I was drunk and Nicole was flirting with me. I was young and she was pretty. So it happened. We started to make out often. But we never dated. I was with her just for the pleasure. She said she was too. But now I think she had some feelings for me." another pause "Meanwhile, I was enjoying being the party guy. I drank a lot and one time David was smoking and he offered me. I thought 'Why not?'. I started using it every weekend. Then I did during the week. Judy and Alex were already my friends and the warned me. I didn't stop. One night I used so much I almost had an overdose. After that I quick. Judy and the boys helped me. They would go out with me and I stopped hanging around with David and the others. Nicole implored me not to leave. But I didn't want the life she wanted. She still hates me"
I look at Harry. He had being through so much. I had no idea
"I'm sorry for last night. I wasn't going back there. David said my presence was important to him. He is an old friend. But it was a mistake. Nicole upset you to hurt me. You were so drunk. I shouldn't had taken you there"
"Stop blaming yourself. It wasn't your fault." I say and hold his hand "I'm happy you did the right decision back then and decided to stop using" I smile
He kisses me and hugs me


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