Ice Love

Katy is the perfect girl. She is the best student. She is the daughter who is never in trouble, always go to the church and is the prodigy of ice skate.
Because of an ice skate competition she needs money to pay it and her parents can't pay it. So her salvation is a job opportunity in a bakery. The only problem she had is her work mate, Harry Styles.
Will she resist the charm of this arrogant, hot, womanizer bad boy?


61. Confident (Demi Lovato)

Cap 70

Katy's pov
The rest of the week was fine. Harry and I hadn't any fight. We are really working things out and our relationship is only getting better.
It's Saturday afternoon and tomorrow is my birthday. Judy insisted in having a girly afternoon, so we went to the saloon.
I got home and watch tv with Harry until dinner time. Harry said he wanted to take me to a restaurant and I had to dress nicely.
While we were driving to the restaurant Harry said he needed to stop by Alex's to get something.
When the front door opened there were a lot of people screaming
"Happy birthday" Harry says to me
"This is a surprise party for me?"I ask
"Oh I loved it!!"I kiss him "Thank you"
"Let's party! " Alex says and the music starts playing.
"Let's get some drink to the birthday girl!!"Alex says walking us to the kitchen
On the way, people pass by me wishing me happy birthday. I am surprised by how many people are here. Most people from school. I’ve never thought I was that popular.
Anyway, when we get to the kitchen there is in the table some shots
"This is for you" Alex says"17 shots for 17 years"
"Shots?"I ask
"Yeah. It's vodka"
"I have to drink all?"
"No. Just as many as you can"
"I don't think it's a good idea" Harry says
"It's a great idea Harry! Let the girls live a little" Alex says
"Vodka is really strong" Harry says to me "You are not used to it"
I look at the table. Why not? I know I've just started drinking's my birthday!!I am at a big party and want to have some fun!
I drink the first shot. 
"Uhu!!!!"People near me scream celebrating. The drink is burning my throat but I don't care
"Let's celebrate!!!"I say to Harry
He looks at me suspicious
"I'm fine" I assure him
"You have to eat something before drinking"
"Okay dad" I joke "Let's find Judy"
We go to the backyard and I find Caroline with Steve and we start talking.
Judy comes to us with another shot for me. I drink.
I drink another, and another. I walk to the kitchen to drink another and I find Mandy
"Mandy!!!!!You are here!!!I'm so happy you are here!"I hug her tight
"Have you been drinking?"She asks
"Just a little" I say laughing "C'mon I have to go to the kitchen to have another shot"
"I think you got enough for the night Katy"
"And I think you ate trying to spoil all the fun"
"Since when do you need to be drunk to have fun?"
"Can't you remember last year? And the one before that? We were always together in your birthday. I'd sleep in your house, we would stay up all night having fun. Just the two of us. Don't you miss it?"
"Mandy it was nice but this, this huge party is much cooler. All these people are here for me. To celebrate my birthday."
She laughs "Don't be silly Katy. There are here to party, to drink, to dance, to kiss. Most of them never talked to you. They don't know you. They don't care about you!"
"They do! They like me! And you are just jealous! Jealous because I am popular, I've made new friends, I have a boyfriend!!!"
"I'm not jealous Katy! I'm worried! You are living an illusion! Those new friends of yours don't are trustful and your boyfriend just likes you because he can fuck you!"
"Enough!!!Get out of my party!!Now!!And please don't talk to me again!"
"Fine! I will go but when everybody drops you and you realize you are lonely do not come back to me crying. Happy birthday Katy "she says and walks away.
I keep looking at her. What the hell just happened? Have I lost my best friend? I can't think straight. My head is spinning and I feel a hole in my chest. But I know how to fill this hole: with alcohol.
I go to the kitchen and take 2 shots and once
"Wow slow down hottie" Caren says
"Hey you. I’ve thought you hadn't come"
"And lose the birthday party of my best friend? No way!!"
"Want to dance?" I ask taking another shot
"Sure! There is a super cool dance floor on the basement"
Harry's pov
"Where is Katy? I should not have let her go to the kitchen alone" I say
"Relax man" Alex says "She is not a child, she can walk alone"
"Not when she is drunk! You should not have made those shots for her"
"Calm down. The shots are tradicional. You've had them on your 17 birthday"
"But Katy is not used to drink. I'm just worried"
"Relax Harry. Let Katy have some fun. She deserves. And last time I saw her she was with Mandy" Judy says "She is probably having some fun with her friend. And you should do the same. Take a drink"
"Okay" I say" I'm going to the kitchen"
I got there and took a beer. I look to the table where Alex put the shots. There were only 10...she couldn't right?!Last time I check she had only 5. Maybe someone took the others 5,right?! Yeah...or she drank...
I have to find her! I let my beer and start walking around looking for her
"Katy!!"I scream
Nothing. The music is so loud, she probably can't hear me. 
"Have you seen Katy?!" I ask to random people. They say no.
I keep looking. This house is so big! I keep asking around until a guy says
"Oh yeah she is on the dance floor dancing with her friend. They have a Spotlight on them. They are really hot, aren't they?"
I panic and ignore the impulsive to punch this guy to say my girlfriend is hot.
I run to the basement and pass through the crowd.  In the middle of the dance floor I see Katy and Caren. Every guy is looking at them. They are dancing together. Katy's body close to Caren's and all I can do is wonder how they are dancing so nice after having so many drinks. I have to admit they are really good because I am turned on by their dancing. But then I realize that probably every guy on the dance floor is turned on due to my girlfriend. Angrily, I walk in her direction. She smiles when she sees me
"Harry!!!Come here dance with us"
"Katy we have to go"
"Because you are really drunk"
"C'mon ...."
"I.....I...have a surprise for you" I lie. I would do anything to get her out of here.
Her eyes shined with the world surprise
"For me?"
"Yeah, after all it's your birthday!"
I take her hand and walk her out of the house. We sat on the grass of the backyard, far away from everyone
"What is the surprise?" She asks
"Uh....I....I'm going..... t-to.... sing. Yeah! I'm going to sing for you !"I say
"Yeah!!!But where is your guitar?"
"I will sing a cappella "
I started singing Stolen Dance 
"I want you by my side, so I'll never feel alone again"
She smiles, gets up and takes my hand
"Dance with me" she asks smiling
I hold her close to me dancing while singing. Everything is so nice right now and I forget for a moment what have happened. The sky is beautiful, I can feel Katy's hand on my shoulder, her head on my chest...everything is perfect. Until Katy turns around and throws up on the grass.
"Oh...I" she starts saying but she pukes again
I hold her hair up and put my other hand on her back to support her
"It's okay Katy. Everything is going to be okay"


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