His Number

Charlotte Everley and her best friend had a tradition.
Every summer on June 26th, they call one number--one random number of the same area code, purely for entertainment.
When Charlotte's best friend Stella found love with the help of their 'tradition', she added another reason.
To find Charlotte a boyfriend.
After three years of endless match ups, set ups, blind dates. and not to mention two calls to, thankfully, female receivers, the summer of eleventh grade comes rolling by, and so does the fateful day of June 26th.
The only difference is that, this time, the stranger behind the phone is most definitely male.
And the president's eighteen year old son.


2. Chapter 2 - Out Of Character

"Er-um, hi," I grimace, knowing that I sounded really shy. I glance at Stella, who was staring at the phone like she was waiting for the universe's secrets to come spilling out of it.


I would have laughed, if I wasn't on the phone, talking to a stranger. I clear my throat.


"Who is this?" I ask, my voice considerably stronger. Then he does something that makes me take a quick inhale of breath.


He chuckles. 


Call me crazy for letting a chuckle get to me, but the sound of it was deep and rich, masculine and, well, to put it slightly, sexy. And that's from not even looking at the guy.


Then we hear some commotion in the background. It sound muffled, like he was only a door away. I glance at Stella, confused.


"Mr. Johnson, your parents are waiting," a different voice said.


"I'll be there," he says, his voice now irritated. The background noise raises and then I hear a door close.


"Douche," I heard him curse.


There's a two second silence until I decide to speak up.




"Oh right, you're still there," he states, his voice still annoyed.


"Yeah…" I trail off awkwardly. 


"Look," he starts saying, making both me and Stella sit up. "I don't know who you are or how the heck you got my number, but it's clear you've got the wrong person." There's a pause, like he's waiting for me to respond.


"O-okay?" I say, seemingly losing my capability to speak in full sentences.


"Besides, I don't need annoying teenage girls bugging me all day." His voice is hushed and under his breath, but nevertheless, I still heard.


Suddenly, the friendly, caring Charlotte Everley is gone. Now, I'm annoyed.


And angry.


"You don't need to act like a dick about it," I say, my voice angry. From the corner of my eye, I see Stella's jaw drop. But no, I'm too busy glaring at my phone screen.


"Sweetheart, you're the one that called the wrong number; that means I can be a dick if I want to," he says, his voice sounding like he was talking to a six-year-old. That made my anger flare.


"Trust me, if I knew it was going to be a douche that would pick up the phone, I would have never called," I retort harshly.




"And don't call me 'sweetheart' unless you're like, thirty, Mr. Johnson," I interrupt mockingly. I heard his breathing increase.


"You little-"


Cutting him off, I angrily tapped the red 'End Call' button, ending the call. Then I just stare at it, breathing out of my nose. I close my eyes.


In, out. In, out. I think to myself.


When I reopen them, I see Stella staring at me wide-eyed.


"What?" I ask, cocking my head to the side as she blinks.


"Well," she says, exhaling, "that was new." That got me thinking about him again.


"Your average douche bag," I say harshly, once again glaring at my phone.


When I look back up, I see Stella staring at me with amusement and… what was that? Like she was predicting the future or something.


Oh. Oh, no. I knew that look too well.


"It's fate!"


"Don't even think about it!" We both say in unison.


We both stare at each other. Then I giggle at how ironic the situation is. And soon enough, we were at full-out laughter.


"D-Did you see how you reacted to him?" She chokes out in between laughs. "It was like a volcano exploded or something!" 


My laughter is deduced to a giggle and I smile weakly at her. "Totally out of character, huh?"


She stops laughing and smiles as she shakes her head, her grey eyes twinkling. "No, I think that's been you all along."

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