His Number

Charlotte Everley and her best friend had a tradition.
Every summer on June 26th, they call one number--one random number of the same area code, purely for entertainment.
When Charlotte's best friend Stella found love with the help of their 'tradition', she added another reason.
To find Charlotte a boyfriend.
After three years of endless match ups, set ups, blind dates. and not to mention two calls to, thankfully, female receivers, the summer of eleventh grade comes rolling by, and so does the fateful day of June 26th.
The only difference is that, this time, the stranger behind the phone is most definitely male.
And the president's eighteen year old son.


1. Chapter 1

"Do it."




"Come on, Char. Just do it. We go through it every dang year!"


I looked at my best friend with the unusual uncertainty. She was looking at me with an expectant look on her face, her curly blonde hair up in a bun, and her grey eyes tinged with a little annoyance.


I sigh. 


"Why does it have to be through my phone again?" I say, knowing the answer, but asking anyway to stall this moment for as long as possible.


"Because if it does happen to be a guy, you want him to have your number, not mine." My shoulders slump, throwing all the 'lady training' I had received out the window. "Come on, Char. It's just one call," she encourages again.


I give her an exasperated look. "To a stranger." She rolls her eyes.


"Look," she says, her gray staring straight into mine. "So you don't the answerer, provided he or she does answer, but he or she doesn't know you either! It isn't that big of a deal!"


It all started way back when we were little middle-schoolers.


One summer day in sixth grade during one of our sleepovers, Stella came up with the fabulous idea of calling a random number in our area; which meant with our area code. We ended up calling a widowed grandpa and made good, funny conversation with him. Ever since, we'd been doing it ever year, choosing one day in the summer to do it, purely for our entertainment.


On the 26th of June of our eight grade summer, it resulted in something else; something other than entertainment. What? You ask. Well, it resulted in Stella getting a boyfriend.


He was hot, for one. A player for second (or as player as one could get in middle school). The well-known Chad Parker of our school at the time, Henderson Middle.


But with summer came change, as many say, and by the end of it and the start of high school, the infamous Chad Parker was taken and reformed. If you were wondering, they are still together to this day, this summery day of eleventh grade, even more in love with each other than when they first started dating - and that was saying something.


All because of one fateful call.


Stella, being the kind of person to mark the importance of every achievement (something that Chad constantly had to deal with), marked that day and came up with a different reason to call one random number, every year, on the 26th of June. 


What was it?


To get a boyfriend for ME.


Immediately, I rejected the idea. Was I really that desperate to resort to calling a random stranger in hopes of him becoming my boyfriend? I can answer that with a definite no.


But Stella being Stella, she pulled other cards persuading me into it. 


"It's for significance," she said, her grey eyes pleading. "And it's fun and unique. Everyone knows we do it every year, Char. You can't just stop now." Her eyes held a glint of something else, something I can't describe now. But I knew she had alternative motives.


She wanted me to have what she had; Love. All four letters of it. Her and Chad were the epitome of it, so, being the loving person that she is, she wanted to set me up with someone; even if she didn't know who the person was or what they looked like.


"This way," she said when we were having this argument two years ago, "if you do find a boyfriend out of this, we can celebrate together on the same date! How amazing would that be?" But through a random phone call? That was a little far.


While Stella proved to be ruthless, setting me up with boys left and right during the past three years of high school, she relied on pure fate on June 26th, the day her and Chad had their first ever conversation, through a phone nonetheless, to set me up with a random stranger.


"What if the person is a jerk? Or old? Or too young? Or-" She held up a hand, stopping my rapid fire of questions the summer of ninth grade. Then she gave me a look of certainty. 


"If that happens, be the happy, outgoing person that you are and make a conversation with them. It's simple Char. Just one call. Granted, to a complete stranger, but what's the harm?" I stood there, my mouth pulled into a thin line. Then I exhaled a long breath.


"Besides," she said, looking at me with a smirk, "I have a feeling fate won't let that happen."


Luckily, fate had been in my favor. For the past two years, she'd started trying to find me a boyfriend, both of the answers have been female, to my happiness and Stella's frustration. 


So here we are today, at Stella O'Bryan's ginormous house, having a sleepover, with my phone in my hands, the number already put in, just waiting for the press of the green icon on the touchscreen.


Suddenly, a burst of energy went through my body, making feel something close to giddy; a foreboding feeling of something good about to happen. 


Looking at Stella one last time, who gave me anode, I thought to myself, Get ready to meet Charlotte Everley and Stella O'Bryan, as I tapped my finger on the green icon, putting my phone on speaker.


Silence filled the room and anticipation grew as the call initiated. 


One ring…


Two rings…




Then an unmistakably male voice sounded.






This is from my wattled account, and I will be updating frequently on here, to get my 22 chapters posted, then I'll start updating on here, and you all can give me feedback, then I'll post it onto wattpad. :)

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