what do you expect to happen under the mistletoe ? Maybe it's not what you think...


4. Christmas hang out

t wasn't long till I arrived. That's when I saw Shawn walking towards me dressing like a Santa Claus. Trust me, it was unbelievably hilarious.

" What are you doing? It's not Halloween." My jaw-dropped at what I saw.

"Come on . I know it is Christmas! We are suppose to have fun. And dressing up is part of the fun too. Now stop complaining what I'm dressing and cover your eyes with your hands." He scorned me.

I rolled my eyes and did what he said.

" Hey, no peeking." He ordered me.

" Fine. "I said as I burst out in laughter.

After a few seconds, he asked me to open my eyes.

" Woah, it was gorgeous." I startled as I looked up. " I haven't noticed this Christmas tree before."

The Christmas tree that was standing in front of me was huge

" Anything else you wanna state, maybe a thank you? " He boasted.

" Thank you. You're the best friend I can ever asked for." I hugged him, without stopping myself.

" My pleasure." He tittered and bowed dramatically.

The rest of the night was full of joy and happiness. We sang Christmas carol everywhere and toilet paper my math teacher's house.

Outsiders will surely thought we were drunk teenagers. The night was crazy. I couldn't ask for any better.

And it was the miracle made by the Santa Claus. This was the first time that my wish list had really come true.

I just kinda wonder that is there like one person is actually reading my story . I would love to follow you if you comment on my story. LOVE YA, WHOEVER YOU ARE.


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