what do you expect to happen under the mistletoe ? Maybe it's not what you think...


2. Christmas, babe

A month before Christmas, I was hanging out with Shawn at a mall nearby.

As we were leaving to the parking lot, he suddenly turned his head to me and had that all-serious look on his face.

He seemed to be announcing something important so I made sure I was paying full attention to him

" Will you - ?"He hesitated, stuffing his hands deeper into his pocket."Nah...Just ignore what I said."

Then it came a silence. His voice was echoing in my head. I felt like he was about to ask me something but what made him stop... !?

"It's okay, you can tell me anything whenever you want, you know." I murmured as I had no idea what else to say.

In fact, I felt a sense of disappointment.

" Honestly I don't know."He said and trying not to be sarcastic.

"I hate you !" I grinned sheepishly and punched him on the shoulder. 
Soon we got in separate way, because he said he got "stuff" to do and the way he said it sounded so mysterious, which caused me so curious about the stuff he was doing.

so this is basically a really short story I wrote as Christmas is approaching. But if you wanna read a longer story, go read my other story on wattpad which is "notes to myself"

And this story is not over yet !

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