Your Promises Don't Mean A Thing

Kylie Winters. Me. I'm cold. I don't trust people easily, I don't trust anyone at all. Apart from my aunt. She took me in after my mum left us. That was years ago. I haven't trusted since. I don't really do much apart from go to school. I don't have any friends. And I like it that way. I like being alone.


7. Chapter 6

"Kylie? Kylie!" The redhead teacher muttered. "Who the hell is Kylie?"

I suddenly burst through the doors of the classroom. The school was so big, I'd end up going to the wrong side of the school. And every time I asked one of the other students for directions, they would lead me to a dead end and scream "welcome!" before spraying someone's deodorant on my face. My face stung. My eyes had teared up (culprits 1 and 5 had aimed the cans at my eyes). My mouth had a foul substance in it (culprit 2 had literally stuck the can in my mouth before spraying). And my face was slightly wet. That was my own doing. I'd tried to clean my face and then I realised there were no hand towels or dryers anywhere!

I really felt welcome.

"That's me," I said quickly.

She considered this, the kind of look in her eyes that could make a person fear for what she had in store for them. Like they were sizing down what kind of punishment a criminal should have.

But I was no criminal. I was just Kylie.

She pointed to an empty seat in the far corner of the room, though the desks seemed to be further away from it, or so it seemed to me.

Nope, I thought as I approached my desk. The other desks really were farther away from this one, as if the person who sat here was infected in some way, or if this was their way of putting someone in quarantine.

I threw my bag down and slumped back.

For the first few minutes, some kids turned and looked at me, whispering something to their friends as they glared. 

What could possibly make me think they were talking about me?

I slouched back even more and sighed.

In summary, there were a few plump kids, a few lanky and skinny ones, some average-ish, some really short boys and girls, a few who looked 8 years too young to be attending High School and two really good-looking girls. So in summary, I was surrounded by a bunch of idiots.

I didn't care about any of them. I wasn't here to make friends. I was here to start fresh. To forget everything that had happened to me. To my aunt. To my sister. To...her.

There were three boys who had approached me at Break and had asked if I wanted to hang out with them, but I turned them away. They were slightly stung there, I could tell. I knew they'd thought I was a nice person. Instead of doing what my aunt would have wanted, I fished my timetable out of my bag and began searching for the room where I'd have my next lesson.

Within five minutes - I'd been expecting to get lost - I was able to navigate myself around and had caught a good hang of where everything was. There was a big field on one side of the school, and three buildings between. And on the other side there were football, tennis and basketball courts. I had also already managed to find some shortcuts to get from one end of the school to the other and from one department to the next. I figured that if I had a little more time, I would've found the shortest routes to the toilets in all areas, but I'd have to leave that for another time.

A whistle blew, which I presumed signalled the time to start moving to your next class. I stuffed my timetable into my coat pocket and took off again.

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