Your Promises Don't Mean A Thing

Kylie Winters. Me. I'm cold. I don't trust people easily, I don't trust anyone at all. Apart from my aunt. She took me in after my mum left us. That was years ago. I haven't trusted since. I don't really do much apart from go to school. I don't have any friends. And I like it that way. I like being alone.


6. Chapter 5

It was summer - we were bored. Beckie had suggested that she call her sister over, who was also in Kylie's year for them to spend time together, while we went shopping.

I didn't like the sound of that, considering Judie was the type a child should stay away from. Maybe I'll tell that to Beckie today when we leave.

Kylie had been walking (more like standing) outside my room and that's when she heard me talking about the new store that had opened. She had been pretty desperate to see it, so I decided to let her come along too.

Judie, of course, being the brat she is, insisted on staying with us too. Kylie really wanted this Adventure Time T-shirt so I bought it for her, not quite looking at Beckie's all too familiar expression, because I knew what she would be thinking.

When Beckie took Judie to the toilet, Kylie asked me if I loved her. I just said, sure.

And when she smiled at me again, like she meant it, I felt I had too many regrets. I should be nicer to her. It’s not because that’s what a “good sister” is supposed to do, but more...

The four of us had a good day, well, apart from Judie’s tantrums: “If she gets one, I want one too!” and “Yeah, yeah, whatever, Winters! I don’t have to listen to you!”

Surprisingly, infuriatingly, Beckie seemed to think this kind of behavior was appropriate.

I’ll be proud of myself, when I can announce to the world that Judie Carolines is a spoilt brat!

Yes. I would like that very much, indeed.

Beckie kept sending my odd looks during the remaining time we were out. It was no mystery to figure out why. You didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to have to know who she was referring to with that expression.

I despised her, more and more, every time she shot me a glance. It would just be the end of the world if I said anything about Judie!

I just smirked in answer but underneath, I was happy because I was imagining a roof collapsing on top of them. And Kylie and I would go back to how we used to be. Close, loyal, loving. Or maybe it was me who needed to change.

After that when we were at home, Kylie went to bed because of how exhausted she was.

I'd been about to go take a nap myself but mum called me over and said she needed to talk to me.

"Do you have a moment?" she whispered.

I nodded in reply.

"Well... It'd Kylie's birthday tomorrow so I wanted to surprise her. I was hoping you would help me. I mean, you did, you know, after all..."

I got the message. Mum may not have been there today, but she'd been with us for forever. She knew just how I'd been treating Kylie, and that it was unfair. Now she was going to help me make it up to her. Well, at least I was going to help mum, which would help me make it up to Kylie.

"Yes, mum. Anything." I smiled.

She smiled back, ruffling her hand through my hair, then pulling me with her as I tried to think about what kind of birthday she would like. Sorry. Scratch that.

​I needed to plan something that she would love.

What had mum got for her? And how could I beat her?

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