Your Promises Don't Mean A Thing

Kylie Winters. Me. I'm cold. I don't trust people easily, I don't trust anyone at all. Apart from my aunt. She took me in after my mum left us. That was years ago. I haven't trusted since. I don't really do much apart from go to school. I don't have any friends. And I like it that way. I like being alone.


5. Chapter 4

I dreamt I was in a park, the park that was only 5 minutes away from our old house. And I was with my aunt was there too but she had a little un-neat outline around her that made me feel she didn't belong there at all. Even her expression seemed distant and faraway. She didn't move, like she was just a cutout from a picture that had been stuck in the wrong place.

Then I woke up and nearly had a heart attack because of the sudden outburst coming from my alarm. I knew I had set it to 7:30a.m., and even though that was the latest I could wake up, it still felt like I was being tortured by having at least another 3 hours of sleep taken away from me.

I suddenly wished I had another few days to stay at home and sleep.

"Kylie!" I quickly got changed, but not because I felt any excitement, more that I was being called and I had to be out of the house by 8:00a.m. I really didn’t want to, but to me, it was more a matter of "if I wanted to keep my aunt happy".

After I got dressed and did my hair, and stood in front of the mirror for a second.

Kylie. My eyes are brown and big, unlike the few freckles that run across my nose. But my eyes don't look as big as they actually are because of how I roam around with them half-open, half-closed all the time. I also have pale skin but there's nothing about it that's sickly or unhealthy.

I knew my face wouldn't stay as it was then for much longer; come the first week of school and I'd have dark bags under my eyes before I could get through the first 4 days. 

My black hair had been cut neatly - a sharp straight line that finished above my shoulder. I was wearing a red cardigan with the logo over the breastpocket, with a white blouse and black trousers and black shoes. Wearing my coat with the hood up, I had a good disguise as any, if not better.

It was 7:57 when I got downstairs to eat my breakfast. She stood there, expectantly. I looked at her and wore my victory grin.

"It's not 8 o' clock yet."

She smiled. I hugged her, poured in some cornflakes for me to eat, quickly swallowing spoonfuls.

"Don't eat too fast or you'll throw up and I'll have to babysit you for the whole day, Kylie."

I stopped eating. She had her job interview today!

I got up, finished, and picked up my bag and coat and we both hurried out after she locked everything up. I sat in the car, and we drove off.

When we got to the end of the road we turned left, then right and turned left again at the roundabout there. I was surprised it wasn't so far away from where we now lived. It looked to be about a 10-or-15-minute walk. She took us into a car park and I got out there. I thanked her for the ride and told her good luck at her interview. The school was only around the corner from here. 

"Hi. What school do you go to?" A painful-to-the-ears high-pitched voice asked. 

I turned around, there was a really short girl with short hair in a neat ponytail and smallish, round eyes. Her nose was a bit too close to her eyebrows, and her forehead looked a bit smaller than it was meant to be. She instantly reminded me of one of my old friends, but I was still in the stage of being anti-social and inconsiderate of others to be asked to start another great friendship there. Or then.

She'd probably asked because she hadn't seen me before. I felt she had problems identifying school uniforms, though.


"I'm Sam!"


A few girls on the other side of the road beckoned her over - by screaming, waving and threatening to throw their shoes at her. 

She looked like she got the message and turned back to me with a jovial grin. "Well, it was nice talking to you. See you around!" She crossed the road like an absolute idiot. I mean, I don't think she even looked before she ran. I made a mental note to ask about a lollipop man or lady or something, because from what I'd just witnessed, it looked pretty necessary. 

Luckily, nobody else approached me in the rest of my very short walk. I stopped when I saw a beautiful garden with loads of different kinds of flowers and plants. I liked the smell.

By the park, there was a library, and further down past the library, I discovered that when I turned right, I would come across a long row of shops and on the other side of the road there was a primary and secondary school.

I stopped outside the large black gates of the secondary school.

Curling my fist into a ball, I shook with anticipation for a few seconds, before taking a deep breath and walking through the gates.

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