My Secret Power

Rosalia Jewel has a secret. A big secret. She has the power to do all sorts of things that other people think can't be done. But she hides it. And when there is crisis in the city, she doesn't think she can hold her magic in any longer.


1. Hidden

   "Come on mom!  We have to go!" my little brother shouted.

   "One minute, I am talking to your sister!" my mom replied. 

   She turned back to me.

   "I'm sorry Rose.  It is just too risky!  We can't have another accident!  Now your brother is going to be late for his game if we don't leave right this minute, so I love you, don't use the phone, don't answer the door, all that stuff."

   She kissed me on the cheek and turned to go. 

   But just as my mom was opening the door she said, "And remember, no magic!"




   After they had left, I went up to my room and flopped on my bed.  I sighed and stared at the ceiling.

   I hate having to keep it all hidden.  I never get to go anywhere or do anything, I thought.

   I sat up, put my head in my hands, and cried.  I cried about the things that I had never seen and the things that I would probably never see.  I cried about the things had never been allowed to do and the things that I would probably never be allowed to do.  My tears were a shimmering green color.  But I wasn't surprised; my tears had always been unnatural.  That just made me who I was. 

   After about ten minutes had gone by, I was out of tears.  I sniffed a few times and looked up at myself in the mirror beside my bed.  I almost cried again when I saw the glowing lines on my face, but I didn't.  Instead I took a deep breath and wiped my eyes.  I slid my feet off of my bed, and standing up, waved my hand above my head.  My blonde, frizzy hair instantly turned into a long, beautiful braid that went down to my thighs.  I stood there for a moment, thinking, but at last gracefully swept my hand again from my shoulders to my knees.  In under a second, my baggy pajamas had been replaced by a pretty, flowing top with sparkly leggings.  I smiled as I observed my transformation in the mirror and then remembered something.  Giggling, I tapped my bare feet and a pair of silver flats appeared on them.  I had not done this in a very long time, and was thoroughly enjoying myself.  I knew I technically wasn't supposed to be doing magic, but it wasn't hurting anyone, right?  I aimed at a spot on my floor and flicked my hand and a radio was there in an instant.  I started dancing to the music and laughed with glee.  I hadn't had this much fun for weeks.  I flipped over on to my hands and walked around on them.  Then I pushed up a little bit, flew up in the air and... was dancing on the ceiling.  I continued dancing there (and occasionally the ground) for about an hour.  It was then that I heard the sound of the garage door opening, and then closing.  I shut off the music and listened harder.  They were coming into the kitchen.  I jumped down from the ceiling and ran around cleaning up my room, pointing at everything that was out of place and directing it to where it belonged.  Then, just as my mom was opening my door, I tapped myself on the head and my hair, clothes, and shoes were swapped with what I was wearing when she had last seen me. 

   "Hey sweetie!  How were you?" she asked, looked rumpled.

   "It was fine," I answered, halfway trying to sound like it was boring.

   "Well that is nice.  Your brother won," she told me.

   "Oh, great! I will have to congratulate him!" I nodded politely.

   She smiled and closed the door.  I sighed and sat on my bed again.  Then, getting up, I walked downstairs to eat breakfast.  Getting out my cereal and milk, I realized how hard it was to resist simply making my bowl fly to me from the cupboard. 




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