I'm coming

Serraphina and Conner are hiking up through the woods when they run into trouble. Can they save each other, or are the both goners...?

**Book for Competition**


1. Just the Beginning


     It was a cool morning day. The air was crisp and sharp causing slight pain when inhaled. I walked towards his house carrying a backpack with essential needs in it: water, food, shelter, clothes for myself, an extra pair of shoes, and a few other items. I trotted along the dirt path before reaching his house to see him outside still packing a few items into his pack like blankets, pillows and two sleeping bags. Stopping a few yards away I adjust my blonde hair back up into a high tail before he notices me. He gave a soft wave slipping the pack over his shoulder jogging towards me with a slight smirk spread across his lips. Slowly coming to a stop he gave me a bright smile," Hey! Are you all ready to go?" I have a slight nod smiling to him. "Great! Then lets start heading up the trail!" He talked most the way when we started walking. I couldn't help but stare at his slightly messy dark brown hair with natural red and caramel highlights glistening in the sun. It hung just above his deep blue eyes that were full of life. Sometimes I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have him as a best friend. We continued to walk up the hill talking about what had happened in the past week with school and work, as well as anything else in between.

    After a few hours of walking we stopped for a moment to eat sitting on a few rocks that hung just far off the ground enough to make a little ledge that was perfect for a small picnic. I had a small PB and J sandwich that I had made earlier that day with some water, and he had one as well. After cleaning up and making sure we left nothing behind for the animals to get a hold of. We continued to walk for a few hours before reaching a nice cleared area around dusk. It looked as if other hikers have been here before. There was some firewood left, as well as a fire pit. Even a few chairs were left hanging up in the trees with a sign on it saying"For you." 

   "We should set up camp here for the night. I'm not sure how long it is until it starts to get pitch black." He looked at me and nodded in agreement. I walked out a little ways to grab some Goats Beard, and dry sticks to start a fire up while he was setting up the tent. On the way back I happened to notice a hunting knife laying on the ground. Brand spanking new, not even a scratch on it. I put it into my pocket heading back to camp to light the fire. After lighted we sat around it for a little while before deciding to climb into our sleeping backs. His head was awkwardly close to mine to where I could feel his warm breath on my face, followed by a soft snore. It was kinda cute. I lay there thinking," This is just the beginning..." Few minutes later I ended up falling deep asleep next to Conner. Happy.

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