The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


8. Twilight_Princess5

Chapter 7

Written by Twilight_Princess5

All night I felt like someone was watching me. I never had this situation before. I tossed and turned all night thing about the image I seen in the mirror. I dislike Bodolf, but I would never kill him. The thought of killing someone of my kind made me shiver.

The reason I will never call him my leader is because of what happened in the past. My old pack was murdered by something. I never found out what exactly happened, but I know a group of vampire's saved me, which is the reason why I am friends with them. They brought me here to a pack, Bodolf's, in Forks. I was so young so I couldn't just run away and take care of myself. I don't feel like I fit in here.

I get up out of bed and uncover my new mirror. I see my own reflexion in it. I fix my hair and yawn. I place my hand on the glass but as soon as I do, I can feel someone's hand touching mine. I pull it away quickly and step back. The mirror me glares at me. I freeze where I am and try to speak.

"" I stammer.

My reflexion laughs and disappears in front of me. All I can see is my room reflecting from the mirror, but I'm no where to be seen. I run out my cabin and into the village. I knock on Maicoh's door. He opens it and looks at me with his had cocked to the side.

"Hello?" He says confused.

"What kin of mirror did you give me? Is this like a trick or something?" I ask him. He yawns and invites me in but I refuse.

"I think you are dreaming or something. I told you me and the boys found it in the forest and thought you' like it." He says.

"Ugh, just follow me." I say as I walk down the steps and towards my cabin. We walk in and I point to the mirror.

"My reflexion disappeared from that thing." I said. He walks over and stands in front of it. Nothing happens. "Watch."

I walk over to stand in front of it and I see myself again. What the hell? I wave my arms around but its just me.

"I think you need more sleep. Goodnight." He says walking out the room. I sigh and look back into the mirror. The person in the mirror isn't me. It looks like me but this person looks evil and possessed.

"Leave me alone! Whatever you are!" I yell at the mirror. I hear laughs coming from it.

"Come in." The mirror says to me.

"This is all a dream. I'm just dreaming. Or I'm going completely insane." I tell myself.

The mirror then shows me another place. I have no idea where it is. It looks nothing like around here. Wow. Maybe this mirror isn't bad. But it did show me killing Bodolf. It could be my one way ticket out of this pack. Or a one way ticket to death.

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