The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


4. Twilight_Princess5

Chapter 3

Chapter Written By Twilight_Princess5

"There's a storm coming! You know what that means." Eva said smirking at me and the others.

"Well, I'm guessing I'll be cheering for you." I laughed.

"I'm sorry that it's a vampire game only. I wish you could play." She said patting my back an running into the field with the other vampires. Us werewolves don't really play with them. The only ones that get along between the two are me and Eva.

"Tala!" Maicoh yelled. I looked over and he held up a mirror.

"What is that?" I asked confused. Looking at the beautiful designs around the glass.

"It's a mirror me and the boys found in the forest. It was just laying there, so we thought you'd want it." He smiled.

"Thank you. Set it in my cabin." I said hugging him. He ran into the cabin and came back out.

"Let's go have a bonfire at the beach." Maicoh said as he grabbed my hand and pulled me close to him. I laughed and wrapped my arm around his neck.

"Alright but I don't want to hear your story again abo..." I said before getting cut off.

"But it was awesome!" He pouted. I smacked his head and continued walking. We made it to the beach and there was a bonfire already built and all our friends were howling and dancing around.

"I guess someone else got the plan first." I said as I laughed at him. He tackled me onto the sand and next thing I know, we're both in wolf form tackling each other.

"Hey! Cut it out." Bodolf said. We both stopped and changed into our human forms. 

"We were just goofing around." I said to him. Bodolf was the pack leader, so we had to listen to him.

"You two love birds need to act your age." Bodolf said sharply. My face go red with anger and I walked back up the hill.

"Tala wait!" Maicoh yelled as he ran up to me. "Just ignore him.

"I will not listen to him. He isn't my leader." I snapped. I opened the door to my cabin and sat on the couch. Maicoh sits next to me.

"I know you won't accept him, but you have to. This pack took you in. You would be alone if it wasn't for him." He said.

"I will never accept him." I shook my head. "I'm tired. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Alright. Bye T." He said as he shuts the door. I walk into my bedroom and look in the mirror the guys found me. I look at m complexion and frown. As I turn away I feel something weird, I look back and see my reflexion looking back at me. I close my eyes and rub my face and when I look back into the mirror, I see my mouth dripping blood and Bodolf's body lying in my hands.  This is just a hallucination right? I'm just mad. But the mirror me smiles and licks it's lips.

"You're in my head." I say as I cover the mirror with a sheet and go to sleep.


Hey! I just wanted to say I changed my pen name to Link_Between_The_Past. Imma still be Twilight_Princess5 for the story though just so everyone knows it's still me :3

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