The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


9. Mr Bieber


Chapter Written by Mr Bieber


Nothing is more painful than confusion.

Now, I warned you that my story might seem fictitious because, I honestly don't know if it was fake or not myself. My life is changing completely in one whole day out of the seventeen years of my whole existence. All I've worked for, gone. Becoming QB for my High School Football team. Nothing. And it only took one night, on my birthday, and one girl

I have absolutely no clue if that mirror has anything to do with this, but I'm destined to find out. After seeing that my reflection had disappeared completely, I knew something was wrong with that mirror. And I spent the rest of that night, in my room, on my computer, looking it up. 

Of course, typing in Magical Mirror wouldn't get the type of results I needed. Nor typing in, "Help! I just killed a girl with my eyes and saw some random images in my head." 

After looking for hours upon hours into the computer, I realize that the web wouldn't give me any sane answers. Besides, who was I really kidding. This whole situation is insane, and there's no possible way to make it sound otherwise.

I send my glass of water shattering on my hardwood floor. The water spills out onto the sheepskin area rug, and I huff out of aggravation. Cleaning the glass with the broom and throwing it into the garbage, I walk over to my bathroom and turn the light on. Again, the mirror-me stares back at me, almost as if looking through me. 

"Who are you," reality me says, but mirror-me's mouth remains in that same devilish smile. Who are you? Who are you? What type of damn question was that, to ask my reflection? His mouth remains locked shut, but he looks over to his right, which is my left. 

I walk in the direction of the tub, to the left, and open the curtain but see nothing. Unless you count my shaver, soap, and some hair product-


I hear a distilled voice call out, but it's soft and unidentifiable. "What the hell?" I say. It couldn't possibly be Alice, could it. 

I walk over to see her body, still limp on my hardwood floor. I try so hard to hold back the tears, but they just begin to scurry their way out. All I'm left, is the quiet awkward silence left by the last person to leave my house. Nobody knew what went on tonight, and I almost thank God for that. But how could their possibly be a God? And if he did exist, how could he make me this way?! 

I fall to the ground, my arms limp by my sides, and I break down right by her side. The tears pour down my cheek bones, and into my mouth. The salty taste only makes me wanna cry even more. 

I wipe my face, and stand up. Looking down at her, I can still remember the images that went through my mind upon taking her life. It hurt me so bad to feel all of her emotions, to see her deepest and darkest secrets. 

Holding her hand, I hold on to her essence. Any chance to feel her presence again, to feel her speak, I'm going to take. And there she is again, feeling my body and making me feel amazing. All of that, a distant memory that I'll never be able to take back. 

I remember when we went to the park together and first made out. Millions of sparks went inside and outside of my body, as I held onto her love. It was so easy to forget what I had, but when she died, I realized. But, I wasn't about to sit here and feel sorry for myself. I'm alive and she's not. She deserve way better than me. 

I pick her up, and bring her over to the bathroom. Not owning a closet, this was the only place I could really hide her for now- in the tub. 

Her body lie limp in my arms, I lift her over to the tub. Upon passing the mirror, I notice Mirror-me isn't me anymore. It's her and she gives me an empathetic smile. Suddenly, my hands feel light, and I look down to see that she's no longer there. 

"What the hell?" I say alloud, and- I kid you not- the mirror starts to speak. 

"Baby," She says, soothingly and reassuringly. "Everything's going to be alright." 

"Baby?" I say, the tears bursting out of my eyes like rockets. She smiles at me even brighter, and my heart begins to race. 

"I just need you to come on in." Come in? Into the mirror? I give her a questioning look, and her smile begins to fade. She cutely pouts at me and begins to fake-wine.

"It's not that,baby," I begin. It's just-it's a mirror." 

"Right, just go over to your desk and pull the poem out from inside your desk drawer." 

Running over to my drawer, I rip it open to find a piece of lined paper with writing on it.  


The secret is held in the mirror,

Chant this poem and it shall appear.

2 girls, 2 guys shall unite,

the person in the mirror they shall fight.

But the Prophecy shan't succeed,

When They know The Person In The Mirror Is In Need

So If they don't work together,

The Earth Will Be Gone Forever.


I scurry back over to the mirror, and recite the poem. At first, it doesn't seem to work. So, I stand there for five minutes looking into her eyes. When I realize nothing is happening, I try again. 

This time her hand pops out, open for my to grab it. Before I go, I give this all a second thought. Is this really real, or am I finally starting to go insane? Clearly, I must be dreaming. But dreaming or not, I grabbed her hand and she pulled me in. 

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