The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


5. Mr. Bieber

Chapter 4

Chapter Written by Mr Bieber


Where do I begin?

           How do I begin explaining my day, without making me sound crazy? I guess I'll start where the fairy tales usually start. With four simple words. Four words of which explain my story so well. It all started with those four words, which I will use in 3...2...1... Go


Once upon a time, there was a boy name Justin. That's me. 

           Justin was an honest, innocent young teen whom, like all teens fell into a trap of love and lust and passion and hormones. It all started when Justin was at a party, with loud music, drugs, and the smell of alcohol and  sex. He lay on the bed, with his legs spread open, and his hands clasped between them. Alice, who was his girlfriend, struts over to him in nothing but her undergarments. 

                "Like what you see," She says, nearly unstrapping one on of the strings. "There's more where that comes from."

           This was his first time seeing a girl without barely any clothes, and he loved the exhilaration it gave him. She climbs on top of him, and wraps her legs around his waist and begins to kiss his lips nice and softly. Her kiss, he felt, was both seductive and careful, and he loved every last ounce of it. He could feel the goosebumps on her skin, and he begins to slowly feel up her spine. 


           That's where I went wrong. Had I known that what I would do next would change the rest of my life in just five seconds, I would've pushed her off and ran away before she did it. Before I let it happen. 

                She moved rhythmically as she kissed up and down my neck, which made me feel amazing. I never thought that I could ever love someone so much. She grabbed my face, and she looked into my eyes. 

                 A look of horror spread across her face, and I tried... tried so very hard to look away from her. I just simply couldn't. With my hands on her shoulders and looking into her eyes, I tried to shake her out of my gaze, but I just couldn't let her go. A feeling of power and understanding flew through my body, and flashes of a funeral and a fire flow through my mind. I saw Alice's mother and some lady arguing about some man, and I see a baby getting given up for adoption.

                    Millions of images and clips like these flipped throughout my brain, like a photo album, and it's when my vision went blank that I felt her slip from my grasp and heard her hit the floor hard. When my vision came back, I'm greeted by her body laying on the floor with nothing but eye sockets without eye balls. 

                     I would've went searching, but I knew if I did it would only make matters worse. So, I got up from the bed, re-buttoned my shirt, and ran over to my bathroom. Suddenly, I upchuck into the toilet bowl and sat there, waiting for more. When I feel content, I flush the toilet, wipe my mouth, and go over to the sink. 

                     Turning the light on, I also turned on the faucet and began to wipe my face and clean out my mouth. And when I glanced up, that's when I saw it. The reflection is me, but then also not me. 

                 He completely black eyes, and he was winking at me. "What the hell?" I say and quickly open the medicine cabinet. Grabbing my medication, I take my pills quickly and down them without water's help. I fell as the pills flow down, and close the cabinet, slowly and warily. 

                      The mirror me remains there, smiling at an unsmiling me. He wears a black suit and gloves, and his black oceans stare deep into my soul. Again, I see those visions, but this time they're more  familiar. Images of my mom and dad arguing about taxed, and videos of when I killed Alice. They sicken me more than anything, yet make me feel empowered. 

                       I just killed the girl, which I've been with for over three years. And it honestly felt more amazing than anything. I suppress that feeling of power and tell it to run away. Because thought it may feel good, I know it's not. 

                       "Till' next time," I remark and shut the light off. Now, the mirror remains with the reflection of only the wall behind me, and everything on it. But I'm missing.


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