The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


7. Grace Nebel

Chapter Six

 Chapter written by Grace Nebel


Over the next few days, I became obsessed with watching Mirror-me in the Mirror of Erised, the way a smoker is addicted to cigarettes. I was horrified and fascinated by the person in the mirror. 

My parents slowly became concerned with how I was always in the attic, as any decent parent would be. So I told them, and their curiosity won out.

The weird thing was, the mirror didn't have an image that saw them or tried to escape.  That only happened to me, Albus Severus Potter. Only. Me.

Mum and Dad were then only more concerned, they appeared concerned for my mental stability. 

I reassured them that I was fine; the stress of school had finally caught up to me.

I wasn't completely lying, saying that, either. I had a thirteen-inch essay over the purpose of Transfiguration, a ten-inch essay on Harry Potter (I get to right about my dad. Cool, right?), Ronald Weasley, and Hermione Granger, and three tests and quizzes to study for. 

So, I could be hallucinating. Magic worked in strange ways, as every witch and wizard knows, but this was beyond any magic I know of. Any magic Mum and Dad know as well. 

Something told me I wasn't dreaming.


The days soon came when I had to go back to Hogwarts, leaving the Mirror of Erised behind. I was addicted beyond measure to the me in the mirror, so I did something I would regret forever.

I tried to break the Mirror of Erised.

Now, I wasn't trying to get rid of it. I barely knew what I was doing. All I knew was that I needed a small piece of that to take with me to Hogwarts.

Around midnight of the day before I left for Hogwarts, I snuck up to the attic, my wand and a hammer in hand. I knew that magic probably wouldn't do anything to the Mirror, which was why I brought the hammer.

I threw the curtain off the Mirror, making sure not to be entranced by its images. I lifted my wand and began to utter a spell that would, if magic affected the mirror at all, break the glass. 

Only when the words came out of my mouth did I realize... magic wasn't allowed outside of school! Oh no, I thought to myself. 

I looked up at the Mirror hopelessly. The me in the Mirror had it's head cocked, like it didn't understand, but yet I saw the understanding in its eyes. 

We made eye contact, and he grinned and put a finger to his mouth. I ran to the Mirror, grasping the sides like a lifeline. "What do you mean?!" I asked and even I could hear the undertones of insanity in my voice. I was desperate. 

If he heard me, he didn't show it on his face. He only kept holding a finger on his lips. 

That had to mean something, and looking back, my next move was one I regretted, if only I just thought about what he meant!

What did that mean, his finger on his lips? I didn't know, and I doubted I would. I took the hammer and held it, looking at it in the palm of my hand. Tears sprung in my eyes. I knew what I had to do.

I brought the hammer down on the Mirror of Erised. The glass splintered, or maybe that was just another blur from the tears pouring out of my eyes. 

I let out a hopeless moan as I hammered at the Mirror of Erised, the glass cracking more, and finally, a small piece fell off.

The hammer dropped out of my hand and clattered to the floor. I stood there, my hands over my gaping mouth, dumbstruck.

I broke the Mirror of Erised.

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