The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


3. Grace Nebel

Chapter Two

Chapter Written By Grace Nebel


Harry Potter and his son- me, Albus Potter- stepped off Platform Nine and Three Quarters. 

I had just completed my third year at Hogwarts. I was Sorted into Slytherin, and my father was, true to his word, not enraged by this. Instead, he was proud to have a Slytherin in the family. I however, felt as if I was letting the family name down by not being in Gryffindor. Instead,  I was placed in Gryffindor's enemy, Slytherin! 

I sighed as they walked through the Muggle Kings Cross Station, looking into the shops. Dad and I sometimes shopped in there if something caught our eyes. 

"What is it, Al?" Dad looked concerned.

I sighed. "Nothing... It's just.. I feel like an outsider."

"Why? Albus Severus Potter, I am your father, so I have every right to know."

I licked my lips, where were dry and chapped. "You're Gryffindor. Mom's Gryffindor too, and so is Lily and and James! And I'm not.. I'm Slytherin."

Dad looked at me. "Your House doesn't define you. I named you after Severus Snape, the-"

"Bravest Slytherin you ever met. Yeah, Dad, I get it. But I just feel like I don't belong. Even at Hogwarts, my home away from home, I don't fit in. All the other Slytherins are... cunning." I shivered remembering. "And some days, I wake up like them, evil. And I enjoy it."

"Albus, that's okay." The use of my full name stimulated my nerves some, and I relaxed. "Albus, no matter what you do, your mother and I will support you, okay?"

"Okay. Thanks, Dad." I turned and looked at a Muggle shop selling baseball cards, and a guilty pleasure of mine was collecting those.

I went inside the shop and browsed the aisles, looking for cards I didn't own yet.

A Babe Ruth card! Now, that was a hidden gem, let me tell you. I held that one as I found a few more cards I didn't own.


In the car, Dad asked me to show him my cards. I did and he smiled.

The rest of our way home was silent, besides Dad's loud and off-key singing that never ceased to make me laugh.

Once home, I went to the Mirror of Erised, which we kept up in our attic.

I threw the curtain off of the mirror, and watched myself be Sorted into Gryffindor for the thousandth time now.

However, when the mirror-me looked into where the camera would be, his eyes seemed to focus on me. Odd, I thought. That's new

He waved at me and grinned, making shivers of cold go down my spine. He reached out and tapped the glass, as if trying to figure a way out.

I was horrified. So horrified, I barely heard Mom calling for me. 

"Yes, I'm coming!" I shouted as I ran downstairs, the curtain on the floor, the image of mirror-me burned in my mind.


Hey Guys c:

It's xstay_a_secretx.

If you guys are confused, don't worry. Everyone in the story will be linked together. 

Grace, sorry for changing the font of the story haha. Hope yr not mad :P


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