The Person In The Mirror

Four different characters are linked together due to one person - The Person In The Mirror.


14. Grace Nebel (now potato.)

"Or hell," Vaska yelled dramatically. 

I looked around the group, feeling small and young compared to the rest of them. Though I'm young, I'm educated, and a wizard. Portals, eh? There must be some spell...

"Choose the portal that takes you to Heaven, and you will be presented with a choice: be sent back down to Earth and live your life with your family, or stay in Heaven. Choose one of the three that take you to Hell, and there you'll stay."

"Are you gonna give us a hint or something?" Justin yelled, fear prominent in his voice. 

"No, but I will be watching. Oh, and there is a time limit. You have twenty-four hours to figure out the mirror that takes you to Heaven."

"How do we do that?!" I yelled.

"If I told you," Vaska laughed, "what would be the point of the game? No, no, you must figure it all out on your own. Good luck." With a swirl of smoke, Vaska disappeared.

"Alright then," I sighed. "Guys, come over here."

We formed a circle, and I began talking.

"We were obviously chosen for this, which means Vaska thinks we can do this. Let's look at us. We all have different skill sets, and we can use that to our advantage. I'm a wizard, and luckily, I don't go anywhere without my wand. I know magic, and if this portal thing isn't magic, tell me what magic is."

Kristy nodded. "But how does that fit in with the prophecy?"


She nodded, and recited the words: "The secret is held in the mirror, chant this poem and it shall appear. 2 girls, 2 guys shall unite, the  person in the mirror they shall fight. But the Prophecy shan't succeed, when They know The Person In The Mirror Is In Need. So if they don't work together, the Earth Will Be Gone Forever."

I paused, thinking. "The mirror's secret has to be the fact it takes us to Heaven or Hell, right?" Without awaiting an answer, I kept going. "I think the chanting part brought us here, because the two guys and two girls are already here. Obviously, we are about to fight Vaska, who was in the mirror. The Prophecy part it mentions is confusing. There must be another prophecy that we don't know about. We'll come back to that. And I feel the last part is understandable. If we don't choose the correct portal, Earth is doomed." My words hung in the air, creating an unintended dramatic effect. 

"What if this is just a sick joke?" Kristy yelled.

"Want to go through a mirror now to see if it is?"

She paused. "No."

"We need to take this seriously, even if it is just a prank."

"Who put you in charge?" Justin asked.

"I'm the wise one here, along with the most required skill sets. I'm up for the job. Are you?"

"Yes," the other three answered unanimously.

I smiled. "What else do we know?"

"These mirrors are the same ones we went through," Kristy said.

"If that's the case..." I stood up and walked toward the Mirror of Erised. 

Glancing in it, I saw nothing but my reflection. Not my greatest desire, I don't think.

"They're replicas."

"How would you know?"

"The Mirror of Erised- the mirror I went through- shows your greatest desires. The mirror here does not. Therefore, it is a replica."

"What does that have to do with choosing the correct mirror?"

"I don't exactly know, but it could be vital later."

"Listen to Albus," Vaska boomed. "Though he is young in the face, he is much, much older and wiser in the mind." With that, he disappeared again. 

"Told ya I was the leader," I smirked at the group.


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