Nick, Mae and Katherine just moved to New York 1 month before the attack. What will happen when they meet the avengers?


1. Boarding

Katherine's p.o.v

"Hurry up" I said to my best friend, Mae. Today was the day we moved to New York and I couldn't wait! "The plane doesn't leave for 3 hours!" She said. "I know but we should at least get to the gate, there's Starbucks over there." "Fine" she said, picking up her bags. After making it to our gate, Mae popped in her headphones while I went to get us some Starbucks. As I was walking back I ran into someone. He helped me up then it hit me. This was our best friend,Nick. "NICK" I said hugging him "Why are you here?" I asked. "I'm coming with you guys!" He said back with the biggest smile. "Yay!!" I said. I can't believe it!! "I just didn't know what I'd do without you to by my side." he said, isn't he sweet. "Omg you should surprise Mae!" "Ok"he said as I whispered the plan. "I'm back" I said to Mae, handing her the Starbucks. "Thanks."

Nick's p.o.v

I walked up to Mae and asked in a deep voice. (So she a didn't know it was me) "Is anyone sitting there?" I asked. "No" she said without looking up. I sat next to her and put my arm around her. A stupid idea. She grabbed my arm and twisted it behind my back. After she noticed it was me she quickly let go. "Nick?" She asked. "Yep it's me I'm coming with you guys to New York!!" She hugged me really tight. Oh and did mention that Mae and Katherine are like super ninjas! So when I say tight I mean like she was trying to kill me! "To tight Mae to tight!!" I said almost out of breath. "Sorry! I'm just happy!" She said, letting me go. "Attention, all passengers flying to New York, your plane is now boarding" we heard the lady say. "Let's go" I said, walking with them to board. "Guess what else I got" I told them as we walked. They both stopped to look at me. "What did you do this time" Katherine said. "Oh you know, just got us first class tickets all next to each other" I said trying to be cool. "What?!" Mae said, almost yelling. "Anyone who has first class can now bored" the flight lady said. "That's us" I said getting onto the plane with them.

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