Out of all the people

Out of all the people who could of adopted me it had to be them!


1. adoption center

Hi my name is Kendall,I live in a adoption center.its pretty nice compared to the others that I have been to.i have been adopted before but no one wanted me so the center made a contract,that I have to stay with the family for a week but if I come back earlier the family doesn't get a refund of what they buy me.Oh and also I am deaf and that's why no one wants me

I was in my room on my phone when I get a text from the person in charge,Izzy.she said to come down to the viewing room,the viewing room is where the people are behind a one way glass and we can't see them.i went to the room sat in a corner and went on my phone till Izzy tapped me one the shoulder and then wrote in my notes


I said,"ok so see you in a week."

"You aren't coming back"

I must of read her lips wrong because she said,"THEY are not bringing you back they are keeping you"

"What do you mean THEY"

"Oh five boys are adopting you one is your father the others are your uncles,you pick who to be the father when you get to your new home."

"So no more centers?"

"No more centers!"


"Go pack be ready in 10 min."

"It only takes me 5 min.to get packed"

"What ever get packed!"

I went up stairs and packed as fast as I could and ran down stairs with everything packed and ready.When I got down stairs Izzy said goodbye ad walked me to the car and closed the door.i looked over to the 5 boys in the car staring at me.i saw lips moving but they where to fast

I said"slow down I can't read you lips when you talk fast!"

The started the talk again so I just said,"write in your notes on your phone what you want to say."all of them pulled out there phones and typed away.curly hair was first to finsh and it said,Izzy never told us that you where deaf and hi my name is Harry styles

Then strips handed me his phone so I gave Harry his

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