Well hello luke hemmings

Before I could even fully step out of the walkway, Luke pressed his lips against mine.


14. chapter 9

"LUCAS ROBERT HEMMINGS!" I screamed and he just laughed. He was on te floor on his back, since I tackled him and I was sitting on his stomache with my legs on each side of his body. My hair flowed over my shoulder, it was almost long enough to brush his face. "You're gorgeous Summer." h said and I leaned down and pecked his lips. I jumped off of him and smoothed out my over sized shirt and he got up laughing. My phone was blowing up, The boys and theband account followed me and my tiny amount o followers were freaking out. "Hey wanna go out for coffee?" he asked as we both plopped down on the couch, "sure, but can we stop at my friend Lucy's? I have some clothes there." I giggled and he smiled, "Guys we are going for coffee!" Luke shouted and they responded back with "k!" in perfect unison. Luke jumped and threw me over his shoulder. "Gosh your light!" he said in between my endless giggling as he ran out the front door. He was already fully dressed but I was in my underwear and one of his shirts. "Luke put me down this instant!" I said as we both laughed and he set me down right outside of his car, "Let's go!" he said running over to the driver's seat and I hopped into the passenger. "Luke what about all your fans? Wont they be suspicious?" he laughed a little as he startd the car and turned on the radio at low volume, "Well the sooner they find out the better! oh and I forgot to ask... Would you be my proper girlfriend? And I have seen you naked so you can't say no!" I laughed as he said the last bit, "Fine Luke yes I will be your girlfriend!" I am literally trying not to freak out... I am Luke Hemmings girlfriend...

A/n- hey guys sorry for the late update and short chapter! My computer went cray cray so I could not update and currently it is late so I am gonna try and update best friends then go to sleep... LUV YOU GUYZ

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